It’s non-negotiable as to whether or not I have Coconut milk in the house, so today I want to share with you the best organic coconut milk, and the top 3 brands in 2023.

I have three favorite brands, and 2 of the three are a good option if you’re only looking for organic.

I use a lot of coconut milk. It’s a super versatile ingredient that I use in so much. You’ll find more on that below….

Coconut Milk

A coconut milk beverage is made by simply combining organic coconut flesh (or non-organic) with water.

This is the simplest and most basic way to explain how coconut milk is made.

However, during my time working with the Nutiva team, I also became privy to another great way for making your own, and that is by using coconut butter (aka Nutiva’s Coconut Manna).

Here is exactly how we did it:

  • 1/3 cup Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 tsp maple syrup
  • sea salt

Thick and creamy texture, with a natural sweet taste you’ll love.

Coconut Milk Products {and FODMAP’s}

I recently put together this graphic on many different coconut products as they relate to the FODMAP diet.

coconut milk fodmap products #coconut

There is a lot to take in with this graphic, so for the sake of this post, I’m only calling out the two coconut milks:

  1. Coconut Milk (with inulin) – HIGH-FODMAP at 1/2 cup
  2. Coconut Milk (light or full fat, canned, no inulin) – LOW-FODMAP

In other words, they type of milk you choose and the product information provided for that coconut milk will determine if it’s the right coconut milk for you or not.

Coconut Milk with inulin as part of the ingredient list is not the best choice especially if you have SIBO. This is because at just 1/2 cup serving, it is a high-FODMAP food due to fructans.

However, if you can find coconut milk, light coconut milk or full fat creamy coconut milk that does not contain inulin, it is then low-FODMAP.

You see, where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Milk

Other than the fact that I love the taste of it, this milk is a dairy and soy-free option (I never do soy milk), which for many is a major health benefit.

Typically, those in the early stages of gut healing choose to avoid dairy products, so enjoying (full-fat) pure coconut milk is an easy way to add great taste.

Here are my 2 favorite health benefits of the delicious coconut milk :

  1. About 93% of its calories come from the fat content, including a saturated fat known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). (source) A lot of people are, in fact, so scared of this fact because we have been programmed to believe that high-fat and saturated fat are always, no matter what, “bad.” This idea that it’s harmful because it’s a saturated fat is bogus. (Read: The Great Cholesterol Myth and/or study up via The Weston A. Price Foundation.)
  2. Contains many vitamins and nutrients, including: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and Vitamin B1, Vitamin and Vitamin E

Will any Coconut Milk Do?


These days, manufacturers add everything to what should just be plain ‘ole coco-nutty milk from added sugar to citric acid, carrageenan, and other stabilizers or emulsifiers.

For great-tasting coconut milk you literally only need the coconut meat and water.

And my top picks, favorite brands of coconut milk are just that.

Best Organic Coconut Milk {Top 3 Brands in 2023}

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Coconut Milk #coconut #coconutmilk

There are 3 best coconut milk brands in my opinion:

  1. Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk. I used to get it the Trader Joe’s light version of coconut milk for just .99/can. I believe it’s now around $1.69, which is still less than most other organic canned coconut milk brands. This coconut milk includes just two ingredients: organic coconut and water. (Make note: I have found that Trader Joe’s can be sneaky from time-to-time and that ingredients can change. I read the ingredients each time I buy it, just in case.)
  2. Natural Value. This organic brand of coconut milk says a few things on the front of the can that you should expect out of your coconut milk, too: no guar gum, 17 – 19% milk fat, and unsweetened. The product comes in BPA free cans. It is a full-fat Coconut Milk version, and when you buy it in the can like this you can be certain that it will be whip-cream-able. <– The other two options don’t work as well for this.
  3. Aroy-D Coconut Milk. This is my favorite brand to use in coffee as a creamer. This is because it’s ultra smooth and creamy and is the best option if you don’t want a whipped-cream like consistency. It contains just 100% coconut milk, and is the kind of coconut milk with the purest consistency, in my opinion. The packaging is also BPA free, and it is not a can. It is a full-fat version, and there is something so smooth and phenomenal about this brand.
Coconut Milk #coconut #coconutmilk top 3

What can I do with Coconut Milk?

Anything and everything!

Coconut milk can replace any other milk you’re currently using, for the most part.

Here are some ideas:

Want more? Click HERE for more ideas, or grab my summer eats, treats & desserts ebook where it is used a ton.

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3 Coconut Milk Brands I Buy & Recommend
Coconut Milk brands I recommend #dairyfree #coconutmilk #coconut

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  1. Ooooh I am glad I made the right choice! I went for the Trader Joes one a few days ago, plan to make a cauliflower curry with it! Thanks for the information Sarah, you are a fountain of knowledge 🙂

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I have searched and searched to figure out which are the best brands to use & the information isn’t easily found – sadly our local stores don’t have these great options, so we’ve been using what’s available until now. Amazon here I come!

  3. I’ve actually never had coconut milk before. And I am just now getting into using coconut flour if I bake – which I rarely do. However….. I made coconut flour, gigi-approved cookies and I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL right now! LOL!! What are your thoughts on coconut flour? I am sure you’ve written a post on it, I probably missed it, yes?

    1. I use Coconut Flour in my baking. I do have to be careful with it, though, as it’s high fiber and sometimes makes me miserable. BUT…I do LOOOVE it!

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