The Reasonable SIBO e-book, version 2.0, is here and ready for immediate download.

I know that some of you don’t want to wait another second, so go ahead, grab your copy HERE now. 

However, if you want to learn more about this 2.0 version, keep reading on. It’s all here.

Reasonable SIBO E-Book: the 2.0 version 

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Reasonable SIBO E-Book 2.0 #sibo #fodmapdiet #lowfodmap #fodmap A Gutsy Girl

What is the Difference Between the 1.0 and 2.0 version?

1.0 was published in early April, 2019. At that time, I was about 3/4 a year in with zero SIBO relapses. I definitely knew what I was doing and what I shared was working.

2.0 is now being published 2+ years in with zero SIBO relapses and a life lived healthy, well, and vibrant!

Therefore, I have so much more to share. 

In addition to that….

  1. The old version was around 50 pages. This version is 134, almost triple the information!
  2. 1.0 had about 100 graphics showing individual foods with their “FODMAP status.” 2.0 has 310 graphics.
  3. 1.0 was almost entirely for the graphics. In this 2.0 version I’ve compiled all the SIBO and FODMAP information I’ve produced over the years so you have it in one, concise space. Reasonable SIBO 2.0 #sibo #fodmap #lowfodmap #fodmapdiet

Why Did I Create this E-Book?

The answer is very simple; I want you to eat more, not less. Too often, people (I was there at one point, too) find out they have SIBO and that they must follow a Low FODMAP diet, but instead of understanding what they can eat, become focused on everything they can no longer eat.

This isn’t your fault, though. 

You hear, “Blueberries are High FODMAP,” so you avoid them. But here is the reality for blueberries:

Create Your Own FODMAP Diet #fodmap #sibo #fodmapdiet Blueberries


I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather eat a heaping 1/4 cup of blueberries than none at all because I love me some blueberries!

FODMAP Visuals

The FODMAP portions are all taken directly from the Monash App, which I recommend people always download, too.

What I did in this e-book, though, was transformed written text into easy-to-read graphics. This e-book is for those of you who are visual, as I am. 

In the Monash App, you see a lighting system which lets you know if a food is low or high FODMAP. But just because you see a red light, doesn’t (necessarily) mean you can never eat that food in any quantity.

That is exactly what I did with my visuals. I share whether or not a food is low or high FODMAP, and along with it how much you can or can’t eat in cups and ounces, grams and mL.

The graphics look like this:

Reasonable SIBO E-Book Table of Contents

Here is what you’ll find in the e-book:

Reasonable SIBO E-Book 2.0 table of contents #sibo #fodmapdiet #lowfodmap #fodmap

Note: I did a condensed gallery of the images (starting on page 110) so you could have them close together for grocery shopping.

How Much Did I Charge?

This e-book is $16.99, and honestly that is a total steal.

I am confident that the value I provide, for free, consistently day-in and day-out alone warrants some charge for these e-books. Additionally, these are highly valuable for those who need the very specific and unique information.

And also, $16.99 is 3 high-quality lattes – you know?!

What happens after you order?

Reasonable SIBO E-Book 2.0 #sibo #fodmapdiet #lowfodmap #fodmap with A Gutsy Girl

I don’t want to wait any longer than 3 minutes for an e-book; you don’t either. Amiright?!

Good news – when you order Reasonable SIBO: 2.0, you’ll get your e-book immediately.

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Order Reasonable SIBO: 2.0 HERE.
  2. A page will pop up where you will be able to grab your invoice immediately with the click of a button. There will also be a link right on that page which says, “Click here to access “Reasonable SIBO.” 

That should be everything you need.

However, if it’s not, then check your email (even “SPAM” if you don’t see it in your Inbox). The email you receive is a copy of your invoice. When you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a box to “Access Your Purchases” and also one to “Download PDF.”

There are multiple ways for gaining immediate access.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Sometimes there is a glitch in the system, as with any e-download. If you do not receive your e-book immediately, just contact us HERE. We will happily send it directly to you!


How Do I Get Started?

Once you have your e-book, peruse it. Then, see my main Getting Started page HERE

Ready to grab your copy? Click HERE to get it now.

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REASONABLE SIBO 2.0 with A Gutsy Girl #sibo #fodmap #guthealth #ibs

Reasonable SIBO e-book ibs gut health #guthealth #SIBO #fodmap Butternut Squash Reasonable SIBO E-Book low fodmap sibo #sibo #lowfodmap #fodmap #guthealth

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