Can I just tell you that this is one of the most common questions I get, “How long will it take to heal my gut?

And right now you don’t want me to answer like everyone else, “It just depends.”

So I won’t. Well, not really.

How long will it take to heal my gut? 21-Day New Year, Wellness You Program for Gut healing

How Long Will It Take to Heal My Gut?

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How Long Will It Take to Heal My Gut #guthealth #gut #ibs

The number one factor (I believe) in helping you understand how long it will take your gut to heal depends on the amount of time you spend Googling symptoms and self-diagnosing vs. finding your true diagnosis.

This is a part of my gut-healing fast track method.

I spent years self-diagnosing, and then even after receiving the colitis diagnosis but still not feeling better with changes I had made, continued to self-diagnose.

This kept me from healing much longer than necessary.

Most of my underlying issue was years of untreated SIBO. Once I was diagnosed with that, took the antibiotic to wipe it out and then made lifestyle changes, I got a new lease on life.

This is such a critical step in the healing process that most people forget about, but once we take this first step, oftentimes our lives begin to actually change and Dr. Google becomes a thing of the past.

How Long Will It Take to Heal My Gut #guthealth #gut #irritablebowelsyndrome

But how do you know where to start?

Follow these three steps:
  1. Start an extremely detailed food journal.
  2. Find common themes in order to start testing.
  3. Make changes based upon results.

Read about all three above in depth HERE.


And then what?

Then, based on your results, what foods should you eat and/or avoid? And how can your lifestyle help or hinder the progress?

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  1. This post nails it. Dr.Google is often wrong and causes more frustration. Recently I had a food allergy/sensitivity testing done and seeing the results for the first time was like connecting the dots to my life long IBS symptoms. For the first time, it all makes sense. The test was a non traditional allergy test and was able to pinpoint specific foods.
    I was also diagnosed with an overgrowth of Candida in the gut. Do you have any experience/advice for curing it naturally? Thanks for all you do Sarah, folks like myself really appreciate it. XO

    1. Hi Jacqueline…yes, I have many thoughts on Candida, but far too many for here. Maybe I’ll write a blog post on it at some point. Alternatively, you can join the January group program to dig further into it!

  2. I have the bloating, pain, and pretty much all food hurts. I actually wish I could have the runs because it would sure beat constipation. I can drink Senna tea and get cleaned out in the morning and still have stools hard as rocks by lunch time. I have tried to get off grains to heal, but then I get even worse constipation. No doctor has any clue how to help me. Any experience with women like me?

  3. Hi Sarah, my bff cousin has ulcerative colitis also. Can you recommend where in US has the best wholistic treatment for it? She has no gall bladder and experiencing flare up for almost a month already. She is under the treatment of gastro doc in our country, not in US. Thanks. Yes we are also Bible-Christ believing people. Thanks

  4. Hi Sarah
    I’ve suffered from bloating diarreha for 2yrs to point it now stops me going out I’ve been to see a gastroenterologist 1 said possible crohns the other said severe ibs-d…
    no matter what I do now I have diarreha. I have limited my dairy and excluded wheat but still nothing. it’s distorting my life. 1 gastro has referred me to a dietician but still no appointment in the meantime I’m suppose to just put up with it. any advice please xx

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