What’s the best probiotic brand for leaky gut?

A probiotic is one of the 6 leaky gut supplements I present in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health

When I shared those 6 leaky gut supplements in this post, I mentioned the recommended probiotic: Just Thrive Probiotic

I continue to stand by that recommendation. In fact, after the research conducted, I believe it’s the best probiotic brand for leaky gut.

My research demonstrates why.

Best Probiotic Brand for Leaky Gut

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2017 Leaky Gut Human Clinical Trial

In this study, people diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome were given 1 Just Thrive Probiotic capsule daily for 30 days. They made no other changes to diet or lifestyle. The results followed:

  1. Significantly (42%) reduced Leaky Gut toxin levels in the blood of all test subjects, as well as producing
  2. Significant (24%) reduction in triglycerides,
  3. A dramatic reduction in circulating ghrelin (the ‘hunger’ hormone) and 
  4. A better insulin response including significant reductions in A1C, Post-prandial Insulin and Fasting Glucose levels.

The study was conducted out of the University of North Texas. The sample participants were college students who ate mostly college cafeteria food and other fast food, snacks, pizza, beer, and other non-gut health foods.

Besides their diet and lifestyle, the participants had to be asymptomatic individuals with no previous medical diagnosis. Only individuals with a proven level of blood serum endotoxins would be accepted for the full 30-day trial.

And there’s something else to note, 55% of the initial blood samples turned out to have “severe” Leaky Gut. Despite their youth, a majority of participants had substantially high bodily inflammatory load of these toxins. (Yes, this is why my book is beneficial for far more people than even know it. The results back up the statistic given by some gut microbiome experts of approximately 80-90% of adult Americans in general having a chronic overgrowth of pathogens in their gut day in and day out.)

Kiran Krishnan (the research microbiologist behind Just Thrive), speculated that potentially no benefits might be seen due to the foods eaten and lifestyle lived. 

Best Probiotic Brand for Leaky Gut clinical trial Just Thrive agutsygirl.com #probiotic #probiotics #supplements #guthealth #leakygut

What Happened During the 30 Days

Each person was given a bottle of 30 capsules. Nobody knew who got the Just Thrive Probiotic strains and who got the placebo.

The instructions were to take one cap daily with a meal for 30 days, return to the lab to give another blood sample, collect their paycheck and then go do whatever college students do with a little extra…likely nothing to do with gut health. 🙂

Not only did the results, as presented in the beginning of this post, occur, but a shocker happened as well. Those who took the placebo dramatically worsened – on average of a 32% increase in the bacterially produced toxins in their blood, just over a percentage point per day.

What Makes Just Thrive the Best Probiotic Brand for Leaky Gut?

The proprietary strains in the probiotic produce their own nutrients which they selectively feed ONLY to low populations of protective bacteria. I believe this is also why those with SIBO have success using the Just Thrive Probiotic, too.

Furthermore, once the beneficial population has been raised up to its correct level, these gut-healing spore bacillus strains turn off those substances in order to maintain peak human health and microbiome balance.

If we lived in a world the way Mother Nature designed it, our natural source for these gut-cleaning spore bacteria would be with every bite of food we eat.

Unfortunately, since the mid-1940’s, we have so sterilized these spore bacillus strains from our soil, crops, food processing systems and environment, the only way to guarantee a maintenance level of these critically important gut-cleaning bacteria is by taking them in a supplement form, preferably Just Thrive which, unlike most spore probiotics, guarantees a 100% alive survival rate to the intestines.

Sources: Joanie Blaxter, Just Thrive National Educator, HERE, and HERE.

Beyond Leaky Gut

In 2020, I’ll be talking about even more studies that have been published regarding the Just Thrive Probiotic and other issues beyond leaky gut.

These studies are still unpublished, but will be released in 2020.

Some of them include:

  • Acetaminophen Liver Toxicity
  • Acute Alcoholic Gastritis
  • Dermatology
  • Glyphosate/Roundup Effect on Child’s Gut Microbiome

In the meantime, grab a bottle of the Just Thrive ProbioticRemember to use code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to receive 15% discount.

And of course, as always, let me know if you have more questions.

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