Tina Haupert (aka Carrots ‘n Cake) is on the podcast today discussing how to deal with Colitis.

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How to Deal with Colitis {Episode 60 with Tina Haupert}

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How to Deal with Colitis {Episode 60 with Tina Haupert} agutsygirl.com #uc #colitis


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Don’t Miss These Thoughts

  • Who is Tina Haupert?
  • According to Tina, what exactly is UC (ulcerative colitis)?
  • Tina’s full story: when she got sick, how she knew, testing, etc? And what were some of her uc symptoms?
  • What are some specific foods Tina thinks help during ulcerative colitis flare-ups and also makes her feel much worse during the flare?
  • Has Tina personally found any prescription medications and/or supplements that work really well for the treatment of ulcerative colitis?
  • What are some of the lifestyle factors Tina knows she has to focus on in order to keep severe symptoms at bay? Getting enough sleep? Following a specific diet? Finding a good support group? Using a food journal? Keeping stress levels at a minimum? Etc.
  • What is one thing that didn’t work on Tina’s journey?
  • Tina’s best piece of advice for anyone struggling with severe ulcerative colitis (or any other form of IBD for that matter) when it comes to improving overall quality of life?
  • When it comes to UC, what is something Tina thinks most people don’t understand?

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Tina describes ulcerative colitis as an “inflammatory condition where ulcers form in the colon.”

UC is, in fact, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

This condition mainly affects the lining of the large intestine, one of the last portions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some of the most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis are abdominal pain, bloody stools, mucus, fatigue, poor appetite, and frequent bowel movements.

Tina admits that she doesn’t know how to “heal” UC per se, but more research surrounding the root causes is emerging.

UC is believed to be caused by the interaction of several factors including the immune system, genetics, microbiome health, and the environment.

New data proves that UC is likely caused by a combination of incorrect immune signaling and bacterial or viral presence in the colon.

In a normal individual, the immune cells of one’s immune system would send inflammatory markers in response to a foreign body or bacteria.

However, this would die down once the pathogen was removed from the body.

In someone with UC, it is believed that an overactive immune system continues to send inflammatory markers once the pathogen is removed.

This results in… you guessed it: A constant state of inflammation and stomach upset.

The goal of treatment is remission or the state of keeping the inflammation at bay.

Since this disease is chronic, there is no way to “cure” it but the symptoms of UC can be reduced with proper treatment.

Source: HERE

Eating for UC

How to Deal with Colitis {Episode 60 with Tina Haupert} flare friendly foods agutsygirl.com #colitis

Although it is so tempting to think that a diet can solve your gut issues, Tina reminds us that this is entirely incorrect.

She tried so many different diets including paleo, AIP, carnivore, and elemental, all of which didn’t make much of a difference.

Her advice for flare-friendly foods comes down to this:

  • focus on consistency of foods- soft and easy to digest
    • foods such as smoothies, soups, broths- a lot of the fiber and harder to digest components broken down already
  • turn to whole food sources- stay away from processed food, fake sugars
    • processed foods are both inflammatory and lack a lot of necessary nutrients for maintaining a calm and happy gut
    • balanced diet KEY to healing
  • shift attention to how you are eating- eat in a calm state that encourages optimal digestion
    • parasympathetic activation of nervous system takes place in a relaxed headspace
  • increase mineral consumption through whole foods- mineral balancing can make a HUGE issue as most people with Gutsy issues also have mineral deficiencies

Tina’s advice for eating centers around being “kind to [her] digestion,” a mindset I think could be helpful for all of us to live by.

She chooses foods that are healing and soothing in nature, and eats in a way that feels the best for her.

By focusing so much attention to a specific diet, sometimes we can lose what feels best to us, and cause much more stress than is needed.

Concentrating on these more healing ways of eating is the best way to feed your gut.

Medication and Supplementation

While a lot of us may have feelings of guilt surrounding traditional Western medicine, sometimes you just need it! There is no shame in using Western medicine, that is what it was made for.

Remember this? –> Sometimes you just need the d#$% medication!

Tina’s current treatment uses prednisone, a medication that helps to decrease inflammation. She has tried many different medications, most of which have significantly helped her.

Some of the most common Western medicines for UC include:

  • aminosalicylates- reduce inflammation in the intestinal wall
  • antibiotics- used to combat signs of infection
  • biologics- suppress immune system and target specific immune system components such as cytokines or white blood cells
  • corticosteroids- used for temporary inflammation relief
  • immune modifiers- help prevent chronic inflammatory response

All of these medications are entirely FINE to try and hold no moral value. You are not reducing your gut healing by turning to Western medicine.

