The A Gutsy Girl podcast brought Erin Holt on today to discuss food sensitivities (and more).

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Food Sensitivities {Episode 38 with Erin Holt}

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Food Sensitivities {Episode 38 with Erin Holt} #podcast #wellnesspodcast

Resources Mentioned

  1. igE vs igG
  2. Food Intolerance or a Leaky Gut
  3. Milk Sugar {All About Lactose}
  4. Erin’s website HERE
  5. The Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast
  6. Erin on Instagram HERE
  7. Immune Boosting Gut Health Support
  8. Ultimate IgG Immune and Digestive Support
  9. Butyrate Foods

Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  1. Who is Erin Holt?
  2. What is Erin’s “tack” analogy?
  3. “There are a lot of different functional providers and they do not all operate in the same way.”
  4. What is functional medicine? And what are some practitioner red-flags?
  5. Food intolerance, allergy, and sensitivities are common terms these days in the gut healing world. Erin breaks each one down.
  6. The different ways we can react to dairy.
  7. “Lactose is not an immune reaction; it’s more of a gut reaction.” – Erin
  8. Does Erin use food sensitivity testing in her practice? Why or why not?
  9. What is Erin’s advice for mindset around food?
  10. Why are food sensitivities so common these days? And along with that, what are some of the most common food sensitivities Erin sees in her practice?
  11. “Food processing and modern farming practices are changing the structure of our food protein.” – Erin
  12. “Free-99; pay attention to the stress in your life.” – Erin
  13. If someone is sensitive to multiple foods, how should they navigate the daily diet?
  14. “Watch your thoughts as you approach food.” – Erin
  15. What are #Butyratebuffs ?!
  16. When it comes to healing the gut, what is something about food Erin thinks most people get wrong?
  17. “The body has the ability to heal itself.” – Erin
Food Sensitivities {Episode 38 with Erin Holt} #podcast #healthpodcast

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Wrap Up

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Bio: Erin Holt

Erin Holt is a board-certified integrative and functional nutritionist with a feisty attitude and over a decade of clinical experience.

She blends evidence-based practices, functional lab testing, energy medicine, boundary setting & humor for a unique and customized approach to women’s health.

She dives deep with women to get to the root cause of their health issues and finally get answers to their mystery symptoms.

In addition to running multiple online nutrition & functional medicine programs, Erin is the founder of the Funk’tional Nutrition Academy, a 14 month practitioner training and mentorship helping nutrition pros level up with functional medicine methodologies.

You can find Erin rabble-rousing on her weekly show, The Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast.

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