Have you ever seen the Dr. Oz Food Sensitive Scale?

Glutenized = the result of consuming gluten when one is allergic to or intolerant of it. (Definition completely made up.)

I was glutenized, and it was not pretty.

The longer I’m gluten free, the more I realize just how critical it is that my body not ingest the protein.

There is an online blogging sphere filled with “healthy lifestyle” bloggers who can travel and remain portable with ease. For many, it’s easy to “eat this, not that.”

I can’t relate. Don’t feel bad if you cannot either. When you travel a food is not a food is not a food – unfortunately.

I have gone several months with no flare up.

Two weeks ago, for the entire week, I was living, eating, breathing and sleeping in San Francisco.

I thought I was making the right food decisions. I was certain the food I consumed was gluten free. That was until the downward spiral began:

  • That Friday night I thought I had food poisoning; my stomach was in such burning, excruciating pain (I could have actually had a mild form of food poisoning, which only made this situation worse. I have no idea to this day.)
  • For the next week, my stomach was in a constant growling state.
  • Going to the bathroom was never normal.
  • I was dizzy beyond belief.

This time, by far the worst was the fatigue. For nearly a week straight I felt like a dead weight. Pregnant? Ha. I wish. The climatic point happened this past Friday. While at the gym, I almost threw up. I felt completely dead inside so I went home, and slept the rest of the day. I went to bed that night around 10:30 PM, and didn’t wake up until 8:00 AM the next morning.

It took nearly one week to get everything out of my system. Yesterday I was back to about 100%.

I am thankful that from the moment I realized I had been glutenized, I knew exactly what to do to detox it out of me.

This is a skill (yes – SKILL) I have studied, developed and practiced for several years now. My flare ups are nothing like they used to be. I am thankful for that, and I am thankful that I am able to help my clients overcome these nasty low points as quickly as possible.

Getting glutenized is not pretty.

Some of you live like this daily, but you have no idea what is causing it.

But perhaps the Dr. Oz Food Sensitive Scale might help give you some initial clues.

Dr. Oz Food Sensitive Scale

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Dr. Oz Food Sensitivity Scale agutsygirl.com #droz #guthealing #gut #healthyliving

Read it over. Tally it up. Give it some thought.

It’s Motivation Monday. Don’t live your life in a body that makes you miserable when you know there is something you can do about it.

I’m always here listening….and to help.

Dr. Oz Food Sensitive Scale sarahkayhoffman.com


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  1. My Father was diagnosed with Celiacs a few years ago and he’s been bugging to get me tested for the same. I have had some issues he thinks may be caused by it so I may just try eliminating gluten for a week to see if they improve on their own (lack of insurance leaves me self diagnosing!)

    1. Hi Erica! Good luck…it’s so hard to just “eliminate gluten” since it lurks everywhere. Do your best to make sure it’s completely eliminated for your trial week. Good luck…let me know how it goes:) I hope you feel better.

  2. I am currently being GLUTENIZED… after giving up gluten for 2 months my doctor finally agreed to do a celiac biopsy but told me I had to go back on gluten for 2 months prior.. I am currently smack in the middle… one more month to go. ARGGGHHH!

    Great little questionnaire… I am sharing with my sister. Thanks!

    1. Oh no, the misery:( I’m sorry to hear, Elle. Hang in there because unfortunately, as you know, you have to be on it to be properly diagnosed (I was not).

  3. I gave up gluten on a hunch a couple if month ago. I added it back to see how I did. I was tired and not feeling well until all of the sudden I ended up in the ER with severe pains in my upper abdomen. At first they thought gallbladder but the ct scan came back negative. I’m wondering if it was the gluten.

    1. Tracy – you never know what it could have been. Those are the pains I had. I had to throw up so badly, but couldn’t even move. You just never know…until of course you DO know exactly what your body will not tolerate.

  4. what doctor tests you for celiac or gluten intolerance, gp or specialist? is it a blood test or an allergy test? I am learning.

    1. Hi Jen! Any doctor can call for the test for you – your GP can. There are a couple different ways they usually do it. One is via blood test. The other is via Endoscopy. They cannot test for gluten INTOLERANCE, though. You can only find that out from elimination.

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