The million dollar question, “How to heal your gut?”

While I don’t have the million dollar answer, I do have over a decade of real-life experiences combined with in depth studying and researching.

Heal the Gut

You can Google, “How to heal your gut” and you’ll find hundreds of articles. But most of them include just a few things:

  1. Diet (of sorts)
  2. Stress (reduce it)
  3. Probiotics (take more); antibiotics (choose less)

Am I right?

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that.

But what I am saying is that it’s far more complex and complicated than that.

I’m also saying that there are many different ways and routes to choose for your gut healing journey.

The more you know, and the more options you have, the more likely it is that you will find what works for you.

So here’s the deal, I’ve been keeping this massive list for quite some time, adding to it frequently.

I wasn’t sure what I ultimately wanted to do with the list, until it dawned on me that the true goal was for you to benefit from it.

So here we are!

How to Heal Your Gut {86 Ways}

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86 ways to heal your gut

We spent a lot of time putting together this massive list.

And yes, there are actually 86 things on the list.

But not only did we spend a lot of time on the list, we also spent time turning it into a useable sheet for you to take action on.

You can download it right now and skip the rest of this post, if you want.

    There are 6 sheets via one PDF download:

    1. The main sheet with all 86 ways to view/hang up/bind wherever you’ll be able to see it often.
    2. A sheet that’s more for viewing online, as it links to places for more context and information.
    3. 4 pages of the information from page 1, broken down so that you can use it for your OWN journey. You can print it then cross off the things you’ve done and/or make notes next to the ones you want to try and/or have further questions on. Process of elimination?!

    Ways to Heal the Gut

    86 ways to heal the gut

    Anyways, here are the first 19 things on my list of 86:

    1. Journaled, the right way
    2. Intermittent Fasting
    3. Meal spacing
    4. SIBO test
    5. FoodMarble
    6. Dutch test
    7. Probiotic, the right one
    8. Intestinal movement
    9. Breath work
    10. Bone Broth
    11. Understood difference between gut health and gut healing
    12. Combined a Western meets alternative approach
    13. Got Rifaximin through an Australian pharmacy
    14. HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
    15. Added more foods to increase butyrate production
    16. L-glutamine
    17. Motility
    18. More fat, less fat-free
    19. Digestive enzymes

    Because this resource is very put together and comprehensive, I couldn’t place it here.

    However, you can get the full PDF download with all 86 Ways to Heal the Gut by clicking HERE.

    You can now listen in to the detail for numbers 1 – 4 from above.

    If you enjoy listening to all 86 broken down into more detail, they can all be found on the YouTube channel. Each video contains 4 of the 86 things. Yes, took me forever to put this altogether.

    I truly hope you love this brand new (free) resource!

    p.s. To learn about all 86 in far more detail, grab my Master Gut Healing Resources!

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