Thanksgiving (if you’re here in the US), and you know what that means. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Mac and cheese. All the goodies. Oh, and high protein broth recipes.

I don’t know about you but a lot of the heavier holiday meals don’t sit great on my stomach. With all the gluten, dairy, and seasoning it can make for a rather uncomfortable dinner.

However, there is a solution, and no the solution is not to skip the Thanksgiving feast.

The solution is two-fold:

  1. Pay attention to the following 6 gut healthy holiday tips, and
  2. Enjoy the day and move forward with the best, most nourishing, high protein broth recipes ever following the feast

6 tips for approaching holiday food (when you’re Gutsy)

  1. Be mindful (NOT obsessive) about what you eat. Weigh out whether the physical discomfort is worth it or not, then don’t dwell on it! Make decisions about food in advance to reduce eating anxiety, then be confident in what you chose and push aside any feelings of guilt that may creep in.
  2. Get those zzzz’s. Not only do you need sleep to function fully and feel your best, but less sleep means more cravings, more mood fluctuations, and less time for your gut to rest and digest every night. If you are indulging in foods that you find more difficult to digest, it’s even more important to rest after a meal and rest at night.
  3. Go prepared! Break Down was created for times like this! Do not leave home without your bottle of it – we never do, and I SWEAR by it. Break Down is a powerful digestive support formula designed to optimize healthy digestion and help reduce occasional GI discomfort after meals. Get your bottle HERE + enter in code AGUTSYGIRL at checkout to save 15% off your entire first purchase.
  4. Alcohol. Watch your alcohol intake at holiday parties. Alcoholic beverages and gut-healing (and overall gut health) really don’t work together. I know, I desperately tried!
  5. Stay hydrated (with an appropriate electrolyte balance). Learn more about that PLUS get FREE electrolytes HERE.
  6. Look ahead! The holiday season will be over before you know it. Embrace all that it is now, but get ready to challenge yourself to something new come January. Want to feel inspired? Then you will love the 2022 Holiday Wish List HERE.

Kettle & Fire plus LMNT

Next, get yourself some nourishing, high protein broth recipes because this is the BEST season for all things broth and that perfect hearty soup!

By simply using leftover turkey bones you can make some truly delicious turkey bone broth.

Not only is this broth dairy free and extremely simple, but it also is INCREDIBLE for your gut.

In fact, you can even enjoy this great soup with your Thanksgiving meal, or simply add it to your daily routine because these broths are sure to give you some noticeable gut relief (also, does anyone else thing that broths are a true comfort food?!).

Let’s dive right in.

What exactly is bone broth?

Bone broth is a soup like substance made out of the bones of animals.

It can be made from most animals, but the most common are usually chicken and beef. Some broths also include connective tissue and marrow from parts such as feet, hooves, and beaks.

It may sound a bit gross at first, but I can assure you these broths are absolutely delicious when made correctly.

They are recently gaining traction in the health space, for their many benefits. These range to everything from joint health to… gut health. Who would have guessed?

This drink actually dates back to the hunter-gatherers, who would boil all the inedible parts of animals into a broth. This same idea carries into today, as it both helps reduce the waste of animal products as well as creates an extremely nutrient-dense broth.

We can thank our ancestors for this delicious drink.

Making Bone Broth

Making homemade bone broth is SO easy, which makes it a perfect choice. All you need is a large pot or slow cooker, water, animal bones (of your choice), apple cider vinegar, and spices.

You place all of these ingredients into your slow cooker and let it cook for 12-24 hours. That may seem like a relatively long time, but it takes a while for the nutrients to seep into the broth.

Plus, you don’t even have to do anything while its cooking! Just sit back and relax.

In fact, if you have an Instant Pot, it can make this a much faster process. It reduces the cook time by more than half depending on the particular recipe you use. This can make it an even easier process than it already is.

BONUS / Pro Tip: Using an Instant Pot will also reduce the amount of histamine contained within the bone broth, which is a common concern in the Gutsy community.

There are a couple of recipes that are already on the blog, including chicken and beef bone broth. (If you are using turkey bones just swap out either recipe for the turkey and you should be all set.)

These delicious recipe homemade bone broths are very soothing for the gut and be customized for your own preference. Each of them are slightly different due to the different flavorings as well as cook time.

Here are both of the recipes:

Note: my recipes also come with the Instant Pot instructions to really help you out.

While the ingredients may be relatively easy they all serve a very specific purpose. The apple cider vinegar helps draw the nutrients out of the bones and into the broth.

It contains acetic acid, which targets mineral absorption from foods. This helps bump up the nutrient content of the broth.

I would recommend adding healthy fats into your broth for added nutrients and digestive support. I personally recommend olive oil and coconut oil, as both are linked with gut healing.

Healthy oils such as these help to coat the digestive system and allow food to travel through more easily.

