I have a new lease on life.

Writing this post makes me feel like I’m knocking on wood, but I’m going to anyways.

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Farmers Market Cherries. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

I have stated here numerous times that I’ve kept meticulous track of everything I’ve eaten since my journey with Dr. Schweig began.

This last Saturday was day 206. Yes, for 206 days I wrote out almost everything I ate, along with supplements I took, symptoms felt and lifestyle engaged in.

But on day 206, I decided it was time to let go.

I have recorded my heart out for 206 days, but I am now in full remission and I no longer need that journal to lean on.

These past several weeks have been nothing short of amazing.

Tomatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, coconut ice cream, super-seeded (gluten-free) bread, gluten-free oatmeal, garlic, kale, kabocha, quinoa, mustard, kombucha and more…..

Humm Kombucha. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

These are the things I have gone years without eating, or getting instantly bloated upon eating.

New Lease on Life

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New Lease on Life after SIBO agutsygirl.com #sibo

The days are lighter.

They are brighter.

A Loving Spoon nut butter Purely Cacao Peanut Butter. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

My fiber content has gone from 5g or less per day to no less than 35g per day.

I am eating like a normal, thriving human.

While it might seem like my new lease on life lends itself to eating anything and everything I want, that is simply not the case.

Trout + Cauliflower. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

Dairy and gluten are still out, though I’m toying with the idea of adding back in raw, organic dairy.

And crap food is still out. No chemicals, additives, preservatives, and I do organic and non-GMO every single chance I get.

I no longer have to be “Paleo, GAPS, SCD, low-FODMAP, autoimmune protocol” or the like and it feels totally freeing.

Peanut Butter + Gluten Free Bread. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

Instead, I get to just eat -> real, whole and natural foods.

I learned the REAL meaning of “Gut Healing is Not a Diet.”

No More Dread

You can never imagine what it’s like to live on meat, fat and broth with little fiber for years on end.

Or what it’s like to be afraid that garlic could send your stomach into a 9-months-pregnant state.

And I hope you never feel the embarrassment when going out to eat with friends and family who think your’e on some crazy diet.

Farmers Market Blueberries. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

But most importantly, I’d never want you to imagine what that’s like.

I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

And I’m likely to fight the rest of my life to tell my story and make sure that you (+ your daughters, friends, family, co-workers) don’t end up in this (forced) trapped state.

I wanted none of the above, but that’s what I got and (in hindsight) I now realize I did it to myself.

Gluten free oatmeal with Nutiva Chia Seeds and Coconut Manna. Farmers Market Blueberries. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

But today, and for these past few weeks, I have a new lease on life.

I am tasting and experiencing food like I never, ever thought I might again.

There is cooking and baking once again and eating all the things I make, with no ill effects.

Nutiva Coconut Blueberry Muffins. Farmers Market Blueberries. New Lease on Life sarahkayhoffman.com

I have a new lease on life, and during these past 200+ days I’ve learned so much about myself, my past and (most importantly) the cause for what led me to these past several years, the ultimate demise of my health.

In this state of true healing, it might appear like my story ends.

There is a story in the struggle, a story throughout the journey and a story found from healing via answers.

My story feels like it might just be beginning.

Updated in 2023 to add: Fully healed! Remission from all the things that once plagued me since 2018! If SIBO is your demise, let Reasonable SIBO help you start healing today.

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  1. It would be an understatement to say I’m thrilled for you! It gives me hope! (maybe I should think about seeing your dr too).

  2. Hi Sarah! I’m so happy for you… I’ve just started reading your blog recently, so I’ve missed some of the story. How did you get to this point? Personally, I struggle with digestive issues and suspect SIBO in me. It’s so difficult being a busy college student with work and school and everything in between.

    1. Hi Jill! You can read a lot of my story here -> http://agutsygirl.com/start-here-2/my-story/ I am going to be updating that soon, though, as I will unfold more of the story. Two things I will say if you “suspect” SIBO. Test, don’t guess. Get the test done ASAP and find out if you have it. I WISH someone would have tested me years ago. And second, get your diet buttoned up, and while you are healing from SIBO (if that’s what you have), really follow low-FODMAP. It will make all the difference. Thanks for reading!

      1. Hi Sarah
        When you say: get the test done (for SIBO)… what test are you referring to? I’m living in NB Canada and we basically have to tell our doctor what we have,… because even if you tell them that you are bloated and constipated giving you a 4 month pregnant belly, they look at you like you’re looking for attention…
        So, if you could give me guidance on what tests I should ask my doctor, this would really help me.

  3. Just been reading through your story and it is very similar to mine I’ve been doing all the bone broth,meat and a million supplements for years now and trying all different things but getting nowhere! So, once you met your new doctor and got diagnosed sibo,adrenal fatigue etc did you need to do restricted diet for a while and then you healed or what was the final thing that made you well so you can now eat normally? Really would love to know as I am desperate and only getting worse 🙁 thank you

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