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What Illness Actually Means

I gave an online presentation not too long ago to a company with employees worldwide. The topic was simply, ‘worldwide gut health inspiration.’

During the first part, they wanted me to share my story. If you’ve ever read my full story, it’s long. When I speak, I usually break it up in one way or another. 

For this particular presentation, I decided to break it up into a few small chunks. Instead of just describing whatever current symptoms/diagnosis I had during the timeframe, I shared what those things actually meant.

So for example, when I talked about the 2009 – 2013 time period and the IVF cycle, Perioral Dermatitis and mostly “unknowns” I described what that meant as:

  1. Zero energy, and difficult to achieve daily tasks.
  2. Unexplained joint pain.
  3. Frustration.
  4. Embarrassment and lack-of-confidence with the painful, itching and scaling skin issues / acne.

Because, you see, a diagnosis is just that – a diagnosis. It has nothing to do with the deeper mental and emotional issues that make a home in the body and soul.

And if you’re still in the place where you need to heal your gut, then you know what I’m talking about.

But again, this is about inspiring you today.

I believe, whole-heartedly,

Heal your gut. Heal your life.

And here are 18 life improvements when you heal your gut.

18 Life Improvements When You Heal Your Gut

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18 life improvements heal your gut #healyourgut
  1. Energy returns

    You are able to gain back those “spoons.” In fact, you may be able to remove “Spoonie” from your list of adjectives when describing yourself.

  2. Confidence is enhanced or returns

    So many things get out-of-control when the gut doesn’t function optimally. There’s bloating, stinky toots, diarrhea, bad breath, acne, hair loss, weight gain/loss, and more. When these physical symptoms appear, confidence typically disappears. But those (other) physical manifestations diminish as the gut heals. And your confidence returns. 

  3. Dull aches disappear

    They can’t see it, but you can feel it. There are dull aches and pains throughout your body that make you feel miserable daily. But you won’t feel them anymore.

  4. Clear view

    You’ll have a clear view of exactly what you are dealing with and how to deal with it. Unsolved mysteries and unexplained symptoms lead to so much frustration and haze. Once you know what’s wrong and heal (or are at least in the process of healing), the view becomes much clearer. 

  5. Deep breaths

    Deep breaths will be far easier to take. When you’re anxious, bloated, and miserable, getting in a full, deep breath is not easy. But being able to take those big breaths and exhale with ease is the ultimate calm.

  6. Better decisions

    When the gut is miserable and you are miserable, typically the brain is foggy and clear decisions are not made. Because you’ll see things in a more inspiring and clearer light, the decisions you make at any given time will be far more sound, confident, and reasonable.

  7. Less crying

    You will still cry. There will be tears of happiness, and also tears filled with sadness. But those tears filled with sadness will not be due to your gut. Crying out of pain, desperation and misery will vanish.

  8. Happiness and joy

    Remember the feeling of true happiness and joy? Now listen, I expect from the Gutsy women that, no matter what, you try to find happiness and joy – even during the depths of misery and heartache. But I don’t expect it to come easily or even hourly. Because I, too, remember needing to muster up the energy for finding happiness and joy. But once you heal your gut, it’s just sort of there. You’ll save your energy in finding it for something else. And that feeling of joy and happiness is priceless.

  9. Far more pleasant

    I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I snapped at people I love for no reason. The anger and frustration carried over into all pieces of my life. Now if I snap, it’s obviously for a reason 🙂 

  10. Fewer “other” illnesses

    Because much of the immune cells lie within the gut, once you heal your gut, you’ll be sicker with “other” illness less often. In fact, you might hardly get sick anymore once your microbiome is strong and steady.

  11. Inspiration returns

    I’ve never had a ton of issues with finding inspiration. But somedays it was incredibly hard to feel the excitement and inspiration I knew was there. You’ll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel; you’ll be ready for life.

  12. Time returns

    Of course there are only 24 hours in a day, no matter what. But think about how you are currently spending those 24 hours? What percentage of time are you sleeping? Worrying? At doctor’s appointments? Taking all those supplements and medications (you know this is about a part-time job in and of itself, yes?!) You’re going to take that time back when you heal your gut!

  13. Set point on point

    The set point theory is the idea that the body generally works to hold a stable weight. This weight is pre-determined by genetics and nutrition but influenced by a person’s physical activity, stress levels, and exposure to toxins as an adult. When you heal your gut, your body will have a far easier time getting to your personal set point. Chronic gut issues cause both weight gain and weight loss (depending on the person’s unique circumstances). Without even trying, once the gut heals, your body goes back to the place it desires. 

  14. Money rebounds

    Healing your gut is expensive. You know, that’s partly why I wrote Minimalist Approach to Gut Healing Supplements. When you’re healing your gut, seeing multiple doctors and other medical professionals, and/or doing too much all-at-once, money can be tight. And even if it’s not tight for you, once your gut is healed, a lot of that money seemingly returns. So let me ask you. Would you rather spend $10,000 a year on all things medical or on a vacation to Italy?! You know, or something like that.

  15. Part of the ripple effect

    It’s a ripple effect that happens. And it all starts within, then extends beyond, to each and every single person we touch in the world. I made this all very clear in the post, Heal Your Gut. Heal Your Life.

  16. Workout on your terms

    I’ve made it very clear that intense workouts while healing your gut can’t coincide. And if you’ve always lived a very active life, the inability to workout on your own terms is tough to swallow. It was for me. But I didn’t heal until I gave into it. Today I workout on my terms, with 100% success.

  17. Freedom

    Right now you feel like you’re caught in a vicious cycle, bound by chains. You feel zero freedom. And I’m not only talking about food freedom. I’m talking about being free on a day-to-day basis to choose what you do, how you do it, where it happens, and (yes, of course) the fuel to sustain it all. But when you heal your gut, the chains break; freedom returns.

  18. Eat all the things

    I know what you’re thinking, “Whyyyyyy did you save this one for last when it’s the most important?” Because that’s the point. Right now, you might think it’s most important. But I’ll be perfectly honest with you. As someone who is healed and on the other side, the ability to eat all the things is only icing on the cake. In the beginning it might be your #1, but in the long-run, it’s far from it. 

And there you have 18 life improvements when you heal your gut.

18 Life Improvements When You Heal Your Gut #guthealth #inspiring #gut #ibs

So keep with it. Keep with all of your hard work, focus, and dedication on healing your gut. It’s going to pay dividends. 

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