Here’s how to slash 7 pounds of bloat. And I’m not even kidding. 

If you have the “C” (= constipation) form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, there is a very good chance that your jeans are fitting tighter and scale creeping upwards.

It’s zero fun, and I know because I WAS you.

But here’s the thing – it won’t always be this way….at least it doesn’t have to be.

It’s likely not even “real” weight, but instead “bloat” weight (then again, it might be real weight gain).

That’s common but not normal and not comfortable.

I know. I have been there time-and-time again.

Sometimes it was even hard to breathe, and in those moments I was always overtaken with extreme anxiety.

But as soon as I’d start feeling better and healing was happening, pounds of bloat would slash immediately.

And because I fully recognize that most of you reading this are wanting help, I’m going to share what I’ve done to help.

If you want to skip all of this and just get to the good stuff, check out the Quick Gut Detox.

Life. Changing.

Quick Gut Detox with A Gutsy Girl


Quick Gut Detox

7 Pounds De-Bloat

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How I slashed 7 pounds of bloat

1 – It takes work

What happens when you “diet all week” and “binge all weekend” on booze and junk foods?

Besides killing your immune system and messing with your hormones, you only kind-of-sort-of get results (assuming “losing weight” is your goal result).

Please remember, gut healing doesn’t work if you kind-of-sort-of work (<– many tips in there)

2 – The tried-n-true Gutsy Bible teachings

Actually, yes!

What I teach and preach in A Gutsy Girl’s Bible contains all the things I personally do when something is not right with my gut. 

And, in fact, THAT is the basis for the 21-day Quick Gut Detox. Every single thing in the program are the exact things I did to get massive + massively quick results.

Quick gut detox

3 – L-glutamine

I start by taking 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon of L-glutamine each day.

And then I mix it with water and about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon vitamin C powder.

L-glutamine is known to aid in the gut lining healing process, and when I mix it with the vitamin C, it helps with constipation.

If you like this idea, you can also make my lovely constipation lemonade

4 – Juice

I juice greens (with minimal fruit, since I already tend to eat super ripe bananas at least 2 times a day) almost every single day. 

If you’re interested in trying this, here are a couple more articles you might want to peruse:

5 – Bikram Yoga

While healing my gut, I began going to Bikram Yoga.

It helped me find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Beyond that, I know it is helping heal my gut.

Why and how? For 90 minutes, the only thing I am focused on is myself, my breath and taking care of me – in those moments. I have told you a million times how stress is killing your gut healing.

cannot emphasize this enough; for you and for me.

Bikram Yoga is addressing this tenfold for me. Additionally, the poses we practice through Bikram Yoga are phenomenal for the entire digestive system.

Between that and the heat, my body (and my mind) feels like they are constantly detoxifying.

6 – Fat

I eat a lot of it. Yes, pure fat.

If this scares you, you might not be ready to fully heal. If you are restrictive and calorie counting, your gut is likely not truly healing.

Ironically, though, you will likely still drop some pounds (if you actually need to).

What kind of fat am I eating?

Animal fat, coconut oil, coconut butter, the “gelatin” from my homemade chicken bone broth, olive oil, cod liver oil, avocado and a few raw nuts here and there.

7 – Bonus: Beast Mode vs. Kind Mode

As a special bonus, check out these 2 ways to get rid of belly bloat.

I promise you it’s the real deal.

7 pounds of bloat

Keep in Mind

This is not a weight loss thing, necessarily.

BUT weight loss and inflammation DO go hand-in-hand. And if you’re wondering how long it will take? I’ve broken it down for you HERE.

But guess what? When you go from an uncomfortable and miserable place (image taken on July 3, 2013):

Healing the Gut via #ibs #ibd 7 Pounds (De) Bloat

To a place where you can breathe, find peace, joy, and happiness….

7 Pounds De Bloat #GutHealing

Suddenly, it all makes sense why we would ever engage in TRULY healing the gut.

I found this quote from Dr. Natasha Campbell,

Medical doctors are the last people on Earth one should ask for nutritional advice. There is no training in nutrition in medical schools, so your doctor knows no more than any lay person, who derives their knowledge about food from food industry advertisements in the mainstream media. 

She said it, not me.

But if you believe it, and you are truly ready, willing and able to start healing, know that you can.

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Updated in 2024: I’m STILL bloat free and since writing this post have been through it all. Read my full story HERE.


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  1. I think fat is a huge thing for getting rid of the bloat. It sounds crazy, but if I feel “bloaty” a low carb, high fat diet does wonders. The next morning my stomach is totally sucked in.

  2. Ahhh – that image is so me right now! I’m in major 5 alarm mode. This inspired me to start the healing process immediately. It feels good to know someone else is going through what I do. I feel like my friends/family think I’m crazy cause all I do is talk about how my stomach is bloated 99% of the time. Thanks Sarah! XO

    1. Hey Jeanna! NO, people who don’t know, DON’T KNOW! We don’t fault them for it, but it does make the healing process a little more challenging. I’m here for ya….you will start to feel better and you will think, “Wow….I waited so long because?!?!”

  3. I tummy so often looks like yours did on July 3rd. I too suffer from the C. I had not heard of L-Glutamine. Might have to get me some of that! I find fennel seed tea (much nicer than it sounds) is v good at debloating too.

    1. Yes, I’m very aware of fennel seed:) Sometimes I think I get blood blisters from Fennel. I need to try it again! Happy healing.

  4. I hate my first bloating experience for the past two weeks when I discovered soy is not my friend. I couldn’t believe how much my tummy expanded. It was horrible. Soy be gone and I feel so much better! PS: hot yoga does wonders for the digestive system. All that twisting is so detoxifying…challenging, but well worth it. I’m glad you are enjoying it. That makes me happy! XO

    1. Soy = a nasty hot mess. And each time I see “soy lecithin” in something I cringe! And ps. Totally agree! Bikram is saving me:)

  5. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
    I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
    Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  6. Oh my gosh! Thank you for showing me the picture of your stomach bloated! I go through this constantly! I have chronic constipation and have suffered since I can remember! I would go two weeks without a BM! Talk about bloated and MISERABLE! My GI just gave me pill after pill and they make me sick to the point of vomiting and the gas pains all up into my shoulders! I had my colonoscopy which at 50 (I am 53 now) showed diverticulosis. From years of constipation. So I am on my OWN quest for healing and read voraciously about this. I love your website! I am gluten free and taking 1200 mg. of calcium a day which helps tremendously. Magnesium is KEY! Finding the right dose and kind that is best is crucial. I just heard magnesium oxide is no good – citrate is better so am making that switch. Gluten free is helping a little but I try to eat high fiber non-gluten grains and fruits and veggies. I am a carboholic and miss my whole wheat bread. I was getting so bloated from eating wheat and cheese – particularly pizza – which made me realize that is a big part of my problem. The bloating and constipation is my horrible ogre which I have to constantly be eating to avoid. Any help is SO appreciated! No pharmaceutical pills for me! I want to eat my way to health! Thanks!

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