I put together a list of 36 New Year resolutions that have nothing to do with weight loss because they are needed in this “weigh less” society.

First, let me be very clear.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting and/or needing to lose weight.

In fact, I have helped clients lose weight, even 13+ pounds of weight. But I would say that for the majority of women I know and work with it’s not weight – real weight – they need to lose.

36 New Year Resolutions that Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss agutsygirl.com #newyear #newyearnewyou #goals #healthyliving

The weight that needs to be lost is either bloat weight (usually from inflammation) or the weight of unrealistic expectations (or both). (I’d argue that the latter is worse.)

I have been smaller and I have been larger.

What I know for certain is that I was never happier than I am now, healing my gut and living without restriction and obsession.

I believe that with a little help, a mind shift and the desire, this next year can be the same for you, too. 

36 New Year Resolutions that Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss sarahkayhoffman.com

36 New Year Resolutions that Have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss

Click HERE to save these 36 New Year resolutions that have nothing to do with weight loss for later.

36 New Year Resolutions that have Nothing to Do with Weight Loss agutsygirl.com #newyear #newyearsresolution #nodiet #healthyliving

  1. Learn a new skill

    It could be anything from playing the piano to creative writing; even hip-hop dancing or sewing. You are never too old to learn and master a new skill. Or, maybe you want to learn the Gutsy way of cooking?! HERE is some help to get you started.

  2. Take a new fitness class or try a new workout

    Never tried yoga? Always wanted to Salsa dance? Considering lifting weights for the first time? Try something new. (Want to keep it minimal? Here are three 29-minute workouts.)

  3. Make a master list

    Try something like 105 in 1,095. This one is extra special for all you ladies who love a good list as I do. 

  4. Start a business

    Have you had an idea lingering, but have not taken that leap? If you have the time and desire, just start. HERE are some ideas.

  5. Conquer a fear

    Brazen Trail Racing sarahkayhoffman.com Bear Creek Trail Running Sarah Kay Hoffman

  6. Do less.

    In a society that teaches, preaches, and values more, be a rebel. Do less.

  7. Become a health coach

    Take your passion for real health, get some education under your belt and then seek out to help others. I went to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and you can learn all about it via Institute for Integrative Nutrition FAQBonus: upon enrolling for the regular health coaching course, you can also enroll in the Gut Health Course.

  8. Start a profitable online health coaching business

    Are you currently attending a health coaching program and/or will you be finishing soon but are still unclear about your direction? Consider an online health coaching business. In fact, I have created a course to help get you started today. Check it out HERE.

  9. Invite people over to your house more often, even if it’s messy and not perfect

  10. Heal your gut

    Guess what? In case I haven’t said it five million times already, all diseases begin in the gut. Even if you think you aren’t sick and/or have been diagnosed with IBS/IBD, something might very well be manifesting without you even knowing it. A happy, healthy gut is the key to ultimate vibrancy, energy, and wellness. This I know for sure. And remember, heal your gut, heal your life. What could be a better goal than that?!

  11. Organize

    Clutter creates chaos, and I am going to focus heavily on this this upcoming year. Without all the extra clutter in an unorganized environment, you’ll find that stress levels naturally decrease. (Tip: Maybe start with the pantry organization?)

  12. Do the same with your online life

    Clean through all files. Remove yourself from email lists and blog subscriptions which no longer provide you value. Unfollow and unfriend draining pages and people.

  13. Make peace with someone

  14. Switch to grass-fed meat

    In fact, take it a step further and switch to grass-finished meat when at all possible.

  15. Value experiences, not things

  16. Do not step on the scale

  17. Attend an event or conference

    Is there one you’ve always wanted to attend to learn more about a topic you’re interested in? Do it this year.

  18. Create a routine

    I’m not saying you have to abide by it 24/7, 365 days a year, but research shows that those who have a routine and create consistency with their lives are more successful with whatever they are trying to achieve.

  19. Try adult coloring

    No, seriously. Try it.

  20. Spend at least 30 minutes each day for you

    And you know what? This could be as simple as just sitting in silence, reading a book, or calling a friend. Self-care doesn’t have to me spa-care. Though, you can participate in spa-like care at home.

  21. Save money

    Just save it. I have to remind myself of this all the time. No, no I do not need that fancy coffee.

  22. Get rid of as many plastic containers as possible

    I love Weck Glass Jars. And shopping all the things at Grove Collective.

  23. Pick up one new food item each time you go to the grocery store

    Remember, eat more and a variety vs. less and stringent. If you’re looking for a great supplement to include in your daily diet, you can check out Resurge.

  24. Tell people you love, “I love you” more often

    Man, if I could just go back for one more day with my dad and say it.

  25. Complain less, act more

    I am empowering you to take charge, darling. 

  26. Show gratitude more often

  27. Go on a girl’s only trip or a trip all by yourself

    I didMayacamas Ranch Retreat sarahkayhoffman.com Our Cabin Number 4

  28. Review all your current subscriptions

    Then, cancel those that are no longer beneficial. Cable? “Fitness” magazines? 

  29. Complete your holiday shopping by mid-December

  30. Sleep more

    Just make it a priority. (Bonus: Sleep is good for gut healing.)

  31. Journal

    Using mine can and does encompass so many things on this list. And, weight is not the focus.


  32. Date night

    Married? With children? It’s going to be hard, but put “date night” on your calendar for once per month, no exceptions.

  33. Buy clothes that fit

    Rock what you are and who you are. Remember: those who matter don’t care, and those who don’t don’t matter.

  34. Write hand-written letters

    Send them via snail mail. Surprise people. It’s an art that’s almost ancient at this point.

  35. Update your makeup, skin and body care products

    Say goodbye to the never list and hello to all of thisNovember 2017 Catch Up Over Bone Broth sarahkayhoffman.com Beautycounter makeup

  36. Stop Googling your symptoms.

    Start getting the tests you need in order to make the changes you’ll actually be required to make.


How does it feel to finish that list? 

Exciting, right?!

What would you add?!

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