I’m going back to school because I need to understand more about Ayurveda for balance.

You see, we have been so programmed to think that the way to get rid of bloat, weight, and have all our gut problems disappear is simply the diagnosis and diet.

I’m not saying those aren’t HUGE components.

I stand by my 3 pillars to ultimate gut healing: diagnosis, diet, and lifestyle. I stood by them when I created them years ago, and I still stand by the pillars today. In fact, I always will.

But, do you want to know a secret?

The secret is that the quick win IS the diet.

It’s why my Quick Gut Detox Program is popular and effective; you will see results by honing in on the things you’re eating.

Literally, if that is what is holding you back from healing, then it’s simple.

Food choices might not be easy, but the equation is simple.

Note: No, I don’t believe in the “calories equation;” fewer calories = reduced weight. Because that outdated thinking and equation just simply doesn’t work. Reduce overall body inflammation, heal your gut, and you’ll arrive at your ‘set point.’

But let’s be honest — if this was ONLY about diet, then the Gut Health Stats wouldn’t look like this:

Gut Health stats 2024 agutsygirl.com

And it wouldn’t take people so long to heal, and finally feel like their best selves and stay that way for the long haul.

What I am saying, what I LIVE, and what I’ve been so desperately trying to communicate is that my third pillar – LIFESTYLE is the most important; the one that you will work on while healing and long after you’ve healed to ensure you never get sick again.

And because I’m so desperately trying to communicate this more effectively, I’ve decided to go back to school of sorts and dive deep!

Ayurveda for Balance: Chopra Health Enrichment Program

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All about Ayurveda for Balance the Chopra Health Enrichment Program agutsygirl.com

I wanted to find something that would focus 90% on lifestyle elements, and I found it!

I’m starting the Chopra Ayurvedic Health Certification on Monday, October 22, 2024. And honestly? I think YOU should join along with me!

Chopra? That’s right – a curriculum from Dr. Deepak Chopra and Chopra educators to help develop or deepen our Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

This course is designed to learn Chopra’s Six Pillars of Health to live in balance and develop personalized routines based on your specific physical, mental, and spiritual makeup.

Deepak Chopra’s Six Pillars of Health

So what exactly are the six pillars? You can save them HERE for later.

Deepak Chopra's Six Pillars of Health agutsygirl.com


Of the six pillars, this is the only one that’s not part of the A Gutsy Girl’s 3 pillars to ultimate gut healing “lifestyle” category (and this is a good thing! more on that below).

Learn how to use food, herbs, and spices to prepare balanced meals with all the nutrients and increase nourishment through mindful eating practices.

Understand the principles for digestion, detoxification, and health, including agni, our ability to digest our food, emotions, and everything we experience.


And then, the subsequent pillars are all part of the lifestyle equation that I am looking to practice, learn about, and master.

In this pillar, we will deepen our wellness journey with yoga and breathing techniques that enhance calm and focus by balancing the nervous system.

Practice mindful movements to balance each of the doshas.

Think: all things Vagus Nerve!


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – sleep is crucial for reducing bloat and weight.

But how to get more and higher-quality sleep is always the outstanding question.

In this pillar, we are going to understand how to align the body’s rhythms with the patterns of nature to get deeper, more restful sleep, and create a consistent sleep and bedtime routine.

Explore the science and benefits of restful sleep.


Now, truth be told – I’ve never been able to meditate. My “meditation” has always simply been long walks with nothing but the sound of nature and my own thoughts.

However, I also always question,

Are all of these deep thoughts helping or hurting me?

And I know the way to understand it better is by understanding meditation on a deeper level.

Discover the basics and many benefits of meditation.

Learn techniques and meditation tips to reduce stress, increase gene activity, and enhance well-being.


I’m no stranger to this one. I mean, have you ever listened to THIS podcast episode on How to Deal with Overwhelming Emotions [in order to heal your gut] with Kimberly Lucas?!

The episode is chock full with information regarding how emotions can affect our healing progress (or lack thereof).

And because I’m obsessed with the topic, I want to know more.

Define emotions and our deepest human needs. Identify emotions with the doshas.

Explore empowering methods to communicate and express our needs.

Experience emotional clearing techniques to release unresolved emotions—leading to greater health, happiness, and success.


And last, but certainly not least – self-care.

I see you over there. And I know it’s hard to practice self care when you have everyone else to take care of and a job to do and, and, and……

I’m in your same, exact boat.

As women, we need this.

This course is going to teach us how to create a daily self-care routine for lasting health and happiness, including new practices that soothe and heal the body through each of the five senses.

We will learn balancing techniques through sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell for each of the doshas.

Chopra course agutsygirl.com

Ready to learn alongside of me? I’m inviting you to join ‘Ayurveda for Balance: Chopra Health Enrichment Program.’

To help make this decision even easier, feel free to use code ‘AGUTSYGIRL’ to save 20% off the course.

More on Nutrition

Remember above when I mentioned – regarding Chopra’s ‘Nutrition’ pillar,

Of the six pillars, this is the only one that’s not part of the A Gutsy Girl’s 3 pillars to ultimate gut healing “lifestyle” category (and this is a good thing! more on that below).

Well, to help you even more, when you join the Ayurveda for Balance: Chopra Health Enrichment Program, I will give you instant access to my Quick Gut Detox Program.

This way, you can start something today, and then also have full access to all the other pieces contained within this course.

Upon enrolling in the Ayurveda for Balance: Chopra Health Enrichment Program, I will send you the code for the INSTANT Quick Gut Detox Program.

My own beliefs and system around food are very much so in alignment with what Chopra teaches.

Of course there are nuanced differences, but as I complete my own Chopra studies, I will incorporate more of the Ayurvedic nutritional teachings into what I already teach via the Quick Gut Detox.

You’ll have it all in one place.

Until I Start the Chopra Health Enrichment Program

So, what am I working on until the course begins?

  1. I’ll be diving into the following materials (all written by Deepak Chopra):
  2. Finishing a full 21-day MEAL PLAN to ADD to the Quick Gut Detox Program, complete with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner idea for each day along with 1-2 snack ideas

Feeling re-inspired. 🙂

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