Steal one. Dare you. Your life might just change. Check out these 11 gut healing New Year’s goals to set.

At the end of last year I set just one gut healing goal for this year. 

Do not relapse. Keep healthy and well. Make this the first year ever for achieving perfect gut health.


Did it. Checked that box. 

I believe the reason I did it is because of the other gut healing new year’s goals I had set in years past. 

Now I’m sharing the list of some of my favorites. 

Nothing ‘Bout a Scale for a Gut Healing New Year’s Goal

First, the years when weight loss was a goal, I always failed.

Healing the gut while simultaneously creating big weight loss goals are conflicting, especially if you truly have nothing to lose.

Nothing on my list of 11 gut healing New Year’s goals to set have anything to do with a scale or losing weight.

Honestly? If you have weight to lose, that will just be your icing on the cake once your gut heals. And you will lose the weight.

11 Gut Healing New Year’s Goals to Set

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1. Decide if you’re truly needing gut healing

Honestly, healing your gut and keeping your gut healthy are not the same things.

In order to do this, you’ll need to step back and read gut health vs. gut healing.

I believe that you can do gut healing things for optimal gut health, but you can’t necessarily do gut heathy things for gut healing.

It’s very important that you understand where you’re at. 

2. Test, don’t guess

If you’ve spent years on Dr. Google and/or trying to troubleshoot on your own but have gotten nowhere, set a goal to test this year.

Everyone is constantly asking me, “How long will it take to heal my gut?” My answer usually can be found HERE.

3. Drink more water

Is this basic or what? Honestly, it’s the only true healthy living goal I’m setting for this upcoming year.

Staying properly hydrated is key for gut heath and gut healing.

Whether you’re constipated or have diarrhea, it’s critical to stay hydrated.

p.s. Please remember to do this only in between meals; not with meals. Let your digestive enzymes do their job for optimal food digestion.

4. Go to bed earlier

I know the saying, “Stay awake. You’ll sleep when you’re dead.”

But it’s awful. I couldn’t disagree more with it.

Sleep, especially while healing your gut, is critical.

If you’ve ever wondered about how sleep affects your gut, journal it. Check out what I found when I did my own sleep study HERE.

5. Try new things

So you say that what you’ve been doing for the past 5 years has been great? But has it really been?

How often are you miserable with your gut health and/or health in general? Maybe it’s not working like you thought. Ask yourself, “How is this working for me?

Then, consider trying something new. New foods? A new supplement? Removing a food? Or maybe removing a supplement? 

6. Say positive mantras

This one literally changed my life. I have been saying, I am healed, and I no longer have SIBO.

What does it look like for you? Write it, say it, believe it.

Need some ideas and inspiration for these? I have 31 Gut Healing Mantras HERE.

7. Change your attitude

Sorry, but I’m not sorry I have to say this one.

You might need to simply change your attitude.

Medication is not only for weak people.

Only medication is not always the answer. 

Life itself does not suck.

You are braver than you know. Y

es, you know a lot, but you don’t know it all. Etc.

(I could go on for an hour, and these are all things I have to tell myself, too.)

8. Connect with someone or something higher

For me, this person is the Lord.

But for you, it might not be.

I believe with all my heart, though, that tapping into something bigger than ourselves is critical for healing the gut.

This boils down to getting out of your own head; freeing your spirit, and allowing it in the hands of the highest powers where there is no sickness. 

9. Ditch that job or relationship

Did I really just include this one for healing the gut? Yes, I certainly did.

And yes, it’s a goal that could actually see you to the other (good) side of gut health.

Why? Because if your job or relationship leaves you with a constant knot in your stomach or hole in your heart, healing is not likely to happen anytime soon.

10. Re-create your plate

What diet have you been following because someone told you to? Or because it fit an easy enough template to follow?

I want to invite you to re-create that plate in order to heal your gut.

It won’t be easy because you’ll need to tune in to what your body is saying. But it’s critical.

11. Journal

Journal your process and progress for a year. This will not only help you identify patterns, but it will force you to take healing your gut day-by-day vs. becoming stressed on a macro level.

Let Me Help YOU!

Every single one of the above — and plenty more — are addressed for exactly how to – in Gut Healing: ELEVATED.

I’m inviting you today to join!

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