By this point on the journey, I have vision board ideas galore to share.

The first time I ever made a vision board was in 2017 when I brought my Manifestation Board to life. Since then, I’ve done one each year. And I’ve shared most with you. In case you want to see any of them, check out:

  1. 2018: perhaps did this one offline
  2. 2019: Living with Intention
  3. 2020: How to Make a Digital Vision Board

And this year, I’m going to really simplify with another new vision board “form,” the mini.

Before I share a huge list of vision board ideas, I want to share more about how to make a mini vision board.

How to Make a Mini Vision Board

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How to Make a Mini Vision Board #visionboard #visionboardideas #healthgoals #guthealth

Where to Find A Mini Vision Board Today

Any guesses as to where this idea came from?

Yes, you’re correct.

You already have my 90-day gut healing journal, so you have seen it. If not, flip to page 144, it’s there. 

Once again, the gut-healing journal inspires in new and different ways.

The vision board goal is to quickly and easily see a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and inspirations. 

So I added a mini version to the journal because, think about it, what good is a vision board if you can’t actually quickly or easily see it? If the vision board gets made and then stays in a place where you’re not likely to see it at any given moment, are your goals and dreams constantly able to inspire you?

Likely not.

But with a mini vision board right there in your journal, it will go with you wherever you are. Because remember, you need the journal to document your days (NOT just at meal times).

How To

Most mini vision boards are made right in a journal or notebook. So start there. If you don’t yet have your copy of my journal, then find something that is roughly 5″ x 7″ – 6″ x 9″ (the journal is 6 x 9).

Then, get to work.

The beauty of a mini vision board is, of course, less.

How to Make a Mini Vision Board #visionboard #newyearsgoals #newyearsresolutions #healingjourney

The process is the same as a regular-sized vision board.

  1. Make a list of what you’re believing, wishing, hoping, working, and desiring for.
  2. Then, because this is a mini vision board, condense that list.
  3. Maybe even condense it a third time. If you’re like me, perhaps even a fourth time 🙂
  4. Finally, find the pictures, letters, full words, etc. in magazines, newspapers, books, etc. which express your mini vision board list to its fullest potential. Or just write/draw it yourself. 
  5. Place them on your mini vision board and feel inspired because you now have the opportunity to see it daily.
Note: A mini vision board can have two meanings that can be separate or coexist.
  1. The size of your board is mini. i.e. a 5 x 7 sheet.
  2. Instead of a year vision board, 12 months are broken up into smaller segments. i.e. Healing Blooms from Within is segmented into 90-day blocks.

So, what exactly are these vision board ideas?

Well, I have a list of 32. 

And yes, they were created intentionally for you and the entire Gutsy community.

32 Vision Board Ideas

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32 Vision Board Ideas mini #visionboard #visionboardideas #healthgoals #guthealth
  2. gut healing mantras (HERE are 31 to get you started)
  3. relationship goals
  4. career advancement
  5. new career path
  6. in conjunction with 12 Months of Whole Healing: “create the board with bits and pieces around the 3 months of experiments for that time period (i.e. January – March might include; coffee cups, names of people you want to write letters to, things in your makeup bag and cleaning closet you want to replace, etc.)”
  7. books you want to read
  8. intentions you’re setting
  9. bucket lists
  10. a list of health tests you’ve been putting off, but need to get
  11. thematic, with visuals under the categories – i.e. eat. pray. love
  12. path to debt free
  13. a day in your dream life
  14. fitness goals (or maybe a lack thereof!)
  15. product swaps and safer options (check out THESE lifestyle swaps)
  16. people, things, and tasks you want and/or need to let go of
  17. places you want to travel and explore (find a word or create one on your own for “Wanderlust”)
  18. gut healing trajectory; a vision of the path you will follow to get from here to there
  19. colors, designs and/or activities that make you happy
  20. excuses you’re going to drop like a bad habit (you might like, “Excuses Plus 9 Ways to Stop Making Them“)
  21. spiritual goals and Bible verses
  22. big ideas, so big that they might be part of a 10 or 20-year plan
  23. self-discovery (i.e. course you want to take, therapy sessions you want to invest in)
  24. family goals
  25. DIY goals (i.e. make my own Peppermint Body Scrub)
  26. daily habits you want to form
  27. art or doodling, the act of creativity and meditation for creation and inspiration (you never know what might come up!)
  28. gratitude
  29. just one main word/phrase with little matching words and/or images around it (i.e. HEAL then words and images surrounding it for how you’ll do it)
  30. descriptions and visuals for how you physically want to feel on a daily basis
  31. one-word acronym then matching words and/or images around it for context (i.e. G.U.T.S.Y; Gut healing, Unlimited rest, TLC 24/7 children and husband, Start the podcast, “Yes”rarely)
  32. your personalized diet (the foods that work for you; not a template)
32 Vision Board Ideas #visionboard #newyearsgoals #newyearsresolutions #healingjourney

Vision Board Ideas for You

In case it wasn’t clear, the above 32 ideas are all based off of my three pillars to ultimate gut healing: diagnosis, diet, and lifestyle.

You just get to choose where you personally need to focus.

And that’s why, while many vision boards will have things like, “lose 15 pounds,” “run a marathon,” etc, this one does not.

I’m not judging if you want to put those on your mini vision board. I just want you to see where the most value can be found.

Now, are you ready to create your own? 

I’d love to see what you come up with. Feel free to create your mini vision board (bonus if it’s from my journal!), upload it to Instagram then tag me (@agutsygirl).

Interested in creating your own standard vision board? I’m inviting you to join the ‘Create Your Vision Board in a Day’ e-course. Sign up HERE.

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