Perioral Dermatitis. It all is starting to make sense, but yet I’m having a really hard time grasping it all. Read on, and you’ll see why.

Yesterday I told you about my nose rash, the same nose rash that has plagued me off-and-on since I was just 13 years old.

Today I promised to tell you what this nose rash is and some likely culprits I’ve already identified and thus banned from my life.

What is Perioral Dermatitis?

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What is Perioral Dermatitis #perioraldermatitis #skincare #SIBO #gutskin #guthealth

Each time I was diagnosed by doctors, my nose rash was something different but never was it the very thing that it in fact is….Perioral Dermatitis (PD).

Perioral Dermatitis

(also called periorifical dermatitis), is skin disease characterised by multiple small (1 – 2 mm) papulespustules and vesicles which are localised to the perioral skin (around the mouth), nasolabial folds (around the nostrils), or perioccular area (around the eyes). It most commonly affects women between the ages of 20 and 45 years, but may also affect children, men and the elderly. It is not uncommon, and has a tendency to recur in individuals who have had it once.

I am 1,001% confident that this is what it is (You can see several pictures of it here.) The kicker in all of this? If you dig deep, you’ll find that the root cause of this is, you guessed it, THE GUT

I suspected this, and after Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum saw my nose, he nodded and agreed that I was likely correct. (<–oh my gosh, I have so much information to share with y’all)! But PLEASE know that problems in the gut and an overgrowth are not only caused by food – there are so many external factors that can contribute, and Dr. Jacob agreed with me that the way I eat was likely not the culprit. (And hence, my further devotion to holistic healing.)

My first goal was to seek out information around things that make it worse and/or things that trigger its return.

Perioral Dermatitis Triggers

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Perioral Dermatitis What is it causes triggers gut health healing #skin #acne #dermatitis #guthealth #hormones

There are many theories and ideas around what causes Perioral Dermatitis and/or triggers it to come back.

I believe many of these are personal culprits.

Healing this naturally means I have to start somewhere, so I’ll be talking about this more tomorrow.

Banned from My Life

I’ll share two things quickly with you today that I’ve already banned from my life.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

I immediately started investigating this ingredient upon learning about Perioral Dermatitis.

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Perioral Dermatitis Sodium Lauryl Sulfate #perioraldermatitis #skincare #SIBO #gutskin #guthealth

Fluoride via Toothpaste 

You can read all about it here, and you will also make note of the association between fluoride and PD.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you what I’ve already done, what I will be doing and methods and products I’m currently trying (or will be trying).

I am having a hard time grasping all of this. I’ve been the queen detective of food ingredients for 5+ years, and now I’m having to deal with a whole new behemoth of an ingredient situation that I was not prepared to dive into.

I have been reflecting on what awful timing this is.

And then I remembered that the good Lord doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle. The good Lord perhaps knows my passion, knows my commitment and knows that by putting this here for me to face now might mean that ONE OF YOU will not have to go years living with it.

See you tomorrow.

Updated in 2017: It took me three years to find a skin and body care company that worked with PD, but I did it. Check out the Never List, read my story, and then shop! For Perioral Dermatitis in particular, you might want to check out the Countercontrol line. You will never regret it.

Also, you might enjoy my Perioral Dermatitis Journey HERE. If you’re wanting to learn more about skincare, join my FREE 12-Days of Safer Skincare Exploration Journey HERE.

Beautycounter Never List


Perioral Dermatitis possible dermatitis triggers and:or causes #perioraldermatitis #skincare #SIBO #gutskin #guthealth

Possible Perioral Dermatitis Causes and Triggers via #guthealth #skincare #dermatitis
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS via #skincare #naturalskincare #sibo #guthealth

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  1. #4 said coconut… you use it ALL the time. Could your body be saying it’s had enough???

    1. Jane – No. Not the same thing. Not at all what he was talking about in the article. It comes from that, but is ANYTHING BUT THAT.

  2. It is really amazing how our gut controls the rest of our bodies. I have had a skin condition on my foot since my early 20’s. It is something that never goes away. There is no creams for it and its most common in woman and young children. I started to notice digestive issues at the age of 25.. I had my large intestine removed last year at the age of 32. For the first time since my early 20’s my foot has completely cleared up now that I am not backed up with a dead, 10ft long tortuous colon.

    Also before my surgery I suffered all those years not only with digestive issues but also SIBO, UTIs, candida infections, strep throats. Even after surgery I take a Renew Life Probiotic, watch my gluten, white flour and sugars because I learned how the gut effects the rest of the body the hard way.

  3. I suffered with this condition from the age of 13 to 37 with barely a break from it. Saw every dermatologist in the country, not one diagnoised it correctly. Prescribing me topical steroid creams for most of that time. 🙁 I now realise after reading this that I certainly had perioral dermatitis. Even to have had a correct diagnosis would have eased my burden. It erroded my confidence through my teens, twenties and most of my thirties. Light at the end of the tunnel. Since having my two beautiful babies when I was 37 and 39. I have not had it since being pregnant with my first. Not recommending you go out and get pregnant but I though I would have it for my entire life and now to be free of it makes me happy. 🙂

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