I want to teach you how to set New Year’s health goals for gut healing and give you my New Year Goal Setting Worksheet to go along with it.

New goals for the new year, right?

Here is my BEST piece of advice when it comes to alllllllll those goals:

Set one main goal.

That’s it. Focus there, and focus hard. Everything else for your best year will fall into place.

And here’s the deal. You’re reading this today because you’re bloated, gassy, constipated, or fatigued and/or maybe a combination of them all depending on the day.

I see you.

​Because I was once you.

So let me start with this for helping you choose that specific goal: 11 Gut Healing New Year’s Goals to Set.

You might want to start there, and I’m fairly certain you’ll find your goal in that list. 

Once you have found it, come back to this post to learn how you’ll see it come alive.

One Set Goal

In order to show you how this plays out, I’m using myself and my own goals I set in 2019 as the example. 

At the end of 2018 I set just one gut healing overarching goal for the year,

Do not relapse. Keep healthy and well. Make this the first year ever for achieving perfect gut health.

Because I achieved it and know the joy that came from achieving it, I want to share the steps.

New Year Goal Setting Worksheet (for Gut Healing)

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How to Set New Year Goal Setting Worksheet (for Gut Healing) agutsygirl.com free printable

Things I Did to Set an Upcoming Year Goals for Gut Healing

These are the concrete things I did in 2019 (many of which I still do today). 

Set goals that were realistic goals

My gut was functioning at 100% for the last several months of 2018. 

So I knew that it was a realistic goal to set my next action steps regarding a whole year with no relapse. 

If the goal you set is not realistic, not only will you not be motivated to achieve it, but when you don’t achieve it, you’ll feel like a failure. (And you’re not.)

But also big goals

However, a whole year with no relapse is also a very big goal. And I knew that if I could achieve it, it would have me closer to my long term goal of healing for good.

If you or anyone you know has ever dealt with SIBO, you know that going a whole year sans-relapse is very hard. But I set it anyways.

Here’s the thing about setting big goals – even if you don’t 100% hit them, getting close is still a major feat.

Besides, what’s a goal without making it a little extra?!

Create a vision board 

If the idea of a fresh start toward your new goal excites you, then creating a Vision Board will really excite you.

In fact, I have created one of these now since 2017. They are critical, in my opinion, because they allow for time to sit back and reflect on what you truly want. 

And then, you get to put it all together in one place to gaze at daily.

I am so passionate about the vision board that I am constantly teaching and preaching about them. 

In fact, I will teach you exactly how to create one, whether is a physical Vision Board, Mini Vision Board and/or Digital Vision board in Gut Healing: ELEVATED.


I don’t care what kind of journal you keep. You could do a Bullet JournalGratitude Journalgeneral journal, etc. It doesn’t matter. 

But if you’re serious about making your big gut-healing goal come alive, I strongly urge you to not skip this step because it’s going to help track your progress.

Do not let all of your hard work go to waste because you “can’t remember what you did or didn’t do.”

This is the most effective way for understanding what’s happening on both the day-to-day and also towards your long-term goals.

In fact, I’m so confident in this one, that I have already created the journal for you, if you want to take advantage of it.

It’s not just any old journal, but instead a gut healing journaling SYSTEM.

BTW – the journal comes with a mini vision board page.

Learn more about the Ahara Dinacharya journal HERE.

Supplement preparation

Yes, keeping healthy and well without relapsing did include supplements for me. 

You may or may not need this one, depending on your individual goals.

If you do, though, be sure to bookmark the Master Gutsy Links document HERE because every single supplement I’ve ever used on my healing journey and brand recommendation can be found via the ‘Supplements’ tab. 

In fact, one of my hacks for supplement preparation is to use the end of the year to stock up so that you’re ready on Day 1 – aka January 1st.

The ones I have prepared and ready at all times for the beginning of each new year include : 

A Gutsy Girl supplements schedule guthealingsupplements.com (Pinterest Pin)

And also, some like (for good measures)….


I’m talking about all kinds of therapy. You name it, I probably did it. And when you have a new beginning on anything and have set bigger goals for yourself, I firmly believe that this can help.

