I’m finding comfort in the uncomfortable.

“Did you like your first Bikram class?” Ry asked me.

“I think so. It was hard, but it was amazing. I think I just need to get over the fear of losing my breath and getting too hot. It’s kind of uncomfortable, yet I love it. Addicting.” I responded.

That was Monday night.

Yesterday I went to a 5:30 am Bikram class. 90 more minutes, rising with the sun, basking in the moment.

And yesterday was better.

I began to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

Bikram Yoga finding comfort

I’m no stranger to this feeling. And I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable.

I’ve learned to make uncomfortable a part of the growing me vs. the me that prescribes to the theory that uncomfortable should just linger. In a very real way, that is extremely comforting.

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

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Colitis and battling my gut is uncomfortable. Having the tools, desire and commitment to healing it is comforting.

When are you guys having kids?” is uncomfortable.

Knowing the direction we are headed towards is comforting.

Realizing that so many people know so many stories about my life through my blog is terrifying uncomfortable. Receiving emails of hope, inspiration, and gratitude for these stories is comforting.

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable sarahkayhoffman.com

Launching a loving spoon, and learning to navigate a food business is uncomfortable. My “why” and passion for the business is comforting.

Each moment during Bikram that is filled with fear and an uncomfortable state only reminds me that I’m living, breathing, healthy and so happy.

It’s in those moments when I can’t help but remember that there’s always comfort in uncomfortable, and uncomfortable does not last forever.

Uncomfortable only lasts as long as we let it….or until class is over.

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  1. Yoga has so many life lessons for us, when we learn to embrace the uncomfortable moments, when we want to give up, when we let our mind chatter, and when we struggle with our breathing! I like that we can learn so much on the mat. It has helped me with so many uncomfortable situations off the mat. So glad you are getting into it. XO

  2. I have the child 24/7 until school (HOLD ME) BUT am making time for our own form of yoga today.


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