So you’ve been looking for a gut bloat detox, but you aren’t sure where to start?

This is your sign today that it’s right here.

And I would know because I spent over a decade with digestive issues and a bloated belly that was always mistaken for pregnancy. Spoiler alert if this is your first time  here – I’ve never been pregnant.

Anyways, this was me then:

me before bloated, gassy, sick, gut

And this is me today:

me today no bloat, healthy, thriving gut healing

I am 40 now, and while a sluggish digestive system plagued my early years, it no longer does.

So I LIVE to teach you HOW to get rid of the excess gas, digestive discomfort, and bloated stomach.

Gut Bloat Detox (A Gutsy Girl’s System to Banish Bloat!)

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Gut Bloat Detox

Good News, Your Diet is the EASY Part

What you’re thinking right now is,

Just give me the diet protocol. Tell me what to eat because I know that’s going to solve all my belly bloat problems.

Do you want in on a secret?

This is the EASY part. 

My three pillars to ultimate gut healing include:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Diet
  3. Lifestyle

And while everyone believes diet to be the main pillar that will solve their abdominal bloating problems, I’m here to tell you that this is FALSE.

Yes, diet is very important and, in fact, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it from my resources, but it truly is the easy part.

What’s NOT easy is the diagnosis and lifestyle pieces, and once you truly understand this plus put forth effort there, your gut health can and will drastically change.

Gut Healing: ELEVATED

Because of my staunch position on diagnosis, diet, and lifestyle, I created a SYSTEM that acts as your ultimate gut bloat detox for banishing the bloat and achieving optimal bowel movements.

It’s called: Gut Healing: ELEVATED and it’s for women who are type A, over-achieving, exhausted AND super bloated who seek relief and a less stressful journey for achieving it all.

Let’s break this down.

Week 1: Quick Start – Quick Wins

A true detox means that you’re getting QUICK WINS, right?

While we all desire forever and great overall health, what we really need is a quick win.

In order to do this, my system gives you the guidelines for cutting regular bloating within the first 3 days.


  1. A 3-day gut reset to diminish all that bloating in the first place. It seems like you have had some form of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for years now and you’re tired of it. So during these three days you’ll be able to give your digestive tract a much needed break in order to jumpstart the whole process.
  2. Because diet is the easy part, I’ll give you tried and true, ‘Yes To’ and ‘No To’ lists along with an entire ingredient chart in case there is a specific diet your practitioner has told you to follow.
  3. We’ll avoid too much fiber, but the system I have created ensures that, over time, we increase the fiber intake. Despite what influencers galore try to tell you about the “harms of fiber,” research indicates otherwise. And yet, I also know that in order to arrive at your quick wins, fiber-rich foods are minimized. A delicate balance.
  4. Journaling for gut healing. This is a critical first step, but I don’t want you to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how to journal in order to unlock your OWN secrets. I’ve already done this for you, so, in addition to giving you my gut healing journaling system, I’m going to walk you through how to use it, too.

Week 2: Meat ‘n Potatoes, Lifestyle

This is not actually eating meat and potatoes; not even sweet potatoes :). In fact, this week isn’t about diet at all.

Now that you have your quick wins, I want to teach you how to continue increasing your gut health and reducing bloat though simple changes that matter and move the needle.


  1. Giving you the coveted tips for getting started; explaining the body’s ability to heal with the proper lifestyle pieces in place.
  2. Ensuring your mindset is conducive for actual healing.
  3. Helping you create the vision board for the life you desire WHEN your gut is healed and you’re no longer constantly worrying about the bloat, lack of energy, and overall misery.
  4. Understanding more about how supplements can help on your journey; from the probiotic supplement to digestive enzymes and the most effective supplements for gas, bloating and IBS.
  5. Taking you through my system and thought process around workouts and how by focusing on intense physical activity is actually hurting your progress.
  6. Guiding you through the nervous system; calming it and giving ideas for achieving relaxation.

Week 3: Diagnosis

You could be doing “all the right things” from both a dietary and lifestyle standpoint, but still remain miserable.

