I have an Amazon Prime list ready to go for you today.

Now listen, I can’t tell you how much local shopping I do.

Small Business Support

I’m a huge fan of supporting small, local businesses. Ryan and I stay local for almost all big purchases; many smaller ones as well.

A lot of the items on the A Gutsy Girl Holiday Wish Lists are from small businesses. 

But to deny the era of Amazon Prime would be lying to you. I love Prime because I can get almost anything and everything; usually it comes with free shipping, too.

When you live in small-town USA in the middle of the country, this is key.

So today, let’s talk about everything the Gutsy girl can get on Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership service from online giant, Amazon.

The membership gives things like: free 2-day shipping, music and video streaming, extra savings and more.

The annual fee is $139 (monthly is $14.99).

For me, living in the middle of everywhere, Prime has come in clutch time and time again.

Let me share a huge list of Amazon Prime items to steal away if you desire.

Amazon Prime {for the Gutsy Girl}

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Amazon Prime {for the Gutsy Girl} agutsygirl.com #amazonprime #prime

Prime: Cleaning and Home

  1. Bim Bam Boo Bamboo Toilet Paper
  2. Seventh Generation Paper Towels, 100% recycled paper 
  3. Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths

Prime: Grocery

  1. Terrasoul Superfoods Raw Unpasteurized Organic Almonds (Mylk Grade), 2 Pounds
  2. Anthony’s Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes
  3. Artichoke Hearts
  4. Authentic Italian Black Truffle Salt by San Francisco Salt Company
  5. Capers 
  6. Artisana Organics Raw Cashew Butter Snack Pouches – No Sugar Added, Vegan and Paleo Friendly, Non GMO, 1.06oz Pouches (10 Pack)
  7. Maca Powder 
  8. Nature’s Path Mesa Gluten-Free Sunrise Cereal
  9. nutpods Toasted Marshmallow
  10. Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix
  11. Pistachios, no shell, roasted and lightly salted
  12. Pumpkin Puree 
  13. Vanilla Honey Graham Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies 
  14. Paleovalley: 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks
  15. Wild Alaskan Salmon, pink, canned
    1. p.s. You need this for the Salmon Patties recipe in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health.

Other Prime Items 

Are you preparing to host the holidays or making-and-taking to someone else’s house?

Here are some other prime items to check out for various occasions:

  1. ECoffee Cup (eco-friendly, BPA-free)
  2. Instant Pot
    1. This one I linked to is the exact one I used for all 3 broth recipes in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan, including the Instant Pot Vegetable Broth.
  3. Nut Milk bag
  4. Prime Video
    1. Why did I include this one? Rest. Just give your body rest time this holiday season. It’s one of my top tips for surviving the holidays.
  5. SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker Bundle (Black), with CO2, DWS Bottles, and Bubly Drops Flavors
  6. The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health
    1. Ummmm, yes! Yes this is part of Amazon Prime!
  7. Yedi Pressure Cooker

Okay, now tell me in the comments below what’s on your hot Amazon Prime list?

Amazon Prime {for the Gutsy Girl} agutsygirl.com #amazonprime #guthealth

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Prime Pantry for a Gut Healthy Holiday agutsygirl.com #prime #amazonprime #primepantry #guthealth
Amazon Prime Pantry agutsygirl.com #primepantry #amazonprime #aamazonprimepantry
Amazon Prime Pantry agutsygirl.com #primepantry #amazonprime #aamazonprimepantry list
Prime Pantry for a Gut Healthy Holiday agutsygirl.com #prime #amazonprime #primepantry #guthealth #holidayplanning

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