Ready to grab my 15 ways to deal with constipation?

Constipation is zero fun. Some think that going to the bathroom just a couple times a week is normal and okay.

While it might be “normal” to only go 2-3 times per week, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s okay and/or that you’ll be feeling your very best.

This is constipation.

Take into consideration frequency, how you’re generally feeling, and these 5 symptoms. 

5 Constipation Symptoms

  1. bloating and/or gas
  2. inability to have bowel movements
  3. hard, lumpy stools at least 25% of the time (Bristol Stool Chart number 1-2)
  4. difficulty or straining at stools
  5. sense of wanting to go, but being unable to

And if you’re certain constipation is an issue for you, deal with it as soon as possible. Not only is it zero fun, but it’s also horrible for your body and can set you up with many problems down the line. 

I’m here to help.

15 Ways to Deal with Constipation

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15 Ways to Deal with Constipation

1. Magnesium

Magnesium for constipation really works.

….BUT you have to know which type of magnesium to take.

Many go right for the Citrate, but I do put caution on that one. Read all about it HERE.

I never go a night without taking Move Now

Move Now magnesium

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2. CBD

If you want to learn more about this one, my friend (and Nutritionist) Ashley Koff shares about CBD HERE.

I wrote more in depth on the endocannabinoid system in general HERE.

3. Activated Charcoal

This one is commonly used for constipation.

I’ve written about Activated Charcoal HERE.

Also, I use it as part of my skin and body care routine

4. Prokinetics

These have been life changing for me!

I have an entire list of prokinetics for you to peruse.

Get INSTANT access to my Master Gut Healing Resources today! Heal your gut. Heal your life.

Master Gut Healing Resources

5. Light Exercise

Notice I didn’t just say, “exercise” and leave it generalized?

That’s because I don’t believe intense workouts help constipation (or diarrhea for that matter). I do, however, think that light exercise can help.

And by light I mean, walking, stretching, general movement. 

6. Water

You don’t want to hear it, but water works.

Part of your gut healing journey journal keeps track of water.

Keeping hydrated is key for reducing and eliminating constipation.

7. Fasting

I learned about the art of both Intermittent Fasting + meal spacing on my journey to optimal health (sans-constipation).

I have discussed both at length and if you are interested in hearing me talk about them, I shared it all on Episode 53 of the A Gutsy Girl podcast: Fasting to SIBO {thoughts on Intermittent Fasting for SIBO} {Episode 53, AGG Bites #8}.

8. Ensure you are eating enough gelatinous meats and fats, aka high-protein fats (high-protein dairy can aggravate constipation).

More gelatinous meats (i.e. liver), less muscle meats (i.e. boneless, skinless chicken breast).

What is IBS C and D solutions #ibs #ibd #sibo #constipation #diarrhea #guthealth

9. Juicing

When people are constipated, sometimes smoothies can make it worse since smoothies contain fiber (usually); juices remove the fiber.

“Experts” might recommend more fiber during periods of major constipation, but I’m not convinced that’s the right thing to do.

I would know because I always tried it; it usually made me worse. If you’ve never tried a juice vs. smoothie, now might be the time.

10. Intestinal Movement Formula

(Ready Set Go! for children).

No, this is not meant to be an everyday thing. It’s meant to be something for when you really need it. But it works.

11. No meat

This is an opposite approach to some of the above, but if you’ve tried all the things with meat on a keto, Paleo, etc. diet but are still constipated, then maybe meat and your body do not work well together.

Note: MANY times the reason for this, though, is because you don’t have adequate stomach acid. Find out if you have adequate stomach acid HERE.

Once I healed my gut, then I consumed far less meat than ever. But you might be the opposite. 

12. Twists

Like this….

Constipation Hack Series

By the way, I have an entire Constipation Hack Series that I did on YouTube.

HERE is the playlist that you can binge-watch now.

13. Digestive Enzymes

Learn everything you can about digestive enzymes HERE.

14. Breathing exercises

You know what happens when you’re bloated and constipated, right? Other than the physical annoyances, you also get anxious and become easily frustrated.

I’ve been there 7 million times before.

But engaging in breathing exercises can really help.

Here’s the deal – when you’re stressed and not breathing, your body is not going to prioritize digestion. Instead, you go into fight or flight mode and that’s all your body wants to defend.

Take a chill pill, do breathing exercises, and see what might happen.

15. Diagnosis: test DON’T guess

And last, but certainly not least, TEST!

Here’s the thing about constipation – oftentimes there is more going on internally that’s causing the constipation.

And if that’s the case for you, then you can’t heal fully if you don’t have an exact diagnosis.

I know because this was me!

Until I got that SIBO diagnosis, I’d never fully heal.

Diagnosis is the FIRST pillar in A Gutsy Girl’s 3 pillars to ultimate gut healing (diagnosis, diet, lifestyle).

Make sure you don’t overlook it.

15 ways to deal with constipation

Constipation Note

So you just looked at the entire list and thought, “Well numbers 2, 4, and 7 have never worked for me.”

Great! I am so glad you have tried them and already know that about yourself. Perhaps you know because you are keeping such a great healing journal.

The point is this – everything won’t work for everyone; even some things won’t work for everyone.

You will all be different. 

The goal is to look at this list and say, “I have tried that – doesn’t work – but I have not yet tried that, and it’s worth trying.”

If you’re constipated constantly and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you’ll keep an open mind. 

Let me know what works and doesn’t work for you. Also, I’d love to research some other, new ideas. Any thoughts on coffee enemas? Other?

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