Routines are super important to me so here are 9 lifestyle things I do before 9am …..almost daily.

I get asked to share daily routines, eats, and other lifestyle things all the time. They are fun for me to share because I’m mostly a creature of habit.

Habits, routine, and consistency are things that I believe have helped me immensely on my healing journey.

The way I figured out what worked best for a routine was by journaling. But once I got it down, rarely will I deviate from the routine.

These 9 lifestyle things I do before 9am work perfectly for me, at this point on my journey, and during this season of our family life.

I have zero intentions of changing it up anytime soon.

9 Lifestyle Things I Do Before 9am

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1. Naturally Wake up

This is something fairly new for me.

When my energy levels improved upon healing, naturally waking up between 4-5am was common. For the most part, I still naturally wake up.

The difference now is that if and when I wake up between 4-5am, I do not hop out of bed as fast as I can. Typically, I’ll lay there for a little bit. And then I usually fall back asleep until sometime between 6-7am. Then I get up.

What I started realizing was that there was no need to jump out of bed so quickly between 4-5am. When I do, later afternoons and evenings are typically more challenging to stay vibrant through.

If I just let my body “be” until 6-7am (usually closer to 6 than 7am), the day starts and ends so much sweeter. (By the way, I still go to bed between 9-10pm. Therefore, at a minimum I’m getting 8 hours of sleep. At a maximum, more like 10 hours of sleep.)


2. Eat or don’t eat

I have zero hard rules on breakfast. My breakfast “rule” goes like this:

  • How long have I fasted?
  • Am I actually hungry?
  • What are my energy levels like?

Therefore, every single day is different. I’d say that if I had to guess, though, 60% of the days I do eat breakfast before 9am.

This is because I am almost always done eating for the day from previous day between 5-7pm (which means that I practice Intermittent Fasting for approximately 12-15 hours). 

3. Medication and supplements

Yes, both are part of my routine before 9am. Immediately upon waking up, I take my thyroid medication. I always wait an hour to eat anything after taking it, so it has to happen right away.

Besides that, here are the other supplements and a medication I take every single day BEFORE 9AM (at least currently):

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A Gutsy Girl supplements schedule (Pinterest Pin)

4. Coffee and water

Coffee and water are my only two beverage staples before 9am. And I have them both every single day.

If you want the truth, I could probably drink less coffee and more water. But coffee remains the one constant love, so I’m not about to completely give it up.

5. Squeezes for the babies and fur-babies

There are a lot of children and pets that need tending to in the mornings.

There is a 4, 5, and 7-year old and also a 1-year-old Peekepoo and two 3-year-old Great Danes. It’s a lot, but I give ALL of them big hugs and squeezes before 9am every single day.

My husband and I take turns with who brings which child to their daily destination, so that’s the only thing that changes.

6. No planned workout

While I do still believe that working out before 9am is much more likely to set you up for success with completing said workout on any given day, I no longer do it. And here’s why.

When I was in the depths of my healing, I hardly worked out at all.

Now that I can do any workout I want, whenever I want, I still choose to tread lightly and honor movement.

This is because I believe whole-heartedly that the female body needs more intuitive listening and less stress, pressure, and over-doing it. When my energy comes and I feel the need to walk, run, lift, and/or do a high intensity interval training session then I do it.

Sometimes this is before 9am, but sometimes it’s late morning or even afternoon. 

7. Journal

That’s right. Journaling is a daily morning staple.

While I might journal on and off throughout the day (and even before bed), journaling right away is important and necessary.

And by the way, my 28- gut healing journaling SYSTEM could be the most helpful for you right now on your journey.

I mean, have you ever thought, “Why do I always bloat first thing in the morning?!”

8. Work

While I realize that some of the most productive and successful people in the world say to not work first thing in the morning and instead workout, read, meditate, eat, sip something warm, etc., it usually just doesn’t work for me.

For me, work is a huge source of inspiration. My work lights the fire, fuels any and all creativity, and makes me happy and ready to take on the day.

Actually, I can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning to work. So yes, I am always working before 9am daily.

9. Keep the same routine for consistent bowel movements

Full disclosure and never TMI, but the previous 8 things are done consistently because the body is smart. It knows routine, and in my personal routine, I always go to the bathroom before 9am.

If I’m traveling and my routine is off, so is the bowel movement.

Seriously, routine and consistency is very important. You just have to figure out the right one for you. Ensure that bowel movement happens, and your day will at least have one major plus.

9 Lifestyle Things I Do Before 9am #guthealth #morningroutine #healthylifestyle list

Any questions? What are your non-negotiable actions for the early morning hours? Do you have a consistent routine?

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