The sugar addiction is making us overweight, lethargic and ruining our most prized possession….the gut.

Sugar is the most potent drug.

You have a hard time believing that because when you think “drug,” you think “pharmaceuticals, marijuana, cocaine” and the like.

And yet, sugar is the most potent drug.

My brother tried giving it up. I think he thought it was going to be a piece of cake until he realized (with my hand holding of course) that sugar is in everything. By day 7, he caved and either ate several Girl Scout Cookies or an entire box. Either way, I told him he was a woman. He made note that quitting sugar is likely to be as hard as giving up smoking.

He is 1,000% correct.

I once heard Julia Ross speak on the sugar addiction. She told us that businessmen brought sugar to the United States in the early 1900’s because they knew it was addictive. Julia went on to describe that which makes it a drug:

  • loss of control
  • continued use despite adverse consequences
  • withdrawal symptoms
  • 97% relapse (see, JJ -> you’re normal!)
  • progressive = terminal

After awhile, addiction is not a choice anymore; it becomes a biochemical imperative.

The Sugar Addiction

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The sugar addiction is real.

The Sugar Addiction no sugar #iquitsugar #sugar #whole30 #healthyliving #sugarfree

Furthermore, the sugar addiction is toxic. Have you seen, Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr. Robert Lustig yet? (I highly recommend it.)

The sugar addiction is hard to kick; I don’t pretend it’s not. I used to eat Toaster Strudels, ice cream, cookies and more every single day.

Sugar is in everything. In fact here are 192 sugar sources and alternate names. Because it’s everywhere, it’s no wonder we are all so addicted.

But part of healing, like with any addiction, is taking the first step. 

p.s. For the record….let it be known that I am not trying to vilify sugar or say we should never, ever have it. I have my fair share almost daily. I am simply providing the facts and sharing my experiences with sugar as it relates to gut healing overall wellness.

Want some Nil Sugar inspiration? Check out THIS BOARD. Interested in healing your gut but have a sweet tooth? Check out THIS post to help.


The Sugar Addiction #sugarfree #iquitsugar #healthyliving #guthealth

The Sugar Addiction #sugarfree #iquitsugar #healthyliving #guthealth
The Sugar Addiction #sugarfree #iquitsugar #healthyliving #guthealth

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  1. You speak the truth! My family and I are detoxing after the holiday sugar fest. I won’t lie; there have been many slip ups, but I’m trying to reduce, reduce, reduce and re-train our palates to accept less sweet options. Thanks for this!

  2. This is so so true! Every word! I definitely struggle with sugar addiction at times and when I try and wean off it-I have similar symptoms to many addicts that they have when coming off drugs or alcohol. To name just a few: headaches, irritability, depression and cravings all come with the territory. It is amazing how much better your whole body feels when reducing the sugar intake!

    1. Hi Jana! Thanks for stopping by…I agree with you on all. It’s hard to believe that a sugar detox is so similar to what other addicts face, but it’s the truth.

  3. This is such a great post and so scarily true. Sugar seems to be in everything lately and is creeping into our diets more and more. It is definitely addicting. The more I have it the more I want it and when I go through periods where I phase it out I not only feel amazing but also crave it a whole lot less.

    1. Thank you, Danielle! That’s just it about sugar…the more you have it, the more you crave it. An overgrowth of yeast feeds off it…so you need to keep eating more and more and…(well you get the picture!) xo

  4. Awesome post! Sugar IS addictive, and that’s why I’m not much of a “in moderation” fan. If you’re addicted, then just having “one cookie” is not going to work. Quit it cold turkey – then enjoy it at your own risk with full awareness of consequences. If you want a piece of pie on Thanksgiving, go for it – BUT don’t bring leftovers home. Eliminating sugar really forces people to eat real food because sugar is hidden in the majority of processed foods.

    1. LOVE these thoughts, Lauren! I could not agree more. I don’t do moderation at all…I’m no good at it. So I completely agree with every single word you said!

  5. Great post, girl! Just one taste of sugar sends me in a downward spiral of wanting more! I’ve been really good about avoiding sugar this month, but some 90 percent dark chocolate and GF coconut macaroons have sneaked in 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Sugar: The Bitter Truth. I’m looking forward to watching it!

  6. I need some answers. I am having an extreme amount of health issues and need to try to get my health back. I am 70 lbs overweight, I am 40 yrs old. I have 3 forms of arthritis, extreme digestive issues, fibromyalgia, extreme depression and anxiety, sinusitis, allergies to dairy….and on and on. = literally live on sweet tea, gallon per day along with three canned sodas per day. = eat tons of carbs and sweets and it is ruining me. I am on 23 prescription meds and am sitting in dr office now about to be put on blood pressure meds. ,y skin is SO dry and I have Huge bags under my eyes. HELP ME

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