Here’s how to never have to make fresh starts again.

Keep in mind, I’m talking about fresh starts as they pertain to your health and healing journey only.

That’s the disclaimer here.

Starting on Monday

How many times have you found yourself saying something to the tune of,

I’m YOLO this weekend because starting on Monday I’m getting serious about my health and healing in xyz ways.

Today is Monday, so this post is very timely and relevant.

But if you’re reading this and it’s any other day of the week, it will still be timely and relevant because Monday (and/or the New Year) is just around the corner.

Fresh Starts

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In the beginning of any healing journey, fresh starts are usually exciting. There is so much promise and hope for what will happen by beginning this fresh new start.

But after awhile, fresh starts turn to frustration.

I think you know what I’m talking about, but if not, here’s a better way to show it:

Fresh Starts stages of the gut healing process #guthealing #chronicillness #dieting

Flip Your Thinking

But let’s just flip our thinking on fresh starts for a minute.

How about….We don’t make fresh starts with gut health and healing.

Fresh starts are not really fresh. In fact, they aren’t even really starts at all.

A “fresh start” simply begins where something else left off, making them a continuation and part of the journey as a whole.

January 1st is not a fresh start.

January 1st is the day after December 31st, which just happens to be the day when a new calendar year begins.

Monday is not a fresh start.

Monday is the day after Sunday, which just happens to be the day when the work week begins (for most).

Proclaiming to go gluten free or Paleo or anything else is not a fresh start.

Your new “diet” just happens to begin on the day when an old “diet” ended.

And so on.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

If you do, then you are likely tired of the cycle. And you are ready to stop making fresh starts with your gut healing journey.

So let me help you through the steps for stopping it.

5 Steps for Never Needing a Gut Healing Fresh Start Again

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Fresh Starts you don't need gut healing #newyearsgoals #newyearsresolutions #guthealth #ibs

  1. Mindset

    The first and most important thing you must do is get your mindset right. To do this, start HEREto learn how to change your mindset for gut healing.

  2. Not an end all

    Know for sure that this will not go perfectly as planned. There is absolutely, positively, no way to perfectly plan for going from gut h#$% to feeling revived and healthy. I’ll promise you that. So you must know that everything you do from here on out is simply part of the journey. 

  3. Start your journal

    Remember, feel free to get any gut healing journal you want. But mine is conducive for everything you need on your gut healing (and/or chronic illness) journey. I will guide you along with a Journal Key, but I also empower you to add your own, personal Journal Key letters, numbers, and symbols that are 100% unique to you.



  4. Journey is the journal

    And remember – again – part of the journey is keeping detailed records in the journal. My own journey to ultimate healing was done in conjunction with creating the journal. You can see the timeline HERE to help illustrate this point. 

    I never thought I was making a fresh start. I simply kept on going; adding, removing, and tweaking as I went. This happened for both my healing journey and journal journey (simultaneously). (It’s also one of the reasons the journal is broken up into 90-day segments.)

  5. Don’t stop

    Did you get mad and angry at your gut on a Saturday night so you decided to have pizza with cheese and regular crust? Oh well. What you should do then is this:

    1. Record ingredients vs ingredient(s) of that pizza to the best of your abilities. (For example, if it was Domino’s pizza, it will be pretty hard to write out exact ingredients. But you must do your best.)
    2. Then, be sure you use the appropriate sign/symbol from your Journal Key for making notes around the feelings before, during, and after the pizza itself. All of these things are just as important (if not more important) than eating that pizza itself.

Rinse and repeat.

No matter what, remember those 5 steps. 

Fresh Starts starting over food journal journaling quote #startingover #foodjournal #fooddiary #chronicillness

You no longer need to pretend that you healing journey has not or is not good enough, and that you need to make some brand new grand entrance into the wide world of all things gut healing.

In fact, hear me loud and clear on this…..

You have already arrived. Keep going. 

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  1. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with the middle, but a fresh start is not always a myth either. To say that going GF was a fresh start for me is an understatement. There is probably not space in this reply box to list all the positive ways my life and health was changed. Do I have my diet down perfect? No. I’m still working on it. Do I have problems from time to time. Yes. That’s just life, and it’s a frustrating road sometimes. But thank God for fresh, new starts. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

    1. Hi Laura! I appreciate your perspective. I can completely relate to where you are coming from when you say, “To say that going GF was a fresh start for me is an understatement.” I have been gluten free for about 2.5 years now and for me it brought new life as well. My point in “fresh starts” is that it seems like people are trying to make them all the time, instead of embracing all the little steps – the continuation – of the life we’ve already been building. After a failed IVF cycle did I want to think and believe (and actually say) that it was time for a “fresh start?” Absolutely. But by proclaiming that, I think we’re really just trying to shed something off, and I wish back then I would have just embraced it for what it was and the next day didn’t wish for a “fresh start.” Thanks for your thoughts!

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