I promised you via post, “Can you survive on $35 for one week” that I would detail each day – right here – the pictures and ingredients, directions, meal total cost and day total cost. Because I’m also still toying with delicious digestion on a dollar, I’m also adding into the information the store each food came from.


First off, here is everything I bought for the week:

Total Food Collage
Total Food Collage

And here are my receipts:

Receipt Totals
Receipt Totals

Day 1: Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. #Surviveon35

#SurviveOn35 Day 1
#SurviveOn35 Day 1
Breakfast: Bright Breakfast Tofu Scramble
Bright Breakfast Tofu Scramble Collage
Bright Breakfast Tofu Scramble Collage


Stir Fry
Stir Fry


Breakfast Scramble Tofu
Breakfast Scramble Tofu


Lunch: Slow-Cooked Chicken and Apple Salad
Lunch Prep Collage




Close Up Salad

Dinner: Wild Salmon on a Bed of Jasmine Long Grain
Salmon Prep
Salmon Prep


Dinner Collage


Dinner is Served
Dinner is Served
And there were leftovers….

Tip: I always, always try to make sure I have leftovers. Carry over food into another meal. So many ways to easily spice leftovers up.
Leftovers Day 1 Collage

Questions?! Let me know!

Love your guts,

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  1. I LOVE how you detailed the ingredients for EACH meal and the cost of each ingredient used (along with providing directions.) Your thorough spreadsheet is really helpful so please keep that going. I’ll be making that scramble EXACTLY as you described very soon. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Why don’t you have your own show!! For real!! You know how creative these meals are… and affordable not to mention with all the people in this world with digestive disorders!! I think you should consider piloting it!! You would be awesome at it!

  3. This is awesome. I don’t know why, but I was at first surprised to see so much green — and salmon! This #SurviveOn35 is total proof that you can be very healthy on a really small budget. I’ll have to recreate some meals at home –always looking to save 🙂

  4. Sarah! Now that is how food is supposed to look, something told me you were a “no processed” kinda girl!
    Can’t wait to see what other yummy ideas you come up with.

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