For a more flavorful broth consider experimenting with other flavors, such as lemon juice or Bok Choy, fresh veggies in general. You could also try playing around with fresh herbs such as cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc.

The different ways to make your broth are truly limitless.

You can easily explore different flavors in each batch of bone broth.

13 High Protein Broth Recipes {simple ingredients, dairy-free}

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13 High Protein Broth Recipes {simple ingredients, dairy-free}

Now, before I continue on with information regarding how bone broth is a good source of protein, I know what you’re thinking….

Okay, this is all fine and dandy, but I need to be very realistic: I’m not making homemade bone broth. What do you recommend as the best packaged bone broth on the market?

I get it.

While I love the art of making a high-quality bone broth recipe, I also am realistic and have packed, Organic bone broth on hand at all times.

In fact, I have written about the best packaged bone broth HERE. My favorite brand is Kettle & Fire, as it contains super simple ingredients.

They also have a plethora of flavors that are delicious and perfect for different occasions.

Go for it and read all about Kettle & Fire.

Now, here are 11 alternative options (in addition to my 2 homemade recipes listed above) for packaged bone broth flavors which are also high protein broth recipes, made with simple ingredients, and are dairy free.

11 Packaged Bone Broth Flavors (high in protein, simple ingredients, dairy free)

** These high protein broth recipes from Kettle & Fire contain a minimum of 6g of protein per serving.

  1. Classic Beef Bone Broth
    1. 10g of protein
    2. 7g of collagen
    3. Beef Bone Broth* (water, grass-fed beef bones, organic onions, organic carrots, organic celery, organic parsley, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic bay leaves, organic thyme, organic rosemary)
  2. Classic Chicken Bone Broth
    1. 10g of protein
    2. 4g of collagen
    3. A comforting classic made with organic, free-range chicken that soothes with every serving.
  3. Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth
    1. 10g of protein
    2. 6g of collagen
    3. Mushroom soup containing adaptogenic benefits from lion’s mane, plus portobello & button mushrooms.
  4. Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth
    1. 11g of protein
    2. 6g of collagen
    3. turmeric + ginger = gut healing ingredients
  5. Lemongrass Ginger Bone Broth
    1. 10g of protein
    2. 8g of collagen
    3. Aromatic & herbalicious, this ginger-and-coconut-infused creation has all the makings of a Pho-nomenal broth, with a few nutritious extras!
  6. Butternut Squash Bone Broth Soup
    1. 9g of protein
    2. dairy free
    3. non GMO verified
  7. Coconut Curry Lime Bone Broth
    1. 12g of protein
    2. 6g of collagen
    3. Contains good fats from coconut milk MCTs, this broth is a sweet-meets-savory, citrus-y combo you’ll crave.
  8. Chipotle Beef Bone Broth
    1. 10g of protein
    2. 8g of collagen
    3. Perfect for people who prefer a little pepper on their palate.
  9. Tom Yum Chicken Keto Bone Broth
    1. 6g of protein
    2. 4g net carbs
    3. glyphosate free
  10. Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth
  11. Regenerative Beef Bone Broth

If you’re not using Kettle & Fire, it’s super important to look for organic bone broth with minimal ingredients. This ensures that the bones were made without extra chemicals or processing done to them. The least processed, the better!

Proteins in Bone Broth

Bone broth is incredibly high in multiple amino acids and proteins, which makes it a great choice for anyone with Gutsy issues.

Proteins are key to rebuilding and repairing tissue and actually make up some components of our digestive function, such as enzymes.

Since they both repair damaged cells and create needed molecules they are absolutely CRITICAL for any sort of gut healing journey.

This is part of what makes bone broth so helpful for GI issues.

Protein 13 High Protein Broth Recipes {simple ingredients, dairy-free}

Other functions of protein include:

  • growth of body cells
  • building enzymes- digestive enzymes and catalysts for chemical reactions
  • antibodies- fight pathogens
  • energy alternatives to carbohydrates and fats
  • feeling of satiation

All of these are important for maintaining whole body health- including the immune system, our inflammatory response, and digestive breakdown.

The primary protein in bone broth is collagen, one of the most abundant connective tissues in our body.

This protein makes up everything from our joints to our actual gut lining and organ structure.

And what are some major organs? Our intestines for one. Our entire digestive tract is made up of this connective tissue, so no wonder it is so important.

It is broken down when cooking into gelatin and amino acids (basic unit of protein).

Both the gelatin and amino acids help to encourage anti-inflammation, tissue regrowth, and all-around cellular function.

Some of these amino acids include:

  • glycine
  • glutamine
  • arginine
  • hydroxyproline
  • proline
  • alanine
  • glycine

To put the sheer amount of protein in perspective, one cup of bone broth has about 10 grams of protein in it.

The average adult should aim for about 50 grams per day. That is almost 1/5 of your protein needs in a healthy diet.

This makes bone broth not only healing, but also a fabulous source of protein to meet your daily needs.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Health Benefits of broth

Now here is where the fun part + best part comes in.

