Ahara Dinacharya, created by A Gutsy Girl, is here! Your minimalist bullet journal daily spread for your gut healing journey.

gut healing minimalist bullet journal by A Gutsy Girl aharadinacharya.com

Where Did Healing Blooms from Within Go….and Why?

When I tell you that I loved Healing Blooms from Within, I mean it. I poured my heart and soul into this highly-effective tool for the Gutsy community (and beyond).

In fact, because that bullet journaling system for gut healing works, I didn’t change the foundational aspects of the journal.

YOU got massive results by using the journal.

Here are some things people have said about it:

“Hi Sarah! The journal is amazing. You can tell you put a lot of time and effort into creating it. I’m sure this will help me and the doctors find a clearer diagnosis. 😊”

– Sabrina (Sparr, FL)

“This journal is laid out so nicely; user friendly; and great prompts. I find it very easy to use. If I want to add my own item to keep track of – there is also ample space for that.”

– Julie (Eagan, MN)

“Hello, I am Naturopathic Physician in Washington State. I have a patient who is using your journal and has found it quite helpful. I was inquiring if you sell them wholesale, so we would be able to have them available for purchase in our clinic.”

– Kristen

“I just ordered 3—committing for the year! It’s been such a journey, I have to tell you, and I’m so thankful I found you.”

– Alana

“I have found the journal to be very helpful with increasing my accountability. For example, while I might intend to drink more water each day, having the journal helps me realize when I really need to focus more on that goal. Moreover, before I started using the journal I never even considered tracking my BM’s, but they are pretty indicative of when I don’t drink enough. 😊”

– Donna

That being said, the journal had flaws that HAD TO be fixed.

1. The colors

Much of the journal was created in dark and light gray; BOTH of which were hard to see.

Furthermore, those who chose to print the PDF version on their own, at home, really had a hard time seeing the lines.

For me personally, this was unacceptable.

So, I turned everything to black and white because the stark black lines added to this minimalistic design and function.

This journal was never about me (I’m healed!) – it was always about you. I created the minimal bullet journal setup in black and white and YOU put it into color for YOUR journey.

2. Supplement and Medication Trackers

Though I take a minimalist approach to supplements and medications these days, the ability to track them (for YOU) was one of the most important things.

While there were no supplement and medication trackers in the old journal, there are several in this one. And that alone was a great way for me to help you even more with this journal.

These are priceless trackers; you get to choose the one(s) that are most conducive for your journaling needs and habits.

3. Price

While my journaling system is worth every penny, I could achieve providing you with this system without the design bells and whistles (hard cover, namely).

I removed the extra fluff while still keeping the exact process and therefore the price was instantly reduced IN HALF!

Yes, the price is now half of what it used to be.

You literally cannot find a gut healing journaling process like this at this low price anywhere.

4. Monthly vs. 90-Days

During the time when the 90-day version was available, I also used it for myself and my children from time-to-time.

What I realized was that I/THEY CHANGE on a monthly basis.

The different ways I approach things, my mindset, daily tasks, and personal goals CHANGED.

I think we are all this way. Having a gut-healing journal based on 3-months at a time doesn’t allow for much room to shift and still feel excited and motivated for the journey.

But a month can and does. 

5. The Art of White Space

Pages 14 – 15 are black pages with just the word, “Journal’ at the top.

This is a very important feature for minimalist spreads because having white space gives you permission in the perfect place (your gut-healing journey journal) to just write, draw, or do any different things for self reflection.


Pages 88 – 89 are brand new things also added to this journal.

They are pre-populated (by me personally!) prompts for personal growth on your gut-healing journey.

And the good news is that EACH EDITION of Ahara Dinacharya (there will be 12 in total; in theory, one for each month) will have new and different prompts on these pages. 

The intention behind specifically-crafted prompts are to:

  1. Boost your mood
  2. Give you the tools to critically think about where you’re at on your journey and where you want to go!
  3. Increase productivity with your healing efforts
Food sensitivity tracker gut healing journal agutsygirl.com

7. Whole Healing Focus.

​EACH EDITION of Ahara Dinacharya focuses on a new and different whole healing goal. For example, the Sanskrit edition (NOW available!) focuses on Gratitude Journaling. 

