We should always self-medicate with caution.

Get honest about how you’re using alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, pain killers and other drugs to simulate well-being or cover discomfort.

Day 63 of 101 days of blogging reminds us to self-medicate with caution.

Self-Medicate with Caution

Antibiotics via www.sarahkayhoffman.com Self-Medicate with Caution

I’m not into running a slippery slope by discussing this issue.

It is one thing to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or caffeine, but it is quite another to use them or any other form of drug as a form of self medicating. I am not a professional or expert in this area, but if you think you might be using any of the above as a form of medication, please do reach out and talk to someone or seek help.

Not only will those types of “medications” wreak havoc on your gut and all other systems, but you might also find yourself on a spiral you never thought possible.

I love you all too much, Gutsies.

Time for a much brighter topic – the weekly release!

Bright like these flowers that greeted me on Saturday morning.

Today on Instagram I posted this:

And I wrote the following little note to go along with it:

Strong is so awesome. Leaps and bounds in just 4 months. Inspired daily by @missmarce130 Even when you’re #gutsy, hard work, patience, persistence & consistency will pay off. I’m a long ways from where I want to be, but I’ve come so far. Proud and thankful for what makes me imperfect also makes me feel that I’m just as I should be. #dailyjoy

I began my new journey and lifestyle May 1. I realized today how far I’ve truly come. It’s been a blessing to sit back today and feel extremely proud.

People will always give excuses for progress. I do not prescribe to that theory. I will never prescribe to mediocrity just because there is a form of adversity to face. I have always had a choice to make, and one could very easily be to sit around and fall victim to stomach issues or any other “poor me” scenario.

Daily, I make very specific and very clear choices, and when it comes to working out hard in the gym, those choices typically begin with these.

Fall is in full effect. Kind of. At least in my kitchen. The fall recipes debut this week, starting with the Slow-Cooked, Gluten-Free Homemade Fall Granola! Get your slow cookers out….

And the weekly randoms.

  • Our big girl had quite the week. She has something wrong with her bum, so we’ve been at the vet a lot. She sure isn’t losing any weight, though. She now weights 160+! Her tail, when it whips me, hurts more than ever. But she can’t get enough of my side of the bed….I caught her curled up on the pillows for neck pain next to me last night. There is just nothing more precious than a big ‘ole Dane
  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle. Ever had one? Now might be the perfect time to go grab one. The smell alone might satisfy my sweet tooth
  • Just Almond Meal. I picked some up at Trader Joe’s. We will likely get fairly cozy soon
  • 2 new slow cookers debuted this week for the granola. I have an embarrassing amount of slow cookers

I have loved this past week.

But….I am looking even more forward to this upcoming week! So much going on 🙂

Tomorrow is day 64. Topic:

Abandon Victim Thinking


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