Believe that you can go from stress to happiness! And the importance of shifting from stress to happiness is crucial right now.

The Importance of Shifting from Stress to Happiness

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The Importance of Shifting from Stress to Happiness #guthealth #ibs #healthyliving #stress gut health immune

Stress, Gut, and Immune Health

Right now we are ALL feeling stress. Yes, of course, I am stressed, too. Honestly, it’s sort of unavoidable. But you must know that it is one of the most damaging things to your health.

According to Dr. Nirala Jacobi,

Stress is especially detrimental to both gut and immune health. Here’s how it works:

  • When we feel stressed, our bodies produce cortisol.
  • Cortisol suppresses immune function—including our first defense against respiratory viruses (secretory IgA).
  • Cortisol disrupts the nerves in our gut — worsening symptoms of SIBO or IBS.

{By the way, one of Dr. Nirala’s lessons in the SIBO Success Plan is dedicated to managing stress.}

We cannot change the situations we face in life, but we CAN change how we respond. 

The Importance of Shifting from Stress to Happiness #guthealth #ibs #healthyliving #stress gut health immune how it works

Happy people are typically less stressed.

In The Gutsy Girl’s Bible, on page 27, I wrote….

Less stress works wonders for the gut.

Is your gut still acting up? First thing you should know is that healing your gut does not happen overnight.

Take a minute to think about happy today.

Being happy vs. not being happy contributes to your overall well-being as it relates to your gut healing or not healing.

Happy people are typically less stressed. I found the following from GaiamTV years ago. 

When we take a moment to listen to our inner guide, we get clues that can lead us down the path toward true happiness. Choosing what makes us feel happy over what makes us feel safe can take us out of our comfort zone; yet when we connect our passions with our actions, we stop seeking and start living. Find your joy: listen to yourself, and take action.

Start a conversation with your inner guide. Ask yourself these three questions, and listen closely to the answers.

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. How can you bring more of that into your life?

Let me help you get started shifting from stress to happiness today.

Here are 6 things you can consider starting today.

Journal it

I cannot tell you how life changing this can be. Journal thoughts, feelings, and immediate things you can implement on your own. There are so many ways to channel a journaling practice. You can do a gratitude journal or long form. You can also do both in conjunction with watching how you’re feeling day-to-day based on the journal.

Vitamin D

If it’s sunny (or even overcast?) where you are at in the world today, go outside and let the sunshine hit your body. Even just 10-30 minutes could provide the shift you need. Vitamin D is critical.

Be inspired!

Two simple things to share with you here:

The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People. My grandma gave me this book. I still have it, and read passages from it frequently. So good!

Read Can vs. Meant To HERE.

Passion and Purpose

Interested in the passion and purpose conversation? I wrote about that years ago. Read the post called, “Purpose,” HERE.

Reduce stress

I have put together so many different ideas on ways to reduce stress. Check out 28 of them HERE.

FREE 21-Day Journey

Go on my FREE 21-Day Gut Healing INSPIRATION Journey HERE.

Remember, shifting from stress to happiness is about the “negative stress” to happiness. There are hundreds of ways we put stress on our bodies daily. Not all of them are necessarily “negative.” 

For the purposes of this post, I am talking about any form of negative stress you’re currently placing upon yourself which is leading to less happiness. 

For the sake of your gut health and/or gut healing journey plus your overall immune system function, you must realize the importance of shifting from stress to happiness.

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