Last week I did a series on saccharides, but what you really want to know is simply how to digest saccharides, yes?

I’m sharing some ways with you today.

How to Digest Saccharides

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  1. They always say “everything in moderation.” It’s actually quite annoying to me, even though I’m one who says it because moderation doesn’t work for me. It’s the reason I usually don’t even start with certain things. But one thing I have learned these past few years is that when it comes to the foods we are mildly intolerant to, moderation is key. I know for a fact that Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and cauliflower will shred my stomach. FODMAPs, anyone?! I also know that if I stick to just 1/2 cup portion size or less, they will digest just fine. And this “everything in moderation” is quite different than the one which says, “just a taste of dessert.” (<–yeah right) This is the good kind of everything in moderation because it will allow you to eat happy, healthy foods without being fearful of getting bloated or having it all run right through you. (To learn more about this, read Habits, Coffee Cups, Healing.) How to Digest Saccharides Habits, Coffee Cups, Healing via
  2. Enzymes. I take Digest Gold. I am fairly religious to them. Let’s say, for example, I’m craving my baked butternut squash. 1/2 cup will not do. Ever. I am most likely to want 1-1.5 cups of the luscious orange, starchy vegetable. Taking my enzyme (or sometimes even two) beforehand combats a lot of the problems I might have otherwise had.
  3. Quit with your excuses. Remember, processed food, and crap food in general are saccharides, too. Saccharides are not just health foods like Brussels sprouts and beans that have some fancy name for making us ill. When I was first healing, there were barely any “healthy” foods I could handle in any quantity. Why? Because I was still loaded up and inflamed with processed, crap foods. And guess what? They didn’t get out of my system overnight. Actually, it took a couple of years….starts and stops, learning, growing and practicing. If you are ready to heal your gut, you’ll stop making these excuses. Then, perhaps many of the saccharides will be your friend again.

Some people complain How to Digest Saccharides

Wrap Up

I wish you and our saccharide friends a loving relationship.

That said, start healing your gut and then be “normal.” Dig into the “off limits” ones from time-to-time. You know, in moderation 🙂

I think you’ll enjoy the balance.

p.s. Interested in more information on saccharides? I’ve got it all for you:

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