Two pages are dedicated to different monthly goals around whole healing.

And this part is extremely important for your journey.

Okay, what the heck is Ahara Dinacharya?

Ahara Dinacharya

So WHY did I name this minimalist bujo Ahara Dinacharya?

The very best way for me to explain the name is by showing you the exact page from the Sanskrit edition. 

What is Ahara Dinacharya and Sanskrit edition agutsygirl.com gut healing journal minimalist bullet journal

In other words:

  • From Ayurveda
  • In Ayurveda, “Ahara Dinacharya” refers to the daily routine or regimen related to food and eating habits.
  • “Ahara” = “food” or “nutrition”
  • “Dinacharya” = “daily routine” or “daily regimen”
  • And both, when placed in perfect harmony, are the foundations for the A Gutsy Girl gut healing journal system method  

Minimalist Bullet Journal Daily Spread (Ahara Dinacharya for Your Gut Health Journey)

Click HERE to save Minimalist Bullet Journal Daily Spread (Ahara Dinacharya for Your Gut Health Journey) for later.

Minimalist Bullet Journal Daily Spread by A Gutsy Girl aharadinacharya.com

I have been working to make this journaling method come to life for over a decade.

Yes, you read that correctly, a decade.

The very first healing journal I ever kept was in 2006/2007 when I did my first ever 21-day “detox” and wrote down what I was eating. 

In case you’re interested in seeing this process and what that very first journal looked like, I created a timeline HERE.

All-in-One Gut Healing Journal

I’m sure there are some I’m leaving out, but here are all the various journals I’ve kept over the years:

  1. plain spiral notebook
  2. empty bullet journal
  3. fancy-cover journal
  4. food log journal
  5. gratitude journal
  6. period tracking app / journal
  7. inspirational quote journal
  8. strict protocol (then combined with something above usually)

Don’t think I’m saying for one second that any of those journals did not work. They did. All of them, in their own right. But it wasn’t until I learned a system for combining them all that I would truly heal.

This system includes everything you’ll find in your monthly spread now.

And, of course because you’re so busy, Ahara Dinacharya will save you time, money, and energy for the things that actually matter to you. Because I’ve already put the daily layout together for you.

But maybe the most important thing this journaling system will do for you is to help you realize how powerful you truly are!

What EXACTLY is in the various editions of Ahara Dinacharya?

A Gutsy Girl’s Unique SYSTEM

Simply, this is my unique system that I created.

  • This journaling system is the direct result of 10+ years tracking, planning, analyzing, and understanding my own body in order to fully heal it.
  • A journal with brief gut health and healing information + tutorials on exactly HOW TO journal for gut healing, then also combined with….
  • Your normal, everyday daily planner, but with the SOUL purpose as YOUR gut-healing journey journal.
  • Detailed pages to show you HOW TO use the journal, including a MASSIVE JOURNAL KEY for optimal tracking.

What’s Inside?

  • Journaling Key on a perforated page for easily keeping with your daily tracking (premier bullet journal system for your gut healing / health journey)
  • 6×9 journal bounded with black wire binding in a simple layout – the perfect size to carry along wherever you go
  • 90 pages in black and white minimalistic design so you can fully personalize and customize with whatever different colors desired
  • A full page daily spread for 28 days of tracking, weekends included
  • Daily sleep tracker
  • Daily log of inspirational quotes
  • The ability to fully customize the month, date, and year as desired (undated)
  • Creative space for a mini vision board
  • Instruction for how to use the journal and minimalist bullet journal spreads
  • Simple spread of blank pages for your own journaling + space to take notes
  • Weekly log + monthly check-in charts (to do a monthly overview!)
  • Monthly simple habit tracker along with gut health + gut healing habits to track
  • 6 different Supplement + Medication trackers to use as desired for the entire month
  • Food List tracking to understand what does and does not work for you (and potential reasons why + prompts for some standard foods)
  • Master List of Common Digestive Issues + a tracker for understanding if any of them might apply to you
  • Doctor’s Visit Log + Notes on minimalist pages
  • 2 pages of journaling prompts (these are different for each edition of Ahara Dinacharya – ex. the journaling prompts for the ‘Sanskrit’ edition are different than those for ‘Sojourn.’)
  • Daily gratitude log – simple one-liners, which are always a great idea to employ
  • Ability to also incorporate your daily schedule so you don’t have to keep multiple journals at any given time
  • Mood tracker for each day
  • Water tracker for each day

​Tracking, Plotting, Growing

But it’s so much more than a “pretty” journal filled with great things. This I can promise you. 

