These lists are ultra-important for all my Amazon-Primer ladies out there. You know who you are. Just kidding. It’s all of you; and if you don’t yet know the magic of Amazon Prime, you better get to know it today because I have 14 Low FODMAP snacks you can buy on Amazon.

What is Amazon Prime Anyways?

In case you’ve been living in a food and environment-intolerant bubble, you know that an Amazon Prime membership means:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 100 million items
  • Watch thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Stream millions of songs and thousands of playlists
  • Also get free Kindle e-books, unlimited photo storage, exclusive access to deals, Twitch, and much more

I use it weekly, if not a couple times per week. And yes, the FREE two-day shipping even includes us in the middle of everywhere America.

Make sure to get your Amazon Prime membership HERE.

Now then…..

In case you’re new to the Low FODMAP party, click HERE to learn about FODMAPs. Chances are you are not new to it, though; instead, you have been wishing I’d just put together some snacks for Y’all. 

I’m all about that snack life, too. 

So let’s dig in with these 14 Low FODMAP snacks you can buy on Amazon to get started today.

14 Low FODMAP Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon

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14 Low-FODMAP Snacks you can buy on Amazon #sibo #lowfodmap #fodmapdiet

  1. Alter Eco Organic Dark Blackout 85% Chocolate Bar

    One of the very best chocolate brands in the industry. And in case you’re wondering about this product, I think they said it best, “Deep fruity intensity, not recommended for those afraid of the dark.”

  2. Bare Dried Banana Chips

    Up to 15 chips are Low FODMAP. These can be eaten plain or dunk them in number 4 or 7.

  3. Fody Food Co, Woodpecker Trail Mix

    I love that Fody focuses on the Low FODMAP’ers. I don’t love all of their products, but this one is good.

  4. Georgia Grinders Pecan Nut Butter

    Best thing since sliced bread. Also pairs wonderfully with gluten-free sliced bread. I prefer this by the (multiple) spoonful.

  5. GoMacro Macrobar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

    I’ve always been a GoMacro fan, and am excited that they have something on Amazon for all of you to enjoy.

  6. Jacksons Honest Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips

    Ryan got me hooked on chips and salsa. I’m not mad about it.

  7. Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs

    Nothing like classic peanut butter. Squeeze this over number 8. 

  8. Lundberg Family Farms Organic Thin Stackers Grain Cakes

    Rice is a Low-FODMAP’ers dream.If you get these and need some ideas of what to do with them, check out THESE 16 ideas.14 Low FODMAP Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon #healthyliving #healthysnacks #lowfodmap #whole30

  9. Made in Nature, Toasted Coconut Chips, Italian Espresso

    I’m obsessed with these. Up to 1/2 cup dried coconut is Low FODMAP.

  10. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites

    Hemp rocks for the gut in general, and these totally hit the spot.

  11. NOW Foods Raw Pumpkin Seeds

    Bonus: use these for Seed Cycling.

  12. Quinn Just Sea Salt & Organic Popcorn

    I love and trust Quinn; also, their pretzels are incredible.

  13. SeaSnax Roasted Seaweed Grab and Go Packs

    I have talked about these time-and-time again. They are truly legit, and even my three children (all 5 and under) dig them. 

  14. Taza Organic Chocolate | Mexicano Disc | Super Dark | 85% Dark Chocolate

    Two places for chocolate? Obviously.

Hey, Alexa, can you please order me an Alter Eco Organic Dark Blackout 85% Chocolate Bar? Thanks!

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14 Low FODMAP Snacks You Can Buy on Amazon #lowfodmap #fodmap #ibs #snacks #amazonprime

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  1. Thanks Sarah always searching for good snacks these sound amazing. I also love love love amazon prime. I just ordered coconut sugar coconut mamma and coconut solid for beauty for my nail fungus heard this will help worth a try also a symptom of Addison’s which I’ve been tested for last week waiting on results. Great info again so enjoying your book the paleo approach learning things I should have know when I got chronic pain and fibromyalgia 24 yrs ago. Thanks for all the great info here on your Bloglovin great app too

  2. Thanks for these snack recoendstions! I follow your Instagram and recently started growing a Low Foodmap diet. It’s so daunting with so many opinions and sources to find true facts! Three questions for you….have you researched any protein powders that are safe to add to any low foodmap smoothie bowls? Also, I’ve read mixed reviews on kale and avocados to eat….What’s your take?

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