These are 9 things in my summer travel bag.

There are many things I never leave home without.

And here are the 9 things I would not leave home without during the summer months.

9 Things in My Summer Travel Bag

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9 Things in My Summer Travel Bag

NON-TOXIC Sunscreen

You can buy it or make it, but sunscreen should always be handy.

HERE is a DIY sunscreen made with coconut oil.

If you’re not wanting to be a sunscreen DIY’er, then choose a non-toxic one. HERE is a great guide to non-toxic sunscreens from the EWG.

Regardless, don’t leave home without it. Vitamin D is great; burns are not.


I need to get a better pair that works more effectively (but do I really?!).

Currently, I own THIS $15 pair from Amazon and also THIS pair from Amazon (also only $15).

Nothing fancy, but sunglasses are a necessity. When I forget them, I feel naked. I know you agree with me.

Gluten Away

When I’m out and about, I never leave home without a bottle of the Gluten Away

No, the point for carrying it is not that it negates all gluten (especially if you have Celiac Disease).

But HERE are some important things about the Gluten Away.


I never travel anywhere, by myself or with the kids, for any longer than an hour without snacks.

One can never be too sure when the hangry pants will arrive.

Here are some of my fave travel snacks (that are also good for the gut + kid-approved)!

  1. Trail mix (we love the DIY trail mix I make)
  2. Grass-fed beef + turkey sticks (LEGIT the best + highest-quality beef + turkey sticks on the market)
  3. Paleo (+ high-protein) bars

Journal +/or a Good Book

For most of my life, I’ve never, ever, ever, ever (catch my drift?!) left home without a journal or notepad of sorts.

Being out and about is very inspiring to me, and I’m constantly writing things down and recording various moments, ideas, etc.

During the depths of my gut-healing phase, I carried my gut-healing journal with me everywhere. It’s THIS one (you can also grab the instant download PDF version of it below).

I also always have a good book handy. Find a topic or genre you enjoy, and dive in. Need a book recommendation? I put together several HERE.

Foodmarble Aire2 Device

This super small device is portable and can easily be taken with you everywhere.

The coolest thing about this device is, that you can test your response to your regular diet or even track how you are responding to any supplement you might be taking, as often as you need.

Each of us has a unique response to diet and supplements, so what works for one, might not work for the next.

Now you can go about your life, eating while out and about and then measure your breath to see how you’re reacting.

FoodMarble AIRE device SIBO #foodmarble #SIBO

Reusable Water Bottle

love, love, love the S’well Water Bottle.

I also love my Simple Modern premium insulated water bottle that you’ll find in the Target Edition Gutsy Finds.

And finally, my new Stanley rocks because it contains 30oz of hydration!

Function and fashion are a lovely duo. 

Cell phone

I never leave home without it, though I should more often, yes?!

I don’t bring it, necessarily, for the connection element.

Instead, I need it accessible to take pictures of my children.

Also, when I was healing my gut, I religiously used it for the Monash app (and many other “health” apps).


While staying properly hydrated is important year round, one might argue that it’s especially important during summer.

I always carry a packet of electrolytes with me.

BONUS: you can then easily add it right into your water bottle!

And there you have it – 9 things in my summer travel bag.

What’s in yours?

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9 Things in my summer travel bag

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