Here is a list of 33 healthy summer activity ideas for you try.

“Healthy” doesn’t just mean fitness and the gym.

In fact, during summer, heading indoors to the gym can leave you to feel unmotivated.

Don’t find yourself there…..try new things, take yourself outside, and enjoy all that the longer days have to offer!

33 Healthy Summer Activity Ideas

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33 healthy summer activities A Gutsy Girl
  1. walk – is there anything better than a nice, long walk on a summer day? On the beach, in your community, wherever!
  2. run or jog (streets, trails, the track)
  3. jump rope
  4. go to the waterpark
  5. say no to stress
  6. rollerblade (Does anyone do this anymore? I’m dying for a pair of roller blades. If you can recommend a great brand/style, please leave it in the comments below!)
  7. skateboard
  8. bike – I love a beach cruiser, but any bike will do, depending on how serious you want the ride to be
  9. hike
  10. go to the farmer’s market
  11. do a park workout – I’d love to create some cool new park workouts. Is this something you’d be interested in seeing?
  12. swim – I also use the pool to run laps. As a bonus, it’s super easy on the joints!
  13. fly a kite
  14. bbq
  15. go fishing
  16. read on a hammock
  17. have a picnic
  18. watch the sunset
  19. or if you’re an early riser as I am – watch the sunrise
  20. get a pedicure
  21. make a healthy ice cream dessert
  22. play beach volleyball
  23. have a campfire
  24. go wakeboarding
  25. ….or surfing
  26. try water skiing
  27. attend outdoor concerts
  28. open all the windows + let the fresh air in
  29. use natural light (since the days are longer)
  30. play tennis
  31. embrace your inner child and play on a jungle gym
  32. travel (and don’t forget the travel snacks!)
  33. go to the county/state fair

The ideas are really endless.

What would you add to this list? 

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