Ever wondered how our hormones are seemingly so easily destroyed when we’ve been doing what we think is “right and healthy?” I’m going to share via a two-part series, starting with today – ‘Destroyed Hormones, Part I.’

I sliced my thumb on a pumpkin can lid. It bled instantaneously, but by morning had closed up, and the wound was fully healing.

A week prior, my new Spartan shoes left torn, bloody skin on the back of my heel. It wanted to heal immediately, but I kept wearing the shoes before the wound had fully healed, and so each time I wore them a little more damage was done.

The body is brilliant. When something is wrong, it wants to self-correct and heal immediately. It knows best survival modes, and it longs to thrive. The act of healing is truly a beautiful and powerful act, but the secret to it is that we must let it.

Destroyed Hormones Part I

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Last Wednesday, I re-tested my thyroid markers and all hormone levels in general. After my last major round of tests during November of 2014, Dr. Schweig concluded that my thyroid levels were off, but that due to my advanced stages of SIBO, we would focus on addressing that first. Now that I am in complete remission from SIBO (and dang it feels goooooood!), we are revisiting the hormones.

Prior to the tests, there is a 12-14 hour critical fasting period. I woke up that morning, naturally, around the 10 1/2-hour mark. I was starving, but I knew I had to wait until after the tests were over.

By the time the blood was drawn (I think it was 7 vials in total), I was absolutely miserable, shaking and felt awful all around.

And in those moments, it began to occur to me how I’d ended up here in the first place.

My hormones got destroyed because I kept on digging, picking and never allowed my wounds (even though those wounds you can not physically see) to heal.

Destroyed Hormones, Part I sarahkayhoffman.com

Had I learned to heal my body like I healed my thumb, I would have never found myself in the place I am today. Instead, I healed like my heel – wound upon wound upon wound – and that takes much longer to heal. (Are you confused by all this heal vs. heel yet?!)

Eating Too Little

In a recent post, What happens when you do not eat enough?, I mentioned,

There was a reason my SIBO and all gut issues went into remission in the first place, but maybe even more important than that is the reason I continue to stay in remission and thrive. (It rocks!)

What I will tell you now is that there is a reason, or maybe I should say reasons, I had wound upon wound upon wound.

Read about it HERE.

For today? I carry on with my life in the same way I have been for about the past year now because even though I find it a struggle some days, my new lifestyle really rocks.

It has given me more energy, happiness and the ability to live a normal life. Ironically, it has also kept me flourishing, and I believe that I continue to heal each and every single day.


Destroyed Hormones Part I 1 agutsygirl.com hormone #hormones #guthealth #women

Destroyed Hormones Part I www.sarahkayhoffman.com #hormones #hormonehealth #healthyliving #lifestyleblogger

How I Destroyed My Hormones, Part I sarahkayhoffman.com

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