Writing a book on Leaky Gut was no easy task. And yet, guess what? Like healing my gut, it was worth it.

Book Timeline

It all happened super fast. The timeline from initial contact to my final manuscript delivered went something like this:

  1. June 4, 2019: The publisher reached out to me, expressing their interest in working with me.
  2. June 5, 2019: I officially “submitted” my interest in writing the book. There was one other person interested as well; the managing editor would have to choose.
  3. June 7, 2019: I received this email, “I have some great news for you. The managing editor thinks you are a perfect fit for this book, and we would love to move forward with you as the author of this book! I wanted to add also that there was a 2nd writing sample submitted — by someone with a medical credential — and the managing editor still picked you 🙂 
  4. (Week of) June 10, 2019: I started writing and had my initial launch call with the editor. 
  5. Friday, June 21, 2019: Full recipe list, plus chapters 1-2 due.
  6. Friday, June 28, 2019: Chapters 3-6 due.
  7. Wednesday, July 10, 2019: Chapters 7-10 due.
  8. Wednesday, July 17, 2019: Handed in my final manuscript.

Writing a Book Post-Production

Since then, I have been doing everything from re-working sections, clarifying information, condensing (imagine that!), seeing initial designs, and prepping the book for it’s pre-launch which was yesterday!

Because I am already getting asked all the questions, from “How did you even get contacted?” to “Where did you start when researching?” I thought I’d put together a post on writing a book on leaky gut. 

Here are 5 things I learned while writing a book, and then 9 things about The Leaky Gut Meal Plan in particular. 

Writing a Book on Leaky Gut

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Writing a Book on Leaky Gut agutsygirl.com #leakygut #leakygutdiet #book

5 Things I Learned While Writing a Book

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Writing the Leaky Gut But 5 things I learned while writing a book agutsygirl.com #author #book #writingabook #mompreneur

  1. Toss distractions

    With a tight deadline, I had to get rid of all distractions. I put an out-of-office on my Gmail, and I was posting on here and Instagram far less. And guess what? The world kept on spinning; I was super productive.

  2. Outlines make everything easier

    If you’re writing a book 100% on your own, to pitch to a publisher, you’ll have to do your own outlines. I had the skin of my information done, so it was a million times easier. What I learned for my next book (!) is that the outline is critical and will save so much time.

  3. Networking matters.

    Know how this all even came to be in the first place? I literally reached out to the CEO of the company last January. Seriously. I expressed my desire to work with them, pitching my topic and angle. He connected me within a couple days. While that book did not work out, this one did. And yes, that was more fuel for my life’s mantra fire.

  4. A website also matters.

    You know how many times I’ve heard people say over the years, “You only need Instagram,” or “You only need a Facebook page,” or “Don’t waste your time on a website?” Too many to count. But guess what, in the end, a lot of this came down to agutsygirl.com. Everything else was a bonus.

  5. You’ll do it no matter what.

    This was one of my bucket-list items; to write a book. I always knew I’d have to publish the gut-focused one before I’d ever be able to write A Thyme for Milk and Honey. And so, whatever is important in your life, I promise you can make happen. The timing was awful. In case you didn’t know, THIS coincided with writing the book. Nevermind the fact that I am also the Marketing Director for DELIGHTED BY Desserts and have 3 small children. But alas, if writing a book is your dream, you’ll make it happen no matter what when the opportunity arises.

9 Things About The Leaky Gut Meal Plan Book

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Writing a Book on Leaky Gut 9 things about the book agutsygirl.com #leakygut #leakygutdiet #author #mompreneur

  1. There is a 4-week meal plan.

    Every week of the meal plan has a specific purpose: removing harmful foods, replacing them, repairing the leaky gut lining, and rebalancing your body to its new and better normal.

  2. The book includes 75 recipes.

    Yes, seventy-five. Not all 75 recipes are included in the 4-week meal plan, but there are 75 total recipes in the book.75 Recipes in The Leaky Gut Meal Plan book agutsygirl.com #leakygut #leakygutdiet #guthealth

  3. Weekly shopping lists.

    The chapter for each of the 4 weeks begins with a full list of every ingredient you’ll need, so you can be prepared.

  4. Bonus information.

    Every recipe includes the nutrition info, prep and cook times, and indicates whether it can be made in one pot or with just 5 ingredients.

  5. Signs and causes of a leaky gut, plus how it affects the body.

  6. Each recipe indicates special dietary categories.

    For example, ‘Eggs and Greens Buddha Bowl.’ This recipe states: gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, under 30 minutes, one-pot.

  7. There are THREE broth recipes;

    one vegetable one, a chicken bone broth, and a beef bone broth. BONUS: You have been asking me to share with you how to make broth in the Instant Pot for a very long time now. I share it with you in the book!

  8. The book includes brand new recipes that are not found on my website.

    For example, the ‘Perfect Vegan Banana Spoon Bread.’ p.s. My kids are obsessed with this one.

  9. The recipes break down into the following categories: Foundation (10), Breakfast (10), Soups and Salads (10), Seafood Mains (10), Beef and Pork Mains (10), Vegetables and Sides (10), and Desserts (5). 

Writing a Book on Leaky Gut agutsygirl.com #leakygut #leakygutdiet #book #guthealth

The Big Question on The Leaky Gut Meal Plan Book

One of the biggest questions I know people are going to start asking is, “Are all the recipes gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.?”

Here is the answer:

All of the recipes are: gluten-free, grain-free, refined-oil, and refined-sugar free. Fermented soy is only used in the Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Miso Mash. And Goat cheese is used in the Spring Pea Omelet with Goat Cheese. Eggs are rarely used; maybe a handful of recipes. Yes, there are FODMAPs in some (many) of the recipes, but they can easily be swapped. Some of the recipes include nightshades because not everyone with a leaky gut has an autoimmune condition. Again, if needed, those ingredients can be swapped. Remember, how can we eat more, not less, and also start getting answers?!

But don’t worry, I’ve already thought about all of the above because I know this community! And that’s why I created a 28-Day Leaky Gut Group Program to coincide with the book. 

I also have a 90-day gut healing food and mood journal that would be super helpful to use along with the book. Grab your copy today.


Do you have anymore questions? Ask them below. 

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  1. I love how you gave the background on writing your book. I feel all we see is the outcome (which is the book) rather than what it actually took to make it! Honestly, nowadays as a business, you have to have a website…whoever said you didn’t…is 100% lying lol

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