This is an updated version of my complete list of gut and hormone tests.

The first time I released this post was in late January of 2018. 

And the reason I wrote the post then was because Instagram kept asking me….

Complete List of Gut and Hormone Tests #guthealth #healthyliving #sibo #IBS #IBD

When I realized that I have shared every single test I’ve ever had over the years but that they weren’t all in one place, I decided it was time to corral them all into one blog post so I could refer people to it time-and-time again.

The reason I’m updating it in 2020 is because I’ve done more tests and believe in giving you the most accurate and updated information.

Since 2020, here are even more tests you can checkout:

  1. FoodMarble Breath Testing

Complete List of Gut and Hormone Tests

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Complete List of Gut and Hormone Tests #guthealth #hormones #SIBO

Note: I broke this list into three parts: 

  1. Prior to being diagnosed with SIBO
  2. Once I started going to The California Center for Functional Medicine
  3. Summer of 2018 and on (after healing for the final time took place)

The reason I did this was so you could see the drastic differences in western vs. functional medicine. 

Prior to being diagnosed with SIBO Testing

  1. Simultaneous to starting my journey with traditional doctors, I did get a food allergy panel and skin prick test done.
    1. Skin prick test

      By the way, that showed nothing, even though I was super sick at the time. Remember, food allergy and intolerance are not the same things. If you want to learn more about this, check out IGG vs IGE.

    2. Food sensitivity panel

      Ready for a shocker? Around this time is when I began blogging for the first time ever. It was early 2009, and I blogged over on the Blogger platform. If you’re interested in those results, you can read about it via ‘My Results are In.’ (Also, back then, my journey was so real and raw. You might enjoy perusing a ton of posts on that site. Let me know if you have any questions on posts from back then. I’m happy to “bring them to life” over here, if you’d like.) 

  2. Colonoscopy

  3. Endoscopy x 2

    The second time is how I knew there was inflammation of my upper digestive tract, though it wasn’t Celiac. In hindsight, I’m guessing it was the SIBO. When I found out that news, I went 100% gluten-free.

  4. Laparoscopy

    This was not related to gut/hormones, but then again it kind of was.

  5. Celiac blood test

  6. CBC (Complete Blood Count)

    I had this done time-and-time again. Anyone who has ever had any sort of illness typically does.

And that was basically it.

The basics.

The California Center for Functional Medicine

As soon as I started at CCFM, we began heavy testing.

Here are all the tests I had done while there.

  1. Commonwealth SIBO test, 2014
  2. BioHealth Functional Adrenal Stress Profile, 2014
  3. CBC + TSH + T4 free + T3 total + Vitamin B12 and folate + Vitamin D, 2014
  4. BioHealth GI Pathogen screen with H. Pylori Antigen, 2014
  5. Doctor’s Data Comprehensive Stool Analysis, 2014
  6. Commonwealth SIBO test #2, 2015
  7. NCNM SIBO test #3, 2016
  8. NCNM SIBO test #4, 2017
  9. DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel, 2017

Complete List of Gut and Hormone Tests full list #guthealth #hormones #SIBO

Summer of 2018 and on (after healing for the final time took place)

  1. Lyme Disease test (negative, btw)
  2. another Colonoscopy (when I finally got to say goodbye to Colitis!)
  3. and another Endoscopy
  4. gut biome test (in fact, you can Peek Into My Personal Onegevity Microbiome Report and Review HERE)

And there you have it.

What was most effective?

Honestly? All of it. While I oftentimes feel like I wasted so much time prior to CCFM, I also feel like a lot of that information (or lack thereof) was critical. 

One thing always lead to the next, and even though it was CCFM who finally got me real answers and real results, I do believe that the sum of all these parts has been invaluable for my healing journey.

I’m sure you have a million questions right now. Feel free to leave them below in comments or just CONTACT ME. And for the love —> GO get your tests done.

How soon you get better depends on it.

Wanting to start somewhere, anywhere today? You can. Start Here. Seriously, go there and start. Wait, first get your 90-day gut healing journal, and then start 🙂


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for posting this list. After discussing my recent bloodwork with my general practioner I was not too happy with her categorizing my TSH and Vitamin D as within “normal” limits. Mine has been consistently around 35 for the past three years even by supplementing with 10,000 IUs of D per day. What do you consider or have been told is optimal for Vitamin D? I’ve since moved onto an endocrinologist who is retesting my D as well as running a full panel of thyroid bloodwork. Thanks!

    1. Hi!

      Mine was at 30. They say the range is 30.0 – 100.0ng/mL. If I had 35 like you, my doctor’s would, for sure be supplementing on that as well. You are “technically” within range, but super low, so if I were you, I’d consider digging for more information. Hope that helps! xox

  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for posting this. Did you find the Quicksilver detox really helpful? I’ve never heard of it until now.



  3. I’m trying to focus more on my hormones as it’s been all SIBO IBS-C/D for months. I truly feel my hormones are out of wack. Would my OBGYN know what to test for? I have no idea where to start, I was told my thyroid is fine. Love you posts Sarah xo

  4. What is the best sibo breath test you recommend and from which company

    What Lyme test did you do? Just regular gp or more functional?

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