Imagine your gut healed…what would that look like?

As I was thinking about this post, the original title and concept was, “imagine your life healed.”

The thoughts, ideas, and inspiration for the post came from a purely emotional state. It was an emotional state I remembered from about 3 1/2 years ago when I wrote The Emotional Side of Illness.

Being on the other side, I can now provide you something else – the ability to imagine your life healed.

I settled on imagine your gut healed because that comes first.

Heal your gut. Heal your life.

Imagine Your Gut Healed

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Imagine Your Gut healed #guthealth #guthealing


You wake up.

You’re no longer concerned if that first bite is going to set you off with major bloating, gas, or diarrhea for the day.

Instead, you enjoy breakfast, whatever your darling heart desires. And then you simply move on with the day.


You finally get to enjoy dinner out with friends and being able to freely order off the menu.

You’re no longer trying to make 1,001 excuses for why you can’t go out and enjoy a great evening.

And while you’re at dinner, you no longer feel like the “odd one out” making approximately 101 substitutions for things on the menu.

Dressing Room

Stepping into the dressing room at Target (no shame!), slipping on a pair of jeans (not leggings this time), and feeling zero pressure against your abdomen.

Darling – just stop here for a second. Let that sink in. 

I know all about that feeling. I used to refer to it as, “the gremlins pushing against my stomach.” You feel me there?

Someday, you won’t have to consider unbuttoning those pants.

Supplements and Medications

Right now, the supplements and medications are like a part-time job.

But imagine when you’re down to a couple/few supplements only, used strictly for their intended purpose: supplementation.

And imagine only needing to focus on 1-2 (or even zero!) medications. I mean, what will you do with all that extra time and money?! 

Nearest Bathroom

Yes, darling, yes. You will forever be at the place where you no longer need to have a detailed map drawn out with every single bathroom stop and location prior to stepping foot out of the house.

Instead, you’ll be able to need the bathroom on your time, when it’s convenient, without worry.

All Those Tears

Right now, I know what your days are like.

They are seemingly wonderful until all of a sudden you feel miserable. You either can’t stop running to the bathroom or you’re bloated, gassy and massively uncomfortable.

In an instant, the day has changed, tears pour from your eyes.

Imagine that the tears are still there, only far less frequently, and only when you reflect on the new life you’re living.

Trust Me, I Know

Believe me when I say that I know what both sides of the coin look like.

Super old picture, but here you go:

Bloated. The former. Two Ways to Get Rid of belly bloat.

And today:

The Leaky Gut Meal Plan #leakygut #guthealth #leakygutdiet #book SKH

Back to Reality: Where You’re at TODAY

Now step out of this imaginative world where your gut is healed.

Want some incredible news? You can and will get there!

I’m not just cheering for you; I’m also helping you.

Some things you can do today to get started:

  1. Read my Tips for Starting Your Healing Journey, and then….
  2. Check out the Beginner’s Guide to Digestive Health Testing, and then….
  3. Make sure you have the 90-day gut healing journal system to help direct your journey. Grab it HERE.
  4. Take the gut healing supplements quiz HERE to see what might help.
  5. The First Three

And if you’re really ready to start today, I’d strongly suggest:

  1. Gut Healing for Beginners
  2. A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut

Let me know if you have any further questions!

My only mission is to help you heal your gut and heal your life.

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Imagine Your Gut Healed #leakygut #guthealth #leakygutsyndrome

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