Feeling gut rot? I have 9 signs your gut is unhealthy (or at least 9 signs your gut could be unhealthy).

People are always asking me how to know if their gut is unhealthy and/or if their SIBO, IBS, gut infection, etc. has healed, so I wanted to share today.

I was inspired to write this post now because I have been feeling so well (yes, even after eating all the things in Italy). I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday since I did the multiple tests, Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. 

It was my best and strongest doctors appointment in years maybe. My doctor is even confident that if I keep doing what I’m doing, feeling well and healing like I am, there is a chance I can return to hard workouts again with no punishment. 

What is Gut Rot

First, while you have likely referred to your stomach pains as ‘gut rot,’ there really isn’t a medical term with a definition for it.

It’s kind of similar to when I talk about gas that smells like rotten eggs. There isn’t any medical term for that; we all just instinctively know what it is.

Anyways, whenever the stomach hurts, has pain, or feels grumpy and unhappy, gut rot is the assumption.

But what could be causing it? What are signs and symptoms of an unhealthy, gut rot, gut?

I have 9 for you.

Gut Rot [9 Signs Your Gut is Unhealthy]

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9 Signs of an unhealthy gut agutsygirl.com

You don’t tolerate food

For the most part, we should be able to digest food.

Sure, most of us lack the enzyme lactase that breaks down lactose (cause dairy intolerance) and most junk food is unrecognizable to the body, but on the whole, with a healthy, normal gut, food should be tolerated (yes, even when you eat “junk” on occasion).

“Normal” foods like apples, onions, and garlic most definitely should be tolerated.

If you currently have to restrict multiple foods and/or food categories because they physically make you ill (not hobby restriction, those are two different things), then your gut is likely compromised. 

Digestive distress; gas, bloating, and/or both

If your stomach hurts and you have gas, bloating, and/or both, it’s obviously one of the most recognizable signs that your gut is unhealthy.

Everyone passes gas, every single day. But usually it comes without you even knowing it and is not painful. If you want to learn even more about this, check out my post on farts. Yes, I have one. And you are most welcome.

You have silent and foul smelling gas

This is a classic SIBO symptom.

In fact, Methane-dominant SIBO can make you smell like a barn; Hydrogen Sulfide like rotten eggs.

It’s silent, as in, if it wasn’t for the massively foul smell left behind, no one would even know anything happened. 

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Your breath stinks

No question is a dumb question, and someone once asked via my Instagram Stories if bad breath can signal an unhealthy gut.

The answer is “absolutely,” and its stinkiness is caused by gut dysbiosis resulting in H. Pylori, SIBO, GERD, general IBS, Crohn’s and Celiac Disease, general constipation and infection, and more.

You have acne

This one is so legit. In 2013/2014 when I was first diagnosed, my Perioral Dermatitis had reached its peak – the worst it had ever been. You can see pictures of it HERE.

In the winter of 2018 when my SIBO relapsed, the acne struggle was real again, this time showing up some on my face, but mostly via back acne.

After that I wrote, “Could Your Acne Be Caused By Gut Problems?” In the post, I shared pictures, too.

Today, all that remains for me is some mild scarring. Acne is a huge sign your gut is unhealthy. (The answer to getting it gone? Healing the gut with food and lifestyle, addressing any hormone imbalances and taking charge with a clean, safe skincare line targeted for stubborn acne like THIS ONE.) 

Ready to get started today? In just 21 short days you’ll be light years ahead of where you are at now!

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Your weight is changing (unintentionally)

Been working real hard to lose weight? Or completely stopped working out and eating all the junk? With both of those scenarios, you are likely to lose and/or gain weight.

I’m not (necessarily) talking about you (though I will say that both of those scenarios might lead you to the road of gut hell).

However, if you haven’t changed anything, but you are gaining or losing weight, it’s a sure sign you might have a gut imbalance.

This has happened to me time-and-time again. I always gain. And it’s real. You can read more on this via ‘The SIBO Weight Gain Connection.”

p.s. Make no mistake; when your gut heals, your weight gets to the place where it should be for you.

Your mood is all over the place

If your emotions and mood are all over the place, and you never know from one day to the next how you’ll act and react, your gut might need some love.

The Cleveland Clinic even says that some GI patients pair well with a Psychologist because this connection between gut and brain is so real.

Craving all the things

It’s that “time of the month,” you are craving all the things. You might be perfectly “normal.” But if craving all the things turns into 25 days of the month, it could be your gut.

You might physically feel constantly starving or your body might just crave sugar, carbs, fat, and/or sugar 24/7.

Read more via “Rotten Gut, Starving and Weight Gain.”

Suppressed immunity

And last, but not least, if you’re always sick or struggling to feel well, your gut could be unhealthy.

Do you pick up every last flu bug? Come down with a cold monthly? It could be your gut.

70 – 90% of the immune system lies within the gut.

You cannot be (generally) healthy without having a strong gut. They are an intertwined pair.

I’m pretty passionate about the immune system and gut connection.

In fact, check THIS out; 12 science-backed ways to boost your immune system.

So how to know for sure if your gut is healthy or not?

Did you know?

That your gut has a lining that is CRUCIAL for keeping pathogens out and preserving the integrity of the immune system.

By boosting immunoglobulin counts in the body, you can help to support your immune system and the health of your intestinal lining.

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Gut Test

It’s actually simple, yet can prove to be a long, drawn out, and tedious process (especially if your doctor doesn’t listen to you and/or wants to mask everything with medications as a solution). 

The answer is that you MUST test, and not guess.

You could have every single sign I mention above and still be healthy (unlikely, but possible). The only way to know for sure is to test. 

And while you wait, or even just before you test, be sure you’ve keeping excellent track of all your signs, symptoms, questions, thoughts, history, etc. with the best 28-day gut healing and chronic illness journal on the market.

No matter what, just please don’t wait. 

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  1. Thanks as always for the amazing info. I just talked to my dr about my immune system my breath he said that my breath could mean high sugar levels due to my Addison’s meds but is testing everything for me in bloodwork this week. I love that u put it straight out there and give us the info straight out where some things I’ve read is just confusing cause they beat around the bush about it all. Thanks for all u do I’ve read everything u have put in every article as I’m on a mission to get my gut staying healthy to avoid anymore autoimmune diseases I think six is more than enough.

  2. Hi I suffer from the ibd – chronic constipation / dioreahea, what can you tell me to take to take care of my gut health, my GPS don’t know much about this condition, kind of guessing it if I’m honest thanks Sheas.

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