Just prior to, and most definitely after, being diagnosed with severe SIBO, I became slightly obsessed with FODMAPs because I had to.

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SIBO is getting quite the attention these days as more and more people are being diagnosed with it. While going low-to-no FODMAP definitely helps manage symptoms, it is not the SIBO cure.

What are FODMAPs?

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What are FODMAPs agutsygirl.com #fodmap #fodmaps #guthealth #sibo

FODMAP is an acronym for; Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. I have written on most of these before, so if you click on each one, you’ll be taken to more information on them.

The problem with FODMAPs is that they are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, which causes discomfort and many other issues for the Gutsy girl (diarrhea, gas, bloating).

There is some great information via Stanford on FODMAPs and low FODMAP foods HERE.

Without-a-doubt, FODMAPs could be a huge part of your gut issues. Address them immediately if you feel they are prohibiting your further gut healing.


What are FODMAPs agutsygirl.com #sibo #ibs #guthealth #fodmap #fodmapdiet

I was no stranger to Paleo, the GAPS diet and SCD when I was diagnosed with SIBO. I also wasn’t completely a stranger to FODMAPs, but FODMAPs contain so many intricacies that I had to research, study, learn and apply in ways I never had before.

Perhaps you are thinking, “But I thought asparagus, apples, garlic, dates and avocado were good for me?” For normal people with a thriving digestive tract, they are. But for many, they are not. “Any FODMAPs that are not absorbed in the small intestine pass into the large intestine, where bacteria ferment them. The resultant production of gas potentially results in bloating and flatulence.“

And this is, again, why your New Year’s Resolution might have left you more bloated than ever.

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High-FODMAP Food ex: Garlic

Today I can eat a ton of garlic, but when SIBO is active, even a tiny amount will bloat me instantly.

Why is that? Because garlic is high in Oligos. Humans do not have enzymes to break down Oligos- fructans/FOS or GOS, so all will be ‘malabsorbed’ in the small intestine and bacteria will rapidly break them down. (Monash)

There are countless high FODMAP foods, and if you have SIBO or suspect you might have SIBO, avoiding them can help manage your symptoms and/or help you better understand if SIBO is what your gut is battling.

Many have written about SIBO, but few have studied it and experienced it. I have done both. I have also come out on the other side. So if you want my Master List of Tools for Healing SIBO, click HERE to get it.

Bring on the garlic! And the apples, onion, avocado, and so many more things.

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What are FODMAPs agutsygirl.com #fodmap #lowfodmap #sibo #guthealth

What are FODMAPs www.sarahkayhoffman.com sibo diet

FODMAPs Garlic with Sarah Kay Hoffman sarahkayhoffman.com

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  1. This would explain why I had horrible pain last night after having “healthy” garlic, onion lentil soup and had to change my pants after having apple juice this morning. I cannot wait for my rifaximin to come in!

  2. My daughter is 17.She has bad bacteria in the stomach. There are some days that I cry right along with her. This has been going on over a year. I don’t even know where to start . The Gastro dr that diagnosed her was forced to retire. So we have been left up to our own resources ! She won’t be able to see another Dr. until October.

    1. Hi reannen. I’m 19 years old and have been sick for several years. Screaming pains that my nabours could hear me. I had a lot of gut issue that the doctors and hospitals could not see… theyd drug me up and sent me home, i ended up going to dr.martin (look him up) and he found all that was wrong with me starting from sibo,leaky gut,ibs,galblader problems, kidney stones, tyriod problems ECT. He found all that out with one prick of blood. He also found that what was causing all these issues and pains were from parasites. I wish you luck with your girl

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