Time to finally share my Buyer’s Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Supplements.

Why Do You Need a Buyer’s Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Supplements?

The only reason I care about Black Friday and Cyber Monday is for all the extra stocking up on purchases I will make anyways.

Honestly, Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t really about the holiday season for me. I mean, are they for you? Be honest.

Because listen, most of the items on the Gut Holiday Wish List are not likely to have Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Maybe, but usually smaller businesses I just want to support for fun and gift-giving.

Supplements (and other items on this list) are more of a necessity. The savings, then, is extra-awesome because you now you’ll buy these no matter what.

Now is the time to stock up on all of your favorite and necessary items.

It’s also the time to try the things you’ve been eyeing for awhile. 

I reached out to my favorites and got some upgraded deals and discounts to provide you with, too.


Buyer’s Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Supplements

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Buyer's Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Supplements agutsygirl.com #supplements #supplement #guthealth #thyroid

After I list each company and the deal, I’ll put some specific information / products beneath it for your reference.

  1. Just Thrive Probiotics

    They made my top spot because a discount like this never comes along, and I have heard so much feedback about your love for their products. Use code ‘AGG‘ at checkout to save 25% off starting Wednesday, November 23 – Sunday, November 29, 2020.

    1. Probiotic
    2. Prebiotic
    3. K2-7
    4. Ultimate IgG Complete Immune Support
    5. Gut 4-tify
    6. Gluten Away
    7. Immunity Plus
  2. Perfect Supplements

    30% off All Perfect Brand Products and Free US Shipping On Orders Over $30 HERE. No minimums, no limits. But wait, there is more since you are in the GUTSY community. Just use code ‘GUTSY10‘ and you’ll save an additional 10% off. Yes, you read that correctly. Up to 40% off + FREE shipping over just $30. This sale runs from Tuesday,  November 24- Monday, November 30th.

    1. Collagen

      Their collagen became the first to get the Glyphosate Residue Free Certification. Also, these come in single-serving packets for on-the-go.

    2. Desiccated Liver

    3. Perfect Magnesium

      Magnesium is essential to keep the bowels moving. Read more about magnesium and constipation HERE. And then grab it today from Perfect Supplements HERE.

    4. Their return policy is HERE. I love supporting companies who stand behind their products 100% of the time. There is, quite literally, zero risk for you to try them out.
    5. NDF Pooper

    6. Perfect Coconut Oil

    7. Gelatin

    8. Perfect Protein

      Remember, this is low-FODMAP and organic. In case you want more information about this best organic, vegan, and low-FODMAP protein powder, click HERE.

Buyer's Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Supplements agutsygirl.com #guthealth #supplements #supplementsforwomen

More Than Supplements: Other Favorite Gutsy Items for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. The 90-day gut healing journal, Healing Blooms from Within

    You asked! From today through November 30, 2020, enter in code HOLIDAY2020 at checkout HERE to save 15% on either/both the physical or electronic journal.


  2. Any of the A Gutsy Girl e-books (minus the journal from above) HERE

    Save 25% off by using code MASTERAGG. This is good from today through November 30. 

  3. Wellnesse

    I only use this shampoo now! The best. The toothpaste and hand sanitizers are close seconds for me. From today through November 30, get 25% off anything when you shop HERE. Just use code 25OFF at checkout. 

  4. Thrive Market

    If you have a membership [if not, you can get one today HERE] Black Friday has 2,000+ items at an extra 30% off. 

  5. Beautycounter

    Today through November 29, 2020, get 15% off sitewide plus FREE shipping on all orders over $50 US/ $65 CAD.

    1. Non-Toxic Under 5-Minute Natural Makeup Routine
  6. Kettle & Fire HERE

    It’s my favorite packaged bone broth. From November 23 – November 30, 2020, you can get 30% off + FREE shipping by clicking HERE.

  7. Primally Pure HERE

    Super high quality skincare and natural living line. Get $10 off a $75 purchase / $20 off a $100 purchase / $35 off a $150 purchase from November 27 – November 30, 2020. You’ll also get FREE shipping.

  8. Lakanto HERE

    From November 27 – November 30, with any purchase through Lakanto HERE, you’ll save 20 – 40% off storewide.

    1. Stock up on many of your baking ingredients with Lakanto HERE.
    2. I’m a huge fan of monk fruit, and buy it exclusively from Lakanto.
  9. Blog host

    Want to start a blog? If so, click HERE to learn how. 

    1. Get your hosting HERE and save.
  10. Interested in becoming a Holistic Health Coach?

    Enroll today HERE, and save up to 35% for Black Friday. Just make sure to mention me, Sarah Kay Hoffman.

    1. What is a Certified Health Coach
    2. 7 Ways to Make Money as an Online Health Coach

Keep in mind that this post is being published on Monday before Black Friday. Therefore, I will be adding to the list. Be sure to bookmark the page, click HERE to save it for later and/or copy and paste this link into your browser – http://bit.ly/aggbyblfs (you know you have 17 tabs open at all times).

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  1. You should watch Flavcity’s vlog that talks about natural flavors. I wanted to buy some products from Lakanta’s but they contain the natural flavors which aren’t recommended by many nutritionists.

    1. Hi Jill – great thoughts! I have written about natural flavors on here. I worked in the natural foods industry for **years.** I know exactly what they are – what they can be, but also what comprises them in general. I don’t know – exactly – what comprises Lakanto’s natural flavors, but what I do know is that not all can be vilified. I’ve always done fine with Lakanto, but thanks for the extra push to ask about their natural flavors. Thanks!

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