Bone broth is INCREDIBLE for gut health and overall wellness. Many wellness sites love to talk about its impact on skin, nail, and hair growth, but it offers so much more than that.

  • Bone broth contains so many vitamins and minerals. Animal bones provide key minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These are minerals that can be used towards rebuilding our own bones.
  • In beef broth, there is bone marrow which contains vitamins such as A and K and minerals like zinc and iron.
  • Fish bones have iodine which helps promote healthy thyroid function (basically growth and metabolism of all your cells)
  • Most of these nutrients are lacking in most individual’s diets. Especially those with Gutsy issues who already are incredibly prone to absorption issues.
  • Bone broth also contains NUMEROUS digestive benefits. The gelatin protein from the collagen has the ability to bind to water. This makes it helpful for moving food through the GI tract. It basically lubricates your intestines and makes food travel much easier. Gelatin also contains an amino acid known as glutamine, which helps with leaky gut. This helps promote the health of the intestinal wall and tighten the junctions between individual cells.
  • Bone broth also decreases inflammation in the intestines. Amino acids found in bone broths such as glycine and arginine have been found to promote a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Lowering inflammation is KEY for anyone struggling with Gutsy issues. Without addressing the inflammation of the intestines, it is almost impossible to heal.
  • Bone broth helps with sleep! The glycine amino acid content is linked with the central nervous system and can improve sleep quality. Good sleep= time for your body to repair and heal. (Something we all should be keeping in mind).
  • Lastly of course, are the commonly touted benefits of skin, hair, and nail growth. Collagen helps with all of these connective tissues and promotes healthy growth.

Grab more Bone Broth Benefits HERE.

Choosing your meat:

While both chicken and beef bone broth offer health benefits, there are certain defining characteristics of each.

Both contain different collagen types, which basically just comes down to the amino acids present.


  • type II collagen
  • reduces tendon and joint pain
  • skin health
  • lighter taste
  • higher in protein
  • higher cholesterol
  • 3x the electrolyte content (potassium, chloride, magnesium)
  • higher sodium content (can raise blood pressure if not kept in check)
  • better for building muscle (leucine, isoleucine, and valine amino acids)
Beef Broth vs Chicken Broth 13 High Protein Broth Recipes {simple ingredients, dairy-free}


  • type I and III collagen
  • higher in glycine (helps with sleep, increased serotonin levels, and anti-inflammation)
  • higher in collagen
  • better for gut health

While both are great for gut health, beef does contain amino acids that better support the digestive tract. So if you are going on the basis of overall gut healing, I would look towards beef broths.

If you want a more comforting taste with more well-rounded healing properties, I would choose chicken broth.

But also, move in the direction of your taste buds, too. If you love something, compliance is higher.

By the way, when thinking about chicken and beef, here is something I share in Gut Healing: Elevated

Week 3 chicken + beef Gelatinous Meats
Week 3 beef Gelatinous Meats

Types of Collagen

Now you may be wondering what I mean when I say the “type” of collagen.

Basically this just means where exactly the collagen is sourced from in the body. This changes the amino acids present in the collagen and the overall benefits of each type.

  1. Type I- majority of your body’s source, skin, bones ligaments
  2. Type II- elastic cartilage
  3. Type III- muscles, arteries, organs
  4. Type IV- skin tissue
  5. Type V- more fine connective tissue locations such as eyes and hair

Since chicken is made of majority type II collagen and beef is a combination of I and III, this changes their composition and health impacts. Interesting, right?

Want a simple hack for getting in extra protein to the Kettle & Fire broths? Place a scoop of collagen protein in your bowl of broth. In an instant, you will add about 10+ grams of collagen protein to already high protein soup recipes.

You’re welcome.


How to Use Bone Broth

Now you may be wondering, what do I do with the broth?

There are so many options, which is part of the fun of making broths.

I personally think the best way to consume broth is on its own, as is.

My favorite way to enjoy it is just warming up a cup at night before I go to bed. It is so soothing and helps to relax me before I wind down for the night. That glycine content bumps up your sleep.

Alternatively, you could add it to just about any recipe for higher nutrient content.

Adding bone broth is a great way to turn something as simple as chicken soup into high protein soups. You can also use it in other recipes such as gravies or simply cook meat, veggies, or rice in it.

I personally love cooking my rice in chicken bone broth, as it adds delicious flavor to it and increases the nutrient density. A two in one for sure.

Another addition is actually to smoothies! Sounds a bit off-putting but the broth actually helps to bring out some of the natural sugars from the fruit.

Perfect for those of us with a bit of a sweet tooth. Add some chocolate and banana to disguise some of the meat flavor and you are set.

It is, truly one of the easiest things to incorporate into your daily routine.

If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t consume and talk about what a good thing broth is!

And there you have it.

The guide to all things high protein broth recipes.

Questions? Ask away.

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