And why would this be?

Because maybe you have been playing Dr. Google for far too long and have yet to uncover your TRUE diagnosis. 

I spent over a decade addressing conditions which were not moving my needle at all.

And then I was accurately and finally diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Having this information CHANGED MY LIFE.

So I am adamant that we need to get you to this same place.


  1. Well, first we will review gut health vs gut healing, reasons for why your stomach might be hurting, and different symptoms and conditions that the majority of the thousands of women I have had the pleasure of working and speaking with over the years have experienced.
  2. I’ll also take you through testing; various testing and how to go about getting the appropriate tests.
  3. Finally, I’ll give you the pieces to building your OWN gut healing team so that you are fully supported for arriving at the right diagnosis. When they say “it takes a village,” this is exactly what is meant.

Week 4: Diet

And then, of course there is a diet element.

During the first three days and first week, we do focus on diet because it does matter.

But then I put that heavy focus aside until the end.

Remember: diet is the easy part; diagnosis and lifestyle are not easy and furthermore, no one else seems to focus there which is WHY I believe you have stayed bloated and miserable.

So how are we addressing diet during this week?

  1. Digestion basics. In order to truly understand how this will all work for you, you need to understand the basics of the human digestion.
  2. Allergy vs Intolerance. Rarely is an allergy the case for women in the Gutsy community. This is because IF you have true food allergies, then you already know that. More common are things like: lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, and a general food intolerance to various foods. But the distinction is important.
  3. Which diet to choose? Because there are so many diets out there that you could follow, you need to understand the basics of them in order to know if they are right for you. And, in fact, I’m diet agnostic and believe that through your journaling process and diagnosis you can arrive at a diet that’s not found on any given template out there. I share the best ways for arriving at your own diet!
  4. Reading food labels. When I was sick, bloated, and miserable, the weight gain kept on creeping up. So I thought, “Less food = less bloat = healing.” THIS IS WRONG. Instead, you need to understand the active ingredients on any food label and how it’s contributing to your bloat or healing efforts. Reading food labels with a critical eye is an excellent way to eat more while also producing healthy bacteria and a strong immune system. You’ll see!
  5. Finally, after any sort of elimination diet, you need to figure out how to reintroduce foods. You cannot go without essential nutrients because they will help with good bacteria. But there IS a method to this madness. And I’m teaching it to you!

And More!

Now listen, you WANT + NEED the very best for this gut bloat detox, yes?

I’m not going to give you detox drinks, bone broth-only options, or tell you that eating less gives you more.

If that’s what you’re looking for then Gut Healing: ELEVATED is definitely NOT for you.

I am very clear and confident that in my approach and with my system, and I’m not interested in helping anyone just settling for the band-aid approach. If it hasn’t worked yet, it won’t work now. 

Instead, embrace my precise, long-term strategy I have meticulously laid out for you.

So with Gut healing: elevated, I am also offering to you the following:

  1. Extra hand-holding, 1-on-1 support, if that’s what you desire
  2. My full book, A Gutsy Girl’s Bible: a 21-day approach to healing the gut along with all the extra PDF’s, worksheets and added information to go along with it
  3. My top recommended tools to understanding your gut
  4. The full video from microbiologist Kiran Krishnan, What is the Gut Microbiome?
  5. The Ugly Side of Gut Healing
  6. 101 guides for: Candida, Heartburn, Celiac, Leaky Gut, IBD, and SIBO
  7. All the recipes from my book, The Leaky Gut Meal Plan
  8. …..and more

Not just “another course”

This is not just another course to take without seeing results due to your actions.

I’m not here to lecture your ears off (you have plenty of people in your life to do that for you). Instead, short instruction and MASSIVE action I help you take.

Time is precious.

The longer we stay sick, the longer it takes to heal. No one has “time” to heal. But who has time to be sick?

Gut Healing for Beginners

If you’re bloated, gassy, tired, miserable and sick of it all, I’m INVITING YOU to join me here.

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