Talking all things gut health and gut healing – Q&A 5 with A Gutsy Girl podcast episode 29.

The episode today features so many of your awesome questions. What I love about these shows is that they will never be irrelevant.

You could listen to this show today or in 5 years from now and both the thoughts and topics will still ring true.


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Q&A 5 with A Gutsy Girl {Episode 29: Colitis, GAPS Diet, Healing Mindset, and more}

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Q&A 5 with A Gutsy Girl Episode 29 Colitis, GAPS Diet, Healing Mindset, and more #guthealth #sibo

Resources Mentioned

  1. Gut Health vs Gut Healing
  2. How to Simply Ferment Your Own Veggies
  3. Reasonable SIBO
  4. Side Effects of Antibiotics and Rebuilding the Gut
  5. Minimalist Approach to Gut Healing Supplements
  6. How to Reintroduce Foods After an Elimination Diet
  7. Reintroducing foods podcast episode 16
  8. Branch Basics (code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15%)
  9. Thrive Market
  10. Get access to the Master Gutsy Spreadsheet HERE
  11. Episode 5: Toxic Beauty
  12. Wellnesse
  13. Beautycounter
  14. Primally Pure (Use code “AGUSTYGIRL10′ at checkout to save 10% off your entire FIRST purchase)
  15. 21 Things to Do During a Colitis Flare Up
  16. Gut and Psychology Syndrome
  17. Gut and Physiology Syndrome
  18. Food Journal Templates Don’t Work
  19. What is C Diff

Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  1. “Gut health and healing are not the same things. The advice you’ll be given, information you’ll read, and resources you’ll trust all can have their place on your journey. But they will not all be (necessarily) right for you each step of the way (or maybe even at all).”
  2. How to “cure” a colitis flare up FAST! With no drugs.
  3. How do you keep a positive mindset during the healing process? (Listener question.)
  4. Should we check an imbalance before starting GAPS? What do you think of GAPS? (Listener question.)
  5. Difference between C-Diff and SIBO treatment. (Listener question.)
  6. How to recover your gut after overeating? (Listener question.)
Q&A 5 with A Gutsy Girl podcast episode 29 #colitis #SIBO #guthealth

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Wrap Up

Time to wrap this up. As always, a huge goal for this show is to connect with even more people. Feel free to send an email to our team at We want to hear questions, comments, show ideas, etc.

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