On July 8, I began 101 days of intense gut healing. Today I have the 14 things I learned during my 101 days of intense gut healing.

I had to take a quick moment to reflect on the initial post, prior to starting. Back then, I was in so much miserable pain. These are not pains I’m a stranger to, and I knew that with a ton of focus I could work on myself.

And I did.

Today is the 101st day. Time flies….especially when you’re healing and focusing on making the magic happen.

14 Things I Learned During My 101 Days of Intense Gut Healing

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14 Things I Learned During My 101 Days of Intense Gut Healing agutsygirl.com #guthealth #supplements #agutsygirl
  1. I am not done.

    Let’s get this one out of the way immediately. I promised myself 101 days but also built in the promise that if I needed more, I’d get more. I want and need more, and I owe it to myself to keep going. Even though 101 days seemed so daunting at the time, in hindsight I now realize the 101 days were merely building blocks. 

  2. Consistency and commitment ALWAYS win.

    It’s true that success is not a straight line from here to there. There are bumps and lumps along the road. Where I failed in the past was allowing too many setbacks. In my head, I told myself that there would always be another day to focus on healing. While this is accurate, it caused me a lot more frustration and heartache on a day-to-day basis. I realize now that I’m not willing to sacrifice those days any longer. I’m consistent. I’m committed.

  3. HCL.

    This is a supplement that’s very important to me. I can tell that I’m healing in so many ways, but the fact that I still need several HCL tells me that I’m not healed, nor am I ready for the next big steps.

  4. Food Combining.

    There is actually something to this. I’ve been playing around with it a lot. I still have much more to learn, but I’m learning that it’s a real thing.

  5. Boozin’s for Loosin’.

    Gosh, I really hated realizing this. During the past 101 days, I’ve had *maybe* 4 glasses of wine total. I went to an event one night recently and had a whole glass, but other than that, just 1/4 glass to a few sips at a time. I was never affected. Alcohol, in the past, with 3+ drinks at a time, made me sick. Lessons learned.

  6. I can make anything I’m craving.

    Where there is a will, there is a way. Remember, I love cakey-carby. When I was craving that, I concocted the sea salted cinnamon almond butter pancakes. And that was just the beginning of the experimentations. I have made everything from dessert bread to ice cream sandwiches, and my passion for the kitchen and creation has only become stronger.

  7. Saying “No” is awesome.

    When my body wanted rest, I listened. During these 101 days, I practiced saying “No” – a lot. I’m getting good at it now. I’ve learned how critical it is from both a personal and professional standpoint. My gut thanked me for the reduced stress.

  8. The “Nice Police” left the building.

    I used to be almost embarrassed in public, with friends, and with family when I had to stay true to the things I could and could not eat. Consequently, because I oftentimes felt so badly, I’d just eat or drink or do….if it meant I’d appear more normal. Well, guess what? I’m not normal when it comes to food, and that’s okay. I don’t owe anyone any explanations. I am who I am, and I feel amazing. And when I feel amazing I am able to give more, be more, do more.

  9. L-Glutamine.

    These 101 days were the first time I added this in. I truly believe it helped me. I do a fairly specific combination of L-Glutamine + Vitamin C, and on those days I notice a major difference.

  10. Broth can cure anything.

    Okay, well maybe that’s not 100% accurate, but the power in homemade bone broth is second to none. I’ve perfected it, and I’m in love with everything about it. I’ve done a million variations of it, and I’ve found that this time of year some extra thyme, sage and rosemary is just what the doctor ordered.

  11. My secrets.

    During these past 101 days, I’ve gotten so many emails and private messages. People want to know “all my secrets.” I used to help anyone and everyone, until I realized  something critical: The reason I don’t give “free” advice anymore is because people don’t want to hear the truth. So they go ask “Google” for a better option. When the better option is fat-free, sugar free and sure to make their gut heal overnight (and lose 10 pounds, too!), they soak it up. Soon after, they are back to me complaining and wanting advice. This is not easy. There are no tricks. You create your own journey….and consequently the choice to truly heal or not heal. 

  12. Dairy schmary, unless it’s raw.

    No more dairy for me. The 1st exception: I’m going to add raw dairy back into my diet, just as soon as I can get to Organic Pastures to purchase more of theirs. The 2nd exception: Organic Ghee, which removes the milk solids during the clarification process.

  13. Unprocessed = me.

    Gut healing is more than just “dairy free” or “gluten free.” Gut healing is complex, and no matter what anyone tries to tell you, the “junk food gut healers” don’t actually heal like they think they do….like they lead you to believe. I know because I used to be that, and have Gutsy friends who used to as well. 

  14. Eat. Play. Love. But a perfect balance.

    I learned this the day I told you about “this ain’t no motivation Monday.” Gut healing requires a true balance between the three. I’ve learned and re-learned this, but it’s powerful.

14 Things I Learned During My 101 Days of Intense Gut Healing agutsygirl.com #guthealing

The Lie

Some think 21 days is hard to begin a gut healing process; that there is no way they could make it.

The truth is that the only way you will ever know how much you can heal and how your life can change is by making a change and giving yourself the room to grow, learn and heal.

Pinterest is always going to tell you those pretty cupcakes with pastel sprinkles are what you need.

Many bloggers are going to review products for you that make you believe you need them (when the truth is that they are being paid to help convince you of this – just read THIS).

The medical professionals will have you thinking that IBS and IBD drugs and medications are your only hope.

Here is what I know more than ever before….

It’s a lie. I am worth so much more. 

I was worth 101 days, and I am worth the rest of my life.

You are, too.

p.s. This post was written in 2013. As of today, in 2023, I am functioning at 100% – better than ever. Peruse the entire A GUTSY GIRL website for everything I have done, been through, and learned. It’s there, for free, for you to devour. I’m also inviting you to start today, for free, with The First Three.

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  1. Great post Sarah- this is always so inspiring to me when I am craving things I know will set my tummy off. A few weeks ago, I thought my SIBO came back (GUH!!!) so I decided to get back on track again, and I am doing much better.
    Congrats again to you on the baby coming soon! <3


  2. I still have to learn to say no to the voice of the “nice police”! I can’t stand being judged for my food choices in public and I’m trying to learn that I need to do ME! Glad you’ve learned that and so many other lessons.

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is that the food I eat is “bizarre” to most because it’s so “un-lady like…” – you know, meat, fat and more meat and fat:)

  3. Congrats on finishing your 101 days of healing! That amazing — I can’t imagine doing anything like this, but I suppose intense discomfort and pain must work at pretty good motivators.

    1. Interesting how that “mindset” can truly be applied for so many different situations, right?! You keep going on your own path!

  4. AWESOME! You learned so many things about yourself on all levels, which is very cool. You were patient, persistent, and never gave up, which is why you are a rock star. That casino picture is comical. XOXO

  5. Healing the gut. That’s a NEVER ENDING journey for me. Since 1/2 my gut is missing! HA. I love that I can… LAUGH AT THIS – even though, it’s NOT all that funny. It’s just plain painful!

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