You are going down the Google rabbit hole from one simple search, “Am I sick?”

Someone recently asked me to share my best thoughts answering the question,

I’m having gut symptoms. If you had to do it all over again, what are the first 3 things you would do?

Because it’s such an incredible question, and was excellent for me to ponder, I put together a video with my full explanation.

How to Heal the Gut with No Previous Knowledge

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Okay, let’s discuss even more.

Am I Sick {how to heal the gut with no previous knowledge}

Am I Sick How to Heal the gut with no previous knowledge #guthealth #guthealing #stomachache

Now, let’s recap the video.

Knowing everything I know now, I have my top three things to share.

Top 3 things I would do immediately if I had to start my entire gut healing journey over again:

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  1. Start an extremely detailed food journal.

    The best tips for this step include:

    1. Keep the journal for at least 2 weeks to 21-days or even a month.
    2. Make no changes, and don’t lie about anything you’re eating, drinking, the way you’re living, etc. The more honest you are with yourself, the more accurate the next steps can be. And the more accurate the next steps are, the faster you heal.
    3. Do you need my journal? No. But it is the best out there because of the process I went through to create the 90-day system. [See the process HERE.] You don’t even have to have the printed version. You can choose the PDF version and just print out the daily pages, if desired. The information is all the same.

  2. Find common themes in order to start testing.

    Once the initial food/lifestyle tracking is done, then:

    1. Review all the information. Where are you seeing patterns? Do certain foods cause symptoms? Is there something coming up with supplements and/or medications you’re currently taking?
    2. Highlight the things that stand out most to you.
    3. Take your journal, with the mark-ups to your doctor. Test, don’t guess at this point for what the journal is revealing.
  3. Make changes based upon results.

    And do only the things you need to do in order to heal.

    1. And no, no you might not need a low-FODMAP diet.
    2. You also might be fine with organic gluten.
    3. Perhaps it was just a matter of low stomach acid all the time?
    4. You cannot diet harder.
Top 3 things I would do immediately if I had to start my entire gut healing journey over again #guthealth #guthealing #IBS am i sick?

What Am I Sick With?

Here’s the problem with Googling, “What am I sick with?” when the symptoms begin. 

Every single answer Google gives you is an average of a total population and/or is the result of a Google-dominated search result.

Google is for the masses.

It is not for you in particular.

If these gut issues that women are dealing with had mass-solutions, don’t you think the healing journey would be far easier? Wouldn’t it only make sense that women could and would heal within a month?

The longer we Google things like…..

  • Is it IBS or IBD?
  • Do I have low or high stomach acid?
  • Is this diarrhea from a parasitic infection or Colon Cancer?
  • I think I have SIBO. Should I eat?

Equals – the longer it takes to heal.

A Decade

And all of the above contributed to why it took me a decade+ to fully heal.

Had I been stringent with my three steps as described above, it would likely have never taken so long to heal.

At the very least, I could have skipped over a lot of misery.

I’m wishing only the best for you, darling.

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