The best thing is that by staying consistent and using all the pieces in this journal, you will be able to track, plot (via graphs), and watch yourself grow, minimalist style.

And yes, ALL of that is included inside of Ahara Dinacharya in a simple way that anyone can follow with my journaling guidance.

Who is this Monthly Log – Gut Healing Journal For?

It’s for you, darling.


It’s for the Type A women with a whole lot on their plates, who don’t have the bandwidth for one more thing (aka creating their OWN journaling Pages for each day of the week), but who also need the perfect and already-created tool to help them get answers faster.

You are the person I was before I realized the power in perfect pillar balance

But do you want in on a little secret?

It’s really hard to understand this balance and then apply it to your own life without using a journal.

This journal is not only your basic food journal tracking food, bowel movements and emotions, but it is detailed.

In fact, do you want the truth?!





With this journal you WON’T track fat, calories or carbohydrates. You’ll track ingredients vs ingredient(s) and understand what’s working and NOT working for you in a much simpler way.

The journal includes pieces and information for every single part of the 3 pillars I stand staunchly by today and forever. 

Remember, there is a method you’ll use which comes in a concise journaling key; a journaling key that’s conducive for the bullet journal method.

I promise you’ve never seen a gut healing journaling method like this one before. 

Healing blooms from within gut healing journal agutsygirl.com #foodjournal #journaling

The tool to empower you on your gut healing journey

By using this journal and recording via the system I’ve developed, you will instantly feel more empowered in a fun way.

No longer will you have to step into a doctor or nutritionist’s office and tell them something that’s seemingly theoretical as the days of the week you are keeping track of will tell the story FOR YOU.

Instead, you’ll have a notebook filled with minimalist bullet journal pages – all the information they will need and want to see. 

When you have a comprehensive trail of information, you’ll feel more confident to ask for what you need and also to be adamant about the things you don’t truly feel you need. 

If you only knew how exciting it is to know that Ahara Dinacharya is going to change your healing trajectory…..

Well, you’ll see!

Physical Copy vs Instant PDF of This Simple Bullet Journal

For me personally, it’s physical copy, shipped straight to my doorsteps all day long. But that’s a personal preference and you might not care about that.

This journal also comes in an instant PDF download, and if you want to get yours today, you can HERE. This is the exact same journal, only you’ll need to print it off yourself. 

Note: If you choose to go this route, I have put together a bunch of fun things for creating this journal custom to you. Simply navigate to the JOURNAL ESSENTIALS tab via the Master Gutsy Spreadsheet. On the tab you’ll find things like: a cool 3-ring binder, beautiful pens, washi tape, and jumbo paper clips. Most of these, by the way, you can (and should!) also consider for the physical copy. 

To learn more about the journal, see the official journal FAQ page HERE. If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and/or reach out to the team HERE.

To get your own bullet journal, a minimalist bullet journal daily spread in black in and a pre-populated Bullet Journal Key, just order yours today.

Get This Journal for FREE!

When you join my signature program Gut Healing for Beginners: ELEVATED, you will get a copy of Ahara Dinacharya for FREE!

This is because the program is laid out for you, day-by-day, for 30 days. And during these 30 days, you get to use the journal which I will provide to you as part of the course. As a special bonus, you’ll also get access to the full journaling course so you can come along with me to take a deep dive into all the important pages of your journal.

Gut Healing for Beginners: ELEVATED is TIME MANAGEMENT at its finest. I spent 2 years creating it to take you from point A-to-B in a FRACTION of the time.

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