Coming in hot today….airplane travel essentials.

Namely, this is my ultimate airplane travel list for the Gutsy community.

Traveling for me is far simpler now because I pretty much bring the same things every time.

There are also things I don’t need to stress out over if I forget anymore now that my health is basically 100%. 

But I do remember the days when it wasn’t, and traveling was super stressful (don’t get me wrong – it still is stressful for me; just in different ways).

Would I go to the bathroom before leaving? How bloated would I become during the flight? If I didn’t have an aisle seat, was the bathroom close enough? Did people know my stomach was miserable?


But I don’t have to tell you all of this because you know and go through the same thoughts and motions.

Anyways, I want to share some of my airplane travel essentials today in case it might help you for your next trip.

Airplane Travel Essentials

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Ultimate Airplane Travel List with IBS and:or IBS complete

Ginger Chews (and Peppermint)

I swear by ginger for any upset stomach.

Get whatever type you like, but I almost always have some Chimes handy. (Remember, ginger for digestion.)

Along with ginger, many find peppermint soothing to the stomach. You could grab a peppermint essential oil roll-on or suck on some peppermint candies.

Plastic Bag

You just never know what you might need it for.

I’m serious so do not leave home without one.

In fact, I actually bring two.

Neck Pillow

The more comfortable you are, the calmer you’ll be.

Is it not super frustrating when you’re starting to doze off and the head bobs?

Neck pillow to the rescue!

Empty Water Bottle

Grab a plastic one at the airport, but it’s a total waste of money (and not great for you or the environment).

Stick an empty water bottle in your carry on, and once you’re through security, fill it up.

Drink water as often as possible to help reduce bloat once you’ve landed.

FoodMarble AIRE2 Device

Take the guesswork out of eating no matter where you’re at.

All you need is this little device and your smartphone (which you’ll obviously have with you) in order to track what you’re eating and how you’re reacting to those foods.


Small notebook and pen

You know the recommendation for those who wake up frequently at night, right?

Keep a notebook and pen next to the bed. Write down worries and thoughts when you need to get them off your mind.

The same is true for the plane. If you’re like me, the plane makes you feel “trapped.” Nowhere to go and nothing to do until you’ve reached your destination.

Worrying will do no good.

Write it down.

An extra pair of underwear

Full disclosure: I have never done this.

However, if IBS/IBD-D and going to the bathroom multiple times a day is common for you, then put the pride aside and bring the extra pair.

In fact, you might even want to bring an extra pair of pants (leggings are fine!), too.

No shame.

“Safe” snacks

What is a “safe” snack? I don’t know. You are different than me.

Personally, I bring simple, one ingredient items like bananas and/or high-quality ingredient meat sticks.

Or better yet, I try to just fast during that time. You won’t starve to death. Well, unless you’re going to Italy, then maybe plan something. 🙂


Duh, right? You obviously know you cannot leave home without them.

This is just your reminder to ensure your necessary medications are packed along with you.

I always keep the most important medications (WP Thyroid) + supplements with me vs. packed away in case the luggage gets lost.

2 fl oz Poo-Pourri

Worried about leaving behind a stench?

A 2 fl oz bottle of Poo-Pourri should do the trick. 


Tune it all out with headphones (or earbuds).

Put those headphones on and enjoy the flight by listening to music, a podcast episode, TV show, or movie, or try something like the Calm app.

Tummy Soothe

Never, ever, ever do I go a day without taking Tummy Soothe.

And especially not when I’m traveling, as that is the prime time for picking up a nasty bug or just getting drained in general.

You can learn all about the product HERE; why I’m obsessed with it and why you will be, too.

Ultimate Airplane Travel List when you have IBS and:or IBS

Misc. Gut Health Travel Items

And here are some other things for pre- or post-flight that might help you (or have helped me in the past):

  1. Magnesium Calm

    This can help with sleep, stress, and even constipation. Pre- or post-flight, the Magnesium Calm can be helpful. There are even smaller travel packets.

  2. Intestinal Movement Formula

    Airplanes can leave you bloated. The last thing I want while traveling is bloat and lack of movement through my digestive system. I always bring 1-2 of these pills along with me. 

  3. Probiotic

    No matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, I never forget my probiotic. Especially if you are traveling to anywhere new or out of the country, the probiotic can really help! [Click HERE for mine.]

  4. Digestive Enzymes

    For me personally, traveling is the time when I want to eat all the things and experience new and interesting flavors and combinations. To ensure I’m breaking the food down properly, I carry digestive enzymes with me everywhere.

Full disclosure: I ALSO carry Increase Now whenever I travel and my nighttime magnesium, Move Now.

There are some airplane travel essentials for those of you with IBS and/or IBD.

Is there anything I forgot that you never leave home without? Let me know!

Also, where is the best place you’ve ever traveled to via airplane?!

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Ultimate Airplane Travel List with IBS and:or IBS

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  1. We just did a trip to the caymans our third time. As for my 50 th birthday 2018 we bought a two sided time share to bring our family and friends. So our week is always in dec unless we trade which I don’t think we ever will as its amazing there. I don’t know how we lucked out getting the bottom floor right by the beach by the pools to the right of our patio and the restaurant and bar just a five hundred feet walk. We r at the east end of the island which has two resorts a small shopping plaza grocery store etc than its all local people. We r about an hour from Georgetown where all the resorts and cruise ships come in. Its so relaxing. I do the same as u bring my own snacks my own water bottle even my own stainless travel mug for my tea or dandelion tea that tastes like coffee as I haven’t drank real coffee for ten yrs as it gave me huge stomach issues.

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