Super excited to share my top 6 skin and hormone books with you today.

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Review of the Past

Let me give you the skinny. 

I told you in the November 2017 recap:

Next week I have an appointment with my hormone doctor to finally review the DUTCH tests I did quite some time ago. While my stomach and the overall feeling is spot on, I know it isn’t so because my skin shows it here and there. It’s not the Perioral Dermatitis, but rather signs of a hormone imbalance, which all seems so odd to me because I’m feeling so well. 

So I asked her about all of this. 

She was all, “You are showing no gut symptoms anymore and mild skin issues. Your numbers continue getting better. I think what’s going on is that you still have some mild underlying condition which causes easy reactions, maybe not allowing your body to detox, but nothing more than that.”


She suspects possibly a heavy metal toxicity, mold, or chronic infection because of my freak out ER session (because no, she confirmed, that should not have happened) and random skin issues. 

And while none of those should be taken lightly, we both agreed that I have come a very long ways

I told her about the lack of food restriction (because I’m thriving) and how I’ve changed almost all of my skin and body care products to primarily Beautycounter, Dr. Bronner’s, coconut oil (pour it over my whole life stat), and Earthpaste.

She said good, good, good all around. If I want to play with diet for skin, I could. I know the drill, 21-30 day elimination, rinse and repeat. 

But honestly? I don’t. Not right now. And because of it, I will likely have mild skin issues.

Which brings me to the topic of skin and body care items as a “cure.” They are not! If anyone tells you they are and can be, you must run away fast. No, seriously.

Yes, I have chosen Beautycounter because it’s lessening my overall toxic load. And yes, I have chosen to use their products and the others mentioned because they don’t contain SLS (which flare Perioral Dermatitis). However, I have chosen better, the best, but not because I think they will make any lasting physical manifestation disappear on their own. 

It all starts in the gut. Every single last health problem or success we have can be rooted back to the 30-ish feet of digestive tract we are made of.

I am so freaking happy and proud and excited to report that I have done everything in my power to heal my gut, and my doctor agreed that I don’t need any crazy restrictions if I don’t want to. 


Okay, so on the heels of my appointment, healing, and excitement, I must share with you my my top 6 skin and hormone books.

I bought almost all of these sporadically over time (except Stefani’s, which is brand new), but I started digging into each one so that I could share the insights and information with you – all of my beautiful, Gutsy friends who might be interested in natural skin and hormone healing. 

I purchased each book with my own money, and this post is 100% personal opinion and unsponsored. 

Top 6 Skin and Hormone Books

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Top 6 Skin and Hormone Books

  1. Purely Primal Skincare by Liz Wolfe. I have talked about Liz before HERE. She is amazing, and she knows her S#$^ when it comes to skincare. Her book breaks down into three parts: nutrition, digestion, and then topical.
  2. Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility

    by Jill Blakeway. The book identifies “fertility types,” and they cover everything from recognizing the causes of fertility problems to making lifestyle choices that enhance fertility to trying surprising strategies such as taking cough medicine, decreasing doses of fertility drugs, or getting acupuncture along with IVF. 

  3. The Hormone Reset Diet

    by Dr. Sara Gottfried. I’m not even sure how many times I’ve read this one, but it’s so good! This is a book Dr. Schweig had on his desk when I first started seeing him. I figured if he had it, it must be good. She discusses the seven major metabolic —cortisol, thyroid, testosterone, growth hormone, leptin, insulin, and estrogen — how they can lead to weight gain and other problems, and then helps you understand how to address and correct them. Take a look at these Herpesyl reviews and find the best product for you.

    Even discuses the use of supplements like Testogen to treat the deficit of testosterone to improve men wellness, read the full review of testogen at the link.

  4. Clear Skin Unlocked

    by Stefani Ruper. I just bought this a couple weeks ago. I like Stefani and her approach. She gives scientific information as it relates to the skin, and helps the reader put practical steps into place.

  5. Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health

    by Toni Weschler. This is a massive book on all things reproductive health. She digs deep into issues that cause infertility and lays out facts and steps for optimal hormones.

  6. The Paleo Thyroid Solution: Stop Feeling Fat, Foggy, And Fatigued At The Hands Of Uninformed Doctors – Reclaim Your Health! by Elle Russ. The book takes a primal approach to addressing problems with the thyroid. I especially loved this book because Elle digs deep into T3 issues (which are really my only focused “problem”). Looking for muscle gain and having a cool beard? here’s the list of the best testosterone products online.

Top 6 Skin and Hormone Books #skincare #hormones #guthealth

Moving On

As I mentioned, I started digging into each one in full detail. Over the next several weeks I’ll share. So grab the one(s) you might be interested in and stay tuned.

The first one I’m focusing on and writing about is Purely Primal Skincare.

Have you read any of my top 6 skin and hormones books already? 

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about skincare, go on my FREE 12-Day Skincare Journey by clicking HERE.


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