Life should not be so seriousTo celebrate today’s official launch of my book, The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health, I put together a few leaky gut memes.

If you can’t laugh while healing, it’s going to be an incredibly long road.

And I would know, too, because I probably spent more time crying than laughing.

Before I share these memes with you, head to my Instagram HERE and give it a follow. Today, to celebrate the book’s official launch, I’m kicking off 12 days of giveaways.

Yes, the 12 days of Christmas spin (only these aren’t the true 12 days of Christmas days). Anyways, whatever. There will be a new GUTSY giveaway every single day for the next 12 days. They will all take place via my Instagram feed and/or Stories.

There may or may not be poop emoji pens, too.

Leaky Gut Memes

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You know these are all funny because they are true.

Which one is your favorite? The Chuck one for me, probably. Or Sponge Bob – because who doesn’t think this is just (insert sarcasm) constant rainbows?!

In case this is your first time reading A Gutsy Girl, I wrote a book. It’s called The Leaky Gut Meal Plan: 4 Weeks to Detox and Improve Digestive Health, and HERE is what is was like writing a book on leaky gut.

So now that I’m throwing the confetti up in the air, here are 6 reasons this all matters today.

Top 6 Reasons Today Matters

Leaky Gut Memes A Gutsy Girl Sarah Kay Hoffman #author #book #leakygut #guthealth

  1. If you pre-ordered the book off of Amazon, it will ship in 1-2 days! Haven’t pre-ordered yet? It’s okay. Grab your copy today HERE, and expect it on your doorsteps ASAP.
  2. Today you can also call your local Barnes & Noble to see if it’s in. They carry it, but it’s just a matter of which exact stores will have it in stock. And by the way, if you see it in your local store, will you puh-leaze tag me on Instagram?! (@agutsygirl)
  3. In a super short amount of time, you will have my first published book in your hands. Whether you like it, love it, or hate it, you can be certain that I gave it my all – given the parameters.
  4. Leaky Gut will become a bigger “thing.” Mark my word. Though many turn their noses up at the phrase, Leaky Gut Syndrome, the concept behind it is only going to grow. I predicted this with bone broth and then with SIBO. In due time, “leaky gut” will be everywhere. Companies will develop full product lines for “leaky gut,” and more doctor’s will start recognizing it.
  5. OUR work into the world. Do you remember who I dedicated this book to? That’s right. It was you. You’ve helped me form and shape what was, is, and will be. This book is part of that. And I’m grateful.
  6. Because the book will be in your hands in no time, you’ll become extra-motivated to join the 28-Day Leaky Gut Program. And THAT is going to matter in a big way for you and your healing journey! 

Book dedication quote #guthealth #leakygut The Leaky Gut Diet book

If you have questions about the book and/or 28-Day Leaky Gut Program, you’ll find the answers HERE. Always reach out with any additional questions.


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  1. Hey Sarah! Is it possible to participate in your Leaky Gut program while treating SIBO? I am currently on Rifaximin and will then do a herbal treatment. I have terrible Leaky Gut and would love to participate. I have already purchased your book. Is this doable? Thanks!

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