Here are the ones I did: foot massage, body massage, verbal therapy (in person therapist), breathing sessions, retreats, and more.

For my personal gut healing goal, these were tactics I needed to employ. 

Yours might be the same or different, but I can guarantee one or all will greatly help.

Set small goals

Even if you have a realistic, yet big important goal, you’ll need the small wins to keep you going. 

In the FREE masterclass I offer, Reducing Your Bloat: quick Wins for Ditching the Bloat and Getting Excited to Heal Your Gut for Good, I state:

Action creates consistency. Consistency creates results. Results create growth.

And by growth, of course I am back to: Heal Your Gut. Heal your Life.

So yes, I did also have a set of goals that were smaller. And for the little things, a fun way I’d do this is by using stars on the daily page of my journal. 

When I hit a month with no symptoms, I would reward with XYZ. XYZ because it was always changing. 

Also, for me, the reward was the accomplishment.

No gut problems eating the way I desired? That was all I really needed. You’ll see that someday, too. For now, maybe once you get test A completed, you reward yourself with a new journal or lipstick 🙂 I don’t know what makes you tick, but you do!

Things I Did Not Do to Set New Year’s Goals for Gut Healing

This next list are things I did not do, but believe could be crucial for you with the gut-healing goal(s) you choose. 

Watch a TED talk

Not only might a TED talk inspire you, but you might also learn a ton. 

HERE you’ll find many gut-related TED talks.

I’d love to give a TED talk one day – maybe on my gut-healing pillars or why I think conventional medicine has it all wrong when it comes to healing the gut.

Know someone who can help me pitch this?!

Organize the kitchen. Pantry sweep

This wasn’t something I needed to do this past year, but I do this one most years. 

Anyways, if you know that your gut needs massive healing, then I’ll be honest – it’s a good idea to remove things like gluten, dairy, sugar, and highly-processed foods.

Make note that I did not say you can never have it. I just don’t think it should make up 3/4 of your kitchen and pantry.

Get it all cleaned out, and your goal will be far easier to reach.

In case you need some resources and help getting started, here you go: 

Free Printable Worksheet

​Now let’s get you a quick win.

I have created 2 free printable worksheets for personal use to help you with the goal setting process. 

This is what they look like.

But I have also uploaded these goal setting worksheets for gut healing in PDF format so you can print them today [HERE] and start filling them out. 

One of my favorite New Year’s Eve activities is to take a little time (or a great amount of time!) to use something like these helpful goal-setting worksheets and set all personal goals for the upcoming year.

It’s always great idea to reflect on the previous year while also preparing for new things; setting goals to ensure that you’re moving forward in some way, shape or form from last year.

Different Ways for Taking the Next Step

I didn’t just stop at creating this goal worksheet for you. To help you go in the right direction, I have other things that you can do on a daily basis for creating actionable steps.

  1. Join Gut Healing: ELEVATED where I give you my literal step-by-step process for not only hitting your gut healing short term goals, but it’s also the best way to have an action plan to achieving exactly what you want out of your gut healing journey this year. Nothing is left out, and you’ll even receive a physical copy of my gut healing journal to track your progress. 
  2. The First Three which is my FREE 3-day gut reset to get you to a clean slate.
  3. Indulge in your weekly dose of all things gut health and healing by joining the Rated-G (for Gutsy) Email Club HERE (also FREE!)
  4. Figure out WHERE you should start today with my “Where to Start?” Quiz [HERE
  5. Determine which supplements are right for you with our Gut Supplement Quiz [HERE]

Okay, let that be your goal planning guide for how to set New Year’s health goals for gut healing. 

I know you’re going to have questions. Leave them in the comments below so I can address for you!

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  1. Sarah,

    Diagnosed with Hydrogen SIBO for a year now, having symptoms for three. Question about the supplements you used for 2019, did you use all of them daily or whenever you felt the need? I am finishing up my Amoxicillin antibiotics as Rifaximin is outrageously expensive in the US. Hoping it cleared most of the bacteria out and I am looking for preventative measures like the supplements you listed.

    Thanks 🙂

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