Some call it a Vision Board. I call it a Manifestation Board.

How to Make a Manifestation Board Steps

I recently decided the term manifestation was much better because….

Visionthe act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be

Manifestation: an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea

Manifestation Board

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How to Make a Manifestation Board #visionboard #goals #newyear #healthyliving #diy

I chose Manifestation Board because I enjoy the idea that this board embodies something. I wanted my board to be made of things not only that I hope to achieve or instill in my life, but also things that actually make up the every day, even the mundane, to remind me that ‘I get to.’ The board I created absolutely does that.

But whatever we want to call it, I knew I wanted to make one in 2017. In fact, I put it on my 2017 personal goals list. I have desired a board like this for several years now, and this past weekend at the Mayacamas Ranch Retreatfinally got mine done. You know, left with nothing but time, thoughts, and positive energy.

Here are the steps I took to making my board (+how you can make your own).

How to Make a Vision Board / Manifestation Board

  1. Master List

    For a couple months now, I have been keeping a running master list of all the things I want out of 2017. I kept this simple list in a notebook, and each time my energy was directed to something new, I’d add it to the list. I brought this list with me to the ranch. How to Make a Manifestation Board Step 1 Make a List

  2. Art of Meditation

     At the ranch, we did an Art of Meditation session (if you wanted). I, of course, wanted to, so when it was time, I immersed myself into this (mostly) quiet time surrounded only by other people and a ton of art materials like colored pencils (the Prismacolor are my favorite pencils for both an activity like this and for the adult coloring books), poster boards, magazines, scissors, glue, art books, and more. Each year I do this moving forward, I’ll always do it as an Art of Meditation activity. How to Make a Manifestation Board Vision Board

  3. Cut

    I went through like 50 different magazines. It took over 2 hours. I cut out words and images that resonated with my list (+ found others that really spoke to me).

  4. Paste

    I pasted all those pieces to the board with a simple glue stick. How to Make a Manifestation Board Vision Board Art

  5. Gaps

    With a little extra space, I used colored pencils to handwrite in the things I was unable to find via the magazines. Certain things I knew I’d never find, but really wanted to include, such as “affirmations, Gravel Roads, 10 commandments,” and full sentences like, “Everything is beautiful in its time.” How to Make a Manifestation Board Art of Meditation

  6. Enjoy

    When it was completed, I sat back and enjoyed every single piece to my new Manifestation Board. I reflected on the fact that it started as a blank poster board, and within 3 hours became something I will look at every day this year to remind me of all the things I want to embody. How to Make a Manifestation Board Final Board Vision Board

It doesn’t take much to create a Manifestation Board, except time, a few basic materials, and a little inspiration, but what you’ll get out of it could mean a lot for your day, month, 2017, and future!

Any questions? Have you ever considered making a Manifestation Board? Do it. Then blog about it or post it to Instagram, and comment below with the link. I’d love to see yours!


How to Make a Manifestation Board

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  1. Hi Sarah!

    I stumbled across your website looking for info concerning SIBO and found so much more! My best friend in high school used to make collages with me ALL the time. Recently, she was my first health coaching client and as a thank you gift, she created a manifestation board of all the things she learned and hope to accomplish after our 6 month coaching program. It was a beautiful gesture and re-invigorated my senses to create one of my own. I’m looking forward to sitting down with all the magazines and craft supplied I can find around my home this weekend. 😀

  2. I love manifestation boards or vision boards. My manifestation board consists of images that represent what I desire to manifest in the different areas of my life. I pasted the images on my desktop. Thank you for sharing your manifestation board and how you built it to reflect your personal goals list. I like your definition of manifestation. “Manifestation is the embodiment of something”

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