Someone reaches out and asks me about my healing progress almost daily. So I put together my SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue and Autoimmune update for you today.

It has been a little over 1 month since I ended Rifaximin, the SIBO antibiotic. I continue to heal, and thrive.

SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue and Autoimmune Update

SIBO, Adrenal Fatigue and Autoimmune Update

And here’s how.

  1. I cut fruit.

    I cut it completely for a few weeks, and then I added in one piece every few days. This past week I’ve had more than usual, and my stomach can tell it. I’ll cut back again. Fruit is subjective for everyone on any journey at any moment. I have learned so much about it these past several months. For the most part, keeping it out helps me thrive (for now).

  2. Greens times a million.

    I eat over a pound of greens per day. This has been critical to my healing, I believe. I don’t eat all greens (i.e. broccoli), but I do drown my system in greens (like Asian greens) daily. Read: All About Greens and Gut Healing.

  3. L-Glutamine.

    L-Glutamine helps repair the gut lining, while also helping to preserve muscle mass. It’s doing a double bonus for me, and I am careful to take it 2 times per day (I incorporate it into my gut-healing chia seed pudding).

  4. Fish.

    While I love my grass-fed beef, these days I’m eating much more fish like salmon and trout. I eat red meat only about 1-2 times per week typically. I focus more on fish to balance omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

  5. HCL.

    My stomach acid is still low. How do I know this? Because I am still taking 6 HCL about 3 x’s per day (with heavy protein meals). HCL has been critical.

  6. Dr. Schweig Supplements.

    My regimen is still grueling. I still have to take way too many supplements, but I am consistent with them and I believe they have been instrumental to my healing. 

  7. Quit caffeine.

    I wrote about this. Here is how I quit caffeine.

  8. Minimal workouts.

    I told myself for a very long time, “But working out a ton helps me release stress.” Turns out, it was only causing me more stress – stress on my mind, body and soul and dangerously affecting my gut and healing. I quit running and have returned to lifting primarily. Now I am currently almost at the end of (Phase 2) Nia Shank’s 15-week Muscle Sculpting Program, and totally loving it. Simple. Sane. Effective. Read: What I Really Think About Workouts and Gut Healing.

  9. Understanding of all food properties.

    My background has equipped me for this. I understand all food properties/categories (FODMAPs, starches, sugars, fat, nightshades, etc.). Because of this, I am able to easily navigate the everyday food options.

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m nervous.

I’m nervous for a SIBO relapse. Most people, research has shown, relapse as soon as a month after the antibiotic is finished. For this reason, I am doing everything I can to avoid a relapse.

I have only had a couple days where I’ve felt off, but during those couple of days, I have felt very uncertain about what might happen next.

I will see my doctor again within the next couple of months, and I’m guessing we will be retesting levels soon to know more about where I’m currently at.

For today, though?

I feel grateful to be in such a wonderful place, in remission.


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  1. yep, been there. and now i’ve just added more magnesium , EPA/DHA, and upped my HCL. Oh adrenal fatigue, it’s not fun but we learn, right? hugs

  2. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been spending hours trying to learn about your story and soak up every bit of healing advice! I’ve been dealing with SIBO for the past 4 years (it flared up after a 10 week volunteer trip to Thailand) and I have good days here and there but for the most part, I feel like I’ve flushed my 20’s down the toilet, literally! Would you mind describing a day in your life with as many details as possible (food log) when you were given these minimalistic ingredients to work with? I’ve basically been eating meet and a very limited group of cooked veggies and I don’t know when to move forward and introduce new foods, it just seems to scary/painful!
    Thank you thank you for being so transparent!! You have no idea how amazing it is to know others are dealing with similar obstacles.

    1. Hi Kristin! I am SO SORRY I am just seeing this now. My sincere apologies. The truth is that what I eat now vs. a few months ago is drastically different AND if I had to go back to 3 months ago, I’d do things much differently as well. I’ll see what I can do….Thanks for reading!

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