Meet Lareasha, a Gutsy girl with a journey worth fighting for Gutsy story.

Lareasha Connors

A Journey Worth Fighting For Gutsy Story

I married my high school sweetheart in 2004.

We decided we didn’t want to wait, and we would try to get pregnant. It didn’t take long.. and poof! We had our baby boy in 2005. I gained 50 pounds and luckily lost 45 of it afterwards.

I had noticed that a few months later I was having bloody stool so I called my doctor. He told me it was common for women to have that after a c-section. I thought it was strange; none of my friends had it. He was the doctor, so I continued to eat and do my normal routine.

About a year later I started to get some stomach pain, so I called my doctor again. He told me I more than likely had hemorrhoids. I thought to myself, “Hmmm… doesn’t that make it hurt when you sit down?” I never had that kind of pain so I insisted on going in for an appointment. When they checked e there were no hemorrhoids. He then said I must have internal hemorrhoids. That sounded more like my answer. Finally!

More Blood

But then I was….wrong! I continued to have the blood. No drugs I took would make it stop. I decided to go to a naturalist in my hometown. By this time I had my second child, a beautiful baby girl. The naturalist told me that I had severe problems with my digestion, and she had me do my first cleanse ( I never gave her my health history, she didn’t even know my name, but instead only read my iris). I was amazed! I had been going to the same doctor for 3 years and no results, no emotion and no cure.

So I did everything the naturalist told me to do, and the blood started to go away. It was now only a few times a week I would have it. She also told me to watch my food intake and log my stool. I was kind of embarrassed. Really, who does that? I didn’t want to look at my poo! But I did for her, and I saw the change. I was having major reactions to food sugars. I took her advice, and I went off sugar. Then, reintroduced it by slowly eating it here and there.

A year later I starting noticing that my hair started to thin. I called the doctor, and he said it was common for nursing moms to have their hair shed. At this point I wanted to deck him in the face. Are you kidding me? I have had bloody stools for 4 years and my hair was now thinning. I was super emotional, and had enough of this doctor.

Switching Doctors

I switched to the most amazing doctor who took care of me. She was very concerned. She sent me to Mayo Rochester for my hair. The tests showed my hormones were out of whack since having my daughter. I had to take medication to level my hormones. The medication seemed to be working. At the same time, my doctor ordered me a colonoscopy right away. There I was, 29 years old and having a colonoscopy. I felt really old!

I went through the colonoscopy procedure. They found 2 polyps. The doctor sent them in to lab to determine their type. I waited for that phone call. It was the scariest day of my life. I had 2 young children and an amazing husband so I cried everyday. I wanted that phone call to be over with. Some advice to you: Never look on the Internet while you are waiting for results.

Finally the call came. They aged the polyps to be 7-10 years old. One of the polyps tested positive for cancer. I nearly fainted. The doctor said, though, that luckily the cancer had not made it into my lining. This meant I was cancer free.

Came Back

I thought my problems were solved, after all they removed the polyps and the blood went away. That was until bout 3 months after the surgery when it came back. My doctor wanted to have me do an endoscopy and another colonoscopy. So we did.

The colon turned out normal. The endoscopy showed blood in my stomach. They were shocked. They had no explanation of why. So they had me come in again and swallow a camera pill. The pill was about the size of a horse pill, and it takes pictures all the way through. From this, they determined that I am sensitive to something and we needed to figure out what that something was. We knew it was something to do with what I was eating, but what would/could that be?

This led me to today, working with A Gutsy Girl. I feel very passionate about natural healing and what we put in our bodies. After all, you are what you eat right? Because of this, I love the Gutsy program. Since starting this journey, I have really felt a sense of peace. My body has changed inside and out. I never thought I would be strong enough to do a program for 21 days, even if it’s only 21 days. For me its not just 21 days. This is just the start of my journey to be healthy.

I want to love me in my skin. I want to live a long, healthy life. And I want to inspire those people that need to make a change.

Lareasha Connors with Daughter


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  1. I love you so much Lareasha! Do not ever be ashamed of your story! It’s the journey that has made you the loving person you are today! You are so worth it! Keep up the great work! I am proud to call you family! And am so proud that we are in this together…for the long run! Love you!

  2. Lareasha, I believe I gave you a bay roan horse about 5 years ago, maybe 6. I found his papers the other day. I was wondering how to get ahold of you, then recognized your name on fb! I tried to message you there but it will not work for some reason. Then I found this, and it’s just crazy how things work out, I too have cancer, although I am stage 4. I change my diet and see a herbalist. Please contact me.

    Sandy Graham

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