In fact, a lot of people find the most success by toeing the line between drug therapy and alternative medicine.

Here are some holistic medicine treatment options:

  • Aloe vera- naturally reduces inflammation
  • Boswellia serrata- anti-inflammatory and slows down intestinal motility
  • Butyrate– helps with inflammation in milld UC cases
  • Licorice- glycyrrhizin helps with inflammation
  • Slippery elm- anti-inflammatory
  • Curcumin- helps break down fat and reduce inflammation

A lot of these natural supplements are also good options for anyone starting their gut health journey.

More information on anti-inflammatory herbs can be found in this article HERE.

Sources: HERE and HERE

How to Deal with Colitis {Episode 60 with Tina Haupert} common UC treatments agutsygirl.com #colitis

Mineral Deficiencies

As with most any Gutsy issue, mineral deficiencies are extremely common in those with UC.

The gut does not absorb the nutrients it needs and our entire body suffers as a consequence.

Tina loves focusing part of her practice on increasing nutrient absorption, in particular minerals, to help jumpstart full body healing.

Minerals act as electrolytes within our body, which help cells function.

“Electrolytes are the spark our cells need to function properly”

Tina Haupert

It is crucial to eat foods that are nutrient-dense so that we can more readily absorb minerals and vitamins.

If needed, dietary supplements are always a great option.

A little plug, but the Gutsy supplement line is perfect for tackling these absorption issues. They are formulated specifically for people with GI issues, to encourage optimal bioavailability. Check the line out HERE.

AGG Supplements guthealingsupplements.com #guthealth #guthealing #supplements

Lifestyle Swaps

In addition to medications and diet, Tina also reveals some of the top lifestyle changes she made that helps her overall health and UC diagnosis.

  • managing stress
  • setting boundaries in personal and professional life
    • especially important for those with type A personalities (most of us) that feel the need to be working 24/7!
  • prioritizing sleep
  • SLOWING down and taking time for yourself
    • allow your body time to rest and wind down
  • therapy

Diet and supplementation will not work on their own, it takes a full lifestyle swap as well.

Tina mentions how important it is to GIVE YOURSELF GRACE and focus on self-love.

Let your body take the time it needs to heal and prioritize rest time.

How to Deal with Colitis {Episode 60 with Tina Haupert} lifestyle agutsygirl.com #colitis

Mental Support

As with most chronic conditions, the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis can come with some serious emotional distress, Feelings of shame, grief, and sadness are all very common when receiving a diagnosis such as this one.

Tina found relief in both the use of talk therapy and group therapy in her treatment plan.

She recommends the group IBD coach group, which is an online platform of ulcerative colitis members. It is a lifelong membership full of individuals striving to stay in remission and reclaim their health.

Groups such as this can be so helpful for working through the emotional side of the illness. Surrounding yourself with a community full of people struggling in similar ways can help alleviate some of the isolation out of UC.

Talk therapy is another great option. Having the chance to talk with a professional about your own personal feelings and struggles can be very helpful. Oftentimes they can teach you coping strategies and give advice on mindset shifts.

Long term, both of these are great options for any sort of chronic condition.

Closing Thoughts

Tina closes by offering all Gutsy girls two pieces of advice.

Don’t give up:

It is so easy to fall into a state of acceptance with feeling bad but you DESERVE to feel good. There is always something more you can try, don’t fall victim to complacency.

We can only heal ourselves:

Healing comes down to you and you alone at the end of the day. You are the “expert” on your own body and it is up to you whether or not you want to reclaim your health. Digestive disorders are so individualized, you have to recognize what treatment feels good and what is not working.

She also mentions that hyper-fixation on any diet or supplement is NOT the key to healing.

It is a combination of so many different factors that all come together to heal.

Fixating on one aspect of healing will only result in increased stress and obsessive behavior.

Healing is entirely possible, but it requires more than one piece.

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Wrap Up

Time to wrap this up. As always, a huge goal for this show is to connect with even more people. Feel free to send an email to our team at podcast@agutsygirl.com. We want to hear questions, comments, show ideas, etc.

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Bio: Tina Haupert

Tina Haupert is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), certified nutrition coach, cookbook author, podcaster, brand new YouTuber, and the creative mind behind Carrots ‘N’ Cake—a popular healthy living blog that chronicles her adventures, workouts, and recipes, all while sharing how you can have your carrots and eat your cake, too.

She works one-on-one with clients, utilizing hormone and minerals testing as well as a macro-based approach to help them enhance their metabolism and diet to achieve their health and body composition goals

Tina was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 11 years ago and is also an active IBD advocate.

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