Today I’m teaching you how to make whipped coffee without sugar….because who doesn’t want a gut healthy whipped coffee in their life?!

This post originally published in 2020. It was updated at the end of 2023.

Because I really love my java, I thought it would be a great idea to jump on the whipped coffee trend to share with you how we, in the Gutsy community, can put our own spin on it.

I’ve already made it clear that I do not and will not drink my coffee black. And I’ve shared with you exactly how I drink my coffee

But today is something a little extra.

Obviously we love being extra ’round here!

Also, gut healthy Whipped Coffee is not all that far off from how I drink my morning coffee on a daily basis. 

The difference is the method, process, and finished product.

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What is Whipped Coffee?

Whipped Coffee is a popular drink in South Korea.

It’s also common in Greece where it’s called Frappe Coffee and in India where it’s called Beaten Coffee. The trending name for it from TikTok though is just whipped coffee. (source)

Dalgona Coffee Origin

There, it’s known as “Dalgona coffee,” and was given its nickname because of how much it tastes like the retro toffee-like candy dalgona.

The LA Times reports this regarding the original dalgona coffee recipe,

Made with equal parts instant coffee, sugar and water that’s whipped to sit atop a glass of milk like a big, foamy hat, dalgona iced coffee is the latest trendy drink that might rival latte art for being photogenic Instagram-bait.

how to make gut healthy whipped coffee #healthyliving #guthealth #coffee top froth

As the latest at-home viral sensation, people are making Whipped Coffee by using these main ingredients:

  • instant coffee, 2 tablespoons
  • sugar, 2 tablespoons
  • hot water, 2 tablespoons

They are then grabbing their hand-held mixers, an immersion blender of sorts and mixing to a whipped state and pouring over milk and ice.

Because I read that you can mix it by hand with a whisk, I thought, 

Let’s see if I can use the most basic tool (a whisk) and incorporate gut-healthy ingredients to make this our own.

And I did it!

How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee)

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How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee) hand timing #whippedcoffee #guthealth #coffee

Making a Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee was easy, peasy, squeezy.

You’re just going to add in a couple extra things with a hint more water and boom!

If you want a gut “healthy” coffee of any kind, then the coffee and sugar you use does matter. 

Coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. Using an organic, instant coffee is important. 

Sugar creates low-grade, chronic inflammation throughout the body, and while our coffee will still use sugar, we will use a sugar substitute (“friendlier” for the gut).

The bottom line is that sugar is part of the Whipped Coffee creation. With my gut healthy version, I’m presenting two alternative options to plain, white sugar.

Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee Ingredients

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Organic Instant Dried Coffee; Ground Coffee

As a coffee lover and strong coffee lover at that, I’m always trying to up my coffee game.

And the way this is done is by choosing the best organic coffee possible.

You’ll need 2 tablespoons of this ingredient. And the answer is, “No, no you cannot use regular coffee – it has to be instant. That’s how the recipe works.”

A couple brands I recommend are Mount Hagen Organic Fair Trade Freeze Dried Instant Coffee HERE, or Simple Truth Organic Instant Coffee HERE.

By the way, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you can use instant decaf instead.

how to make gut healthy whipped coffee #healthyliving #guthealth #coffee ingredients with water


The sugar part is the “trick” for this ‘How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar’ recipe.

Since you need equal parts sugar, you’ll also need 2 tablespoons sugar of sorts. 

I believe the two best options for making it “gut healthy” are monk fruit and/or coconut sugar. 

Monkfruit is a non-nutritive sweetener which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging properties, provide allergy relief, help control diabetes, and boost immunity. Alternatively, you could use Stevia (I just don’t like the Stevia aftertaste).

More information about Monkfruit vs. Stevia can be found Here

Coconut sugar is another option if you’d rather stick to “real” sugar, but do make note that this is not part of the sugar-free sweeteners.

Hot Water

This is basic. But it must be hot so that the sugar crystals and coffee granules can dissolve instantly. You’ll need equal parts of water to the sugar and coffee plus a little more because of the two extra gut-healthy ingredients added.

For your gut healthy Whipped Coffee, use 2 1/2 tablespoons hot water.


This is the true “gut healthy” boost number one. I love Collagen (and Gelatin), and I added it in to this recipe as it helps restore and strengthen the intestinal lining with the amino acids and nutrients contained with it.

For best results, use Re-Build which is from the A Gutsy Girl supplement line at

Not only is the intention of Re-Build to help in repairing the intestinal lining, but it’s also going to give you plenty of extra protein and added thickness for your whipped coffee. Re-Build is a stable in my daily keto coffee.

Re Build collagen from

Get the best collagen peptides + use code BLOG at checkout to save 15%.


The second true “gut healthy” boost is the probiotic addition.

 Of course choosing the right (aka high-quality + contains the strains and species you need) probiotic is critical here. 

Adding in a daily probiotic allows good (and different) bacterial strains to populate. A diverse bacterial population makes for a stronger, more efficient microbiome.

I use the Just Thrive Probiotic because that’s the only probiotic we use in our house. Also, you can open the capsule up, pour its contents into your bowl while remaining certain the probiotic will not activate until it hits your stomach. You need this if you want the probiotic addition to matter. (Remember, use code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15% on the probiotic.)

A Gutsy Girl’s probiotic of choice from Just Thrive Health. Easily open the capsule and pour it into your Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee. Use code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15%.

Just Thrive probiotic


While the star ingredients in this recipe are obviously the beaten coffee elements, the main ingredient is the milk. 

Why main? Because you use the largest quantity of milk, then place a dollop (or six!) of the Whipped Coffee over the milk. So the right milk of choice is critical.

For this recipe, I believe one of the best gut health milks is the Elmhurst 1925 Unsweetened Cashew Milk.

Why? Because it’s plant-based (conventional dairy is the harshest on the gut; even organic is still hard for many to digest) and includes just two ingredients: filtered water and cashews.

Seriously. That’s it. Ladies, it does not get any better and cleaner than that. 

If you don’t have access to this high-quality cashew milk, here are some other options to keep the sugar out and milk flowing:

  1. Full-fat coconut milk (no added sugar)
  2. Unsweetened almond milk
  3. Heavy cream (choose organic, and remember this does contain dairy – I include it on this list because it’s a popular keto version option)
How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee) hand timing #whippedcoffee #guthealth #coffeedrink

How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Instructions)

Here is exactly what I did. (+ save THESE instructions for later)

Hand Whisk

Now, to be clear from the start. I did not use a hand-held mixer or electric hand mixer of sorts. 

I did this 100% by hand because this is the most basic, simplistic way. Also, when one is at home 24/7, it makes for a good arm workout 🙂 Kidding. Kind of.

You can absolutely use the electric mixer. But I’m proving you don’t need to.

This is what the mixture looks like from beginning to end. You notice that I whipped it, by hand, for 12 minutes. 

Honestly, it’s not that bad and I was even able to produce some soft peaks.

Once the whipping is done, you’re basically set. Here are the full ingredients and instructions.

How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee) hand timing #whippedcoffee #guthealth #coffeedrinks

Full Instructions

This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and Keto-friendly for a keto diet (if you use the monk fruit).

how to make gut healthy whipped coffee #healthyliving #guthealth #coffee top froth

How to Make Whipped Coffee without Sugar (Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee)

This whipped coffee recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and Keto-friendly for a keto diet (if you use the monk fruit).
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Course Beverage
Cuisine American
Servings 2


  • immersion blender you can also just use a whisk


  • 2 Tbsp organic instant dried coffee
  • 2 Tbsp monk fruit or sugar of choice
  • 1 Tbsp collagen Re-Build
  • 1 capsule Just Thrive Health probiotic or probiotic of choice
  • 2.5 Tbsp water hot
  • cashew milk or milk of choice
  • ice add at the end


  • Place the first 4 ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and stir together.
  • Add the hot water, and whisk by hand for 12 minutes. (It will form a "whip.")
  • Fill a glass with milk, about ¾ full.
  • Place a couple ice cubes in the glass.
  • Add several dollops of the whip on top, and enjoy.


You can use a hand-held mixer, if desired.
I topped my Gut Healthy Whipped Coffee with the 2-Ingredient No Sugar Cinnamon Sugar and stirred with a fresh cinnamon stick.
Keyword dairy free, gluten free, grain free, paleo, soy free, whole30
how to make gut healthy whipped coffee #healthyliving #guthealth #coffee whipped whisk

Why I’m Obsessed 

Here are 4 reasons to make this coffee today:

  1. If you’re going to have an elevated coffee drink, might as well make it like this!
  2. Because of the gut healthy additions, you now have a good reason to drink coffee.
  3. Creamy coffee is just delicious.
  4. This is a great option for those of you who want the extra without going to Starbucks for a sugar-filled frappe coffee of sorts.

Okay, now it’s your turn to try it. If you try this gut-healthy version, upload it to Instagram and tag me @agutsygirl.

how to make gut healthy whipped coffee #healthyliving #guthealth #coffee glass

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Oh p.s. There’s more! Once you make this recipe, you can also make the Whipped Coffee